Turns out it’s an Indonesia Chili Paste, being like the “other Sriracha” sauce if you will. HAWAII Magazine reader “C.C.” wrote us to ask how she could make one of her favorite Hawaii snacks at home. While yes I was aware after tasting it that the sauce was already hot on its own, and had assumed the red chili peppers would also be, I still added it all in. Post-colonial contact, that basic recipe got a bit more interesting with the introduction of onions and, sometimes, tomatoes to the mix. HMSA, An Independent Licensee of the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association Slicing and dicing myself, so no probs, and actually appreciated as well, as it gives the meal kit a little more interactivity in its preparation. !” Yeah, same thing I thought… and will find out the hard way! My husband and I love to eat the version of it made with raw tuna. Chef Elmer Guzman of Honolulu's Poke Stop restaurant also offers mail-order spices and sauces for your poke. Them being dried, I didn’t attempt to taste them before cooking with it, which was a huge mistake. Love it!All that’s missing is that smokey accent from a genuine Mongolian barbecue, otherwise, she go! Calabash mains and sides aren't like grocery store dinners of the past. Traditionally pipikaula isn't deep fried or made from spareribs, so if you use Helena's as a standard for pipikaula you'll be disappointed. lol. The carrots were packed grated, so no work there. Go to most fish markets in Hawaii today and you’ll find a wide selection of poke—from tako (octopus) with ginger and garlic to tofu in shoyu with watercress and tomato. Photo: Sherie Char. If you can cook rice, you can Calabash, and it's ready in 15 to 30 minutes, All these new Maikai snacks at Foodland: Here's our review, New Foodland Farms Ala Moana: What you’ll see, Ultra-local stuff you find at Foodland Farms Ala Moana, Foodland's new restaurant and Kahala store will open Wednesday, Shirokiya's newest shop has loaded fries with attitude, Foodland Farms Ala Moana totally revamped its bar menu. After several more minutes at the stove as “Da’ Fy Lice Wok Mastah!”, boom, there it is, Calabash Pipikaula Fried Rice. • Calabash Meal Kits by Foodland (featuring Pulehu Steak and Ginger Chicken Fried Rice), Your email address will not be published. There are now hundreds of poke recipes in Hawaii for every kind of taste. grated fresh ginger1 chili pepper, cored, seeded and diced (optional)Sea salt, to taste2 tsp. As for those red peppers, as it turns out, they’re dried red chili peppers. However that spicy heat from the sriraracha in the Fried Rice Sauce was almost unbearable for me. We’ve seen poke recipes with raw crab, cooked shrimp, clams, smoked salmon, pipi kaula (dried and smoked beef), even seared ribeye steak. Well, what kind of red peppers are those, and what else under the hood wants to test my admitted sensitivity to this dimension of taste? There, fixed it. © 2020 HAWAIʻI Magazine. Here is an easy recipe for classic ahi shoyu poke with ingredients even our friends on the Mainland can find. Ahi poke with onions, sesame seed oil and soy sauce. Da’ kine, “Whoah, Nelly!” Hot! I tried the Pipikaula Hawaiian style cured beef by itself, and it definitely wasn’t from that. Cover and refrigerate at least 2 hours before serving. Ahi Shoyu Poke The poke display at Fresh Catch Restaurant, Oahu. What sets it apart from most other ready-to-cook meal kits, is the meats and produce in the kits are for the most part fresh, not processed, dehydrated and/or frozen (except the peas in this case). Getting to the cookin’, first the diced pipikaula has to be sauteed in some oil to brown and crisp ’em a bit. finely chopped toasted macadamia nuts (optional, as a substitute for inamona, which is difficult to find outside of Hawaii), (Note: You can vary the ingredients to your taste.). Upon tasting it beforehand, oh yeah, that spicy heat hit me right away. All rights reserved. Just be sure to seek out freshly caught tuna to make it. There’s nothing better than heading to the beach first thing Saturday morning (or even late afternoon) with a cooler full of icy drinks and fresh poke. Again, nothing on the package indicates this being very spicy hot, except for perhaps the presence of red peppers. Your email address will not be published. Plated up (I actually ate this over a bowl of white rice, not shown), it looks pretty close to how it’s depicted on the packaging, save for having white instead of black sesame seeds. Brown up the beef, then in goes the rest of the ingredients. Again, the instructions didn’t mention anything about “adjusting to taste” regarding that friggin’ hot sauce or the dried red chili peppers, only saying to add it all in, which is I did. Since I planned on eating this as a main dish, I thought of keeping the pipikaula in larger whole-slab slices, however ended up dicing all of it in cubes to make it look like the package label, since this was also being featured for this product review. On Kauai, we recommend Pono Market in Kapaa; on Maui, we've enjoyed the poke at Pukalani Superette. Helena's pipikaula spareribs are their own recipe/style. Like the Pipikaula, the short-grain “Hinode ‘kine” rice comes vacuum-packed, with a texture that’s stiff and relatively dry, as if you had cooked white rice that was sitting in the refrigerator uncovered for a couple days. toasted sesame seeds2 tsp. Here is an easy recipe for classic ahi shoyu poke with ingredients even our friends on the Mainland can find. fresh ahi steaks, cut into cubed, bite-size pieces1/4 cup soy sauce (shoyu)1/4 cup chopped green onions (tops included)1/4  cup chopped Maui onion (or yellow onion)2 tsp. sesame oil1 tsp. COVID-19 Updates: View the current state guidelines for travel to Hawaiʻi. Going along with the theme of dried meats, this is pipikaula, otherwise known as Hawaiian-style beef jerky. Doesn’t sound so “dangerous”, right? The Mongolian Beef with Snow Peas main dish was $13.99, while the Pipikaula Fried Rice side dish was $7.99, where if you do the math for a serving of two for each dish, makes that an excellent value. Noh, a food brand from Hawaii, also sells poke mixes that you can order online here. Cook Your Favorite Island Foods at Home with this Book, How to Get a Taste of Lychee All Year Long, Celebrate National Fortune Cookie Day with Hawai‘i Candy. Opening it up, we see the Mongolian Beef with Snow Peas includes, except for the dried red peppers, all fresh produce, which is what I appreciate most about these kits. And above we have their also “evil” Mongolian sauce, made with Hoisin, dry sherry, rice vinegar, Sambal Oelek (that spicy hot “sombweck” stuff), sugar, ginger, garlic and cornstarch. Pipikaula became a favorite snack for paniolo (Hawaiian cowboys) in the 19th century. Tasting this before it went in, and yep, this stuff is already blowing out my nasals! If you're looking for great ready-made poke, Foodland locations across the state are a good place to go.