We must reach there before anyone else.. 06. Coordinating Conjunction Exercises. Conjunctions come in three types: coordinating, subordinating, and correlative. Words such as ‘and’, ‘but’ and ‘or’ are conjunctions. Use and, but, so, however, because, or... 1 Ver a resposta joseevitor10 está aguardando sua ajuda. She is neither intelligent nor hard working.. 03. Join now. Test your knowledge with this grammar exercise. 1. Answers: 1 – either / or, 2 – whether / or, 3 – no sooner / than, 4 – not / but, 5 – if /then, 6 – both / and, 7 – not only / but also, 8 – not / but, 9 – either / or, 10 – neither / nor. 6. or. 8. but. You can’t succeed unless you work hard.. 05. Sterling Sterling 1. because. The pieces that are being connected will determine which type of conjunction should be used. 1. This grammar section explains English Grammar in a clear and simple way. There are example sentences to show how the language is used. Conjunctions Exercises for Class 10 CBSE With Answers Pdf. Can you use conjunctions correctly? 02. Each of the three types connects words, phrases, and clauses. I fell asleep while I was watching TV.. 08. 10. so . 11. or. Join now. 12. or / however / because / and. Log in. Novas perguntas de Inglês. Get the answers you need, now! 4. but. Ask your question. 3. because. 2. and. 7. so. Complete each sentence using the correct coordinating conjunction from the parenthesis: Fill in the with the correct conjunction in the blanks. 9. because. This is where the joining word is placed between the connected parts within the sentence. There are mainly two types of conjunctions: coordinating conjunctions and subordinating conjunctions. Raju will play today if he gets a chance.. 04. Fill in the blanks with an appropriate conjunction. Log in. Sam is either a fool or a stupid.. 07. 5. and. devilqueen071 devilqueen071 5 days ago English Secondary School Fill in the blanks with conjunction you must come in at once you are called. They are called linkers or connectors also. We use conjunctions to connect clauses. Download and print Turtle Diary's Fill in the Blanks using Conjunctions But And worksheet. Available for CBSE, ICSE and State Board syllabus. He is not only intelligent but also hard working.. 09. The most common form is coordinating conjunction. Samuel was eating food when the postman arrived. Call our LearnNext Expert on 1800 419 1234 (tollfree) OR submit details below for a call back A conjunction is a word that joins words, phrases and sentences. Some of the worksheets below are Free Conjunctions Worksheets : Coordinating Conjunctions Worksheet, Correlative Conjunctions, List of Conjunctions used in English : Coordinating Conjunctions, Subordinating Conjunctions with fill in the blanks and answers., Conjunctions Exercise : Questions like Choose the correct conjunction from the list to complete … Get a free home demo of LearnNext. Inclua sua resposta e ganhe pontos. Our large collection of ela worksheets are a great study tool for all ages.