Alternatively, you can save your CSII to help fish for a good/excellent proc for BB at the end while GS is still up. 2 MM2? Steady Hand> Great Strides> Innovation> Byregot's Blessing> Careful Synthesis II> Careful Synthesis II. this is one way, also seeing that you ended with 161/395 CP you can swap some of the hastys with Basic touch, He doesn't have any leftover CP because he neglected to use any mends in his rotation. These books are a pain to do. Under practical circumstances, MM2 is your most economical repair action so I don't recommend bothering with Waste Not I or II. I think that your take away from the simulator should be how much CP and attempts you need to complete the progress bar. Having the ING2 up while you use BB would also boost you up to 85% (although that number is kind of meaningless as you don’t have enough CP without more ToT and you’re assuming all the Hasty Touches land). Your Rapid Synthesis (under ING 2) does more work than PBP after the first one. Or at least let me know how many stacks of IQ you usually get at the end so I have some clue :P. Yes please could you give us an idea on how your rotation works? Mastercraft 2 book synthing is a game of proc baiting, you basically need a Good or Excellent proc to get any viable chance at HQ. I'd go with this strategy (make sure you max out your cp melds! Press J to jump to the feed. As you can see from the link my stats are. The downside being that it obviously costs you one step to build quality. My best advice is to stop following rotations you find on forums and start theorycrafting yourself. That's pretty much it. That’s a given. Unless you hit 11 IQ stacks and land BB on an EX, you're not getting 100%. Good luck on getting your book! One that thing helped me was working in Rumination in tandem with Reclaim in place of Innovation or Manipulation. Your giving some great advice in a very well present format, Kudos! Reclaim will be your friend for these provided it doesn't fail. If that's the case then add in a HT between SH and GS (BT if you have the CP). This leaves 1-2 CS II at the end depending on gear, and I'll know earlier whether I can finish the synth or Reclaim.Finisher:SH II > GS > Innovation > (CS II if it won't finish the synth >) BB > CS II till end.With Innovation I won't have enough space for Ing II for most class sadly. Even better if you had a lot of ToT procs and were able to get in two MMII's; this will allow you to possibly get in a few hasty touches of 11 IQ stacks before you get to 15 durability. I'll give you the important bits of the rotation appropriate to your stats: The middle is mostly just maximizing your IQ stacks using Hasties and using the "spare" CP appropriately. If you know you can hit 10/11 IQ stacks by using "100%" touches at the end without going below 113 CP, replace HTs with Basics. Same with 35/40, means 35 or 40 not 35 out of 40. Ing II should not be needed. If you're at 113 CP and not at 10 IQ stacks, RECLAIM. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Your hope is to get to 10-11 stacks of IQ. Just some things to think about. Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! Master Crafting Books can be acquired through various means, and allow for the unlocking of additional recipes. Most rotations at your Craftmanship, including the one I used, have a Rapid Synth at the end because it needs to be under Ing II. Because of Reclaim you can (almost always) afford to wait for the stars to align, which is just about what's necessary for these freaking 8400+ quality requirements. I used the approach of rapid synthesis at start till one progess move left. The use of WN. Anyone any ideas how to make this better? A community for fans of Square Enix's popular MMORPG "Final Fantasy XIV Online", also known as FFXIV or FF14. Always know how much CP you'll be using, especially on the finisher. Don't trust anyone that tells you to use Waste Not. (First 3 posts of that thread), These are such a pain and easily the most frustrating crafting I've done so far. Yes it's one point of durability more BUT allows you to safely bait for a Good / Excellent. Work in a "Waste not I" and make sure it ends on a 5 (ie only one good converted to cp). If you have an excess of CP but not enough to refresh MMII (and you have 35 durability while being high on the Comfort Zone buff), you can consider using Steady Hand II -> Waste Not for 4 steps of Hasty Touches. I have about 15 Fieldcraft III left, so I suppose I'm asking you all for tips, rotations, anything since 1. You need 74 CP at the end of your craft to GS, Inv, BB, CS2, and to be honest you probably want 96 so you can ensure success with SH. Mastercraft 2 book synthing is a game of proc baiting, you basically need a Good or Excellent proc to get any viable chance at HQ. Don't be stingy with Reclaim: make sure to save at least 130 CP for your ending Byregot's buffing, and if you get a Good/Excellent in any part of that then hit Byregot's; if you aren't at least up to 9 stacks and not a lot of available turns/CP/durability to bait a proc, Reclaim that bitch. In getting my books, I probably reclaimed about 20% of my synths and had a 75% HQ success rate overall, with a few 100% synths along the way. Personally I'd open with:CZ > IQ > SH II > PbP > PbP > RS >RSPbP is 90% success rate and I don't want the risk of missing. If you're going to be using a HT during this part then ideally you'd like to have SH II up instead of SH but this will be dependent on your CP. Worst case scenario you blow up on a Byregot's from lack of Steady Hand which sucks no doubt but won't happen often or you just swap out your IQ stacks for CP after not getting a good/excellent and Reclaim anyway. For that you want to save 128 CP for the finish. There's no steady hand for your first 2 PBP meaning you only have a 73% chance to get those 3, and only a 58% chance to also get that RS. You'll also be only 1 CS II away from finishing the synth. In that case, your opener should handle PBP and RS, and then you can proceed to work on HT. It's super slow at work. Will edit once I am logged in and can tell you what's in the book. Put an extra CSII in instead. You will probably have a better time if you get you Lucid. Then there's the uptime of SH and CZ. I strongly do not agree with the following (appreciating that everybody has their own method). Use HQ materials. I was using the third option, which is risky, but it got me what I needed. Patch 2.4 Description: This esoteric tome─the second in an equally esoteric series─contains advanced clothcraft recipes that can only be learned by highly skilled weavers. Good luck. Do you have a surplus of CP so you can replace a HT with a BT? With 2 ToT during the entire opening, CZ should fall off right as you hit 20 durability so you should reactivate it at this point. Know how much CP your "combos" cost. The rest of the synthesis is constantly refreshing Comfort Zone and Steady Hand II, taking every ToT proc, and hitting Master's Mend II when you get to 15 or 5 durability. And they are a pain best of luck. You should aim to hit 2 master mend 2's and get 11 stacks. If you were really bad off on ToT procs druing your opening, then you'll reactivate CZ after MM II with 1 ToT, or if you had no ToT during the opening then do it after SH II. I use a rotation that requires 6 progress steps to finish so it's pretty unconventional but it's what's worked for me. Ideally you don't want to take any ToT while WN II is up. Patch 2.4 Description: This esoteric tome─the second in an equally esoteric series─contains advanced woodworking recipes that can only be learned by highly skilled carpenters. With all that being said, I'll leave my rotation for you to give it a shot if you want. Like everyone said... Reclaim. Starting with "A Realm Reborn" and the expansions include "Heavensward", "Stormblood", and "Shadowbringers"! My general advice is do anything and everything to conserve CP. I never thought IG2 was very useful for those anyway (7/8 master books 2 very high success rate). When it says end durability 5/10 it means 5 or 10 not 5 out of 10. I apologize if this was a little long winded but I hope this helps.