Suppose you are reviewing a book whose title on the cover is in capital letters: THE STUFF OF THOUGHT. That’s what’s known as a majuscule script. We have rules for using capital letters but ‘I’ doesn’t really follow them. Here are some other important rules for using them. Days, months and holidays. Forgetting to use a capital ‘I’ when writing in the first person. S. Watson. Ask pupils to … To use a capital letter at the start of a sentence. To unmask the origin of the capital letter, we need to refer to a script derived from the Old Roman cursive called uncial. Print the PDF: Capital Letters Worksheet No. Teacher starts this capital letters lesson by showing a lower case ‘a’ and an upper case ‘A’ on small cards. Test your English +1 (877) 235-7895‬ Test your English. Example:-The boy cycled to school. The second use is show when a noun is a proper noun. Uppercase Letters Worksheet 1. It’s easy to remember to use a capital letter at the beginning of a sentence, for proper nouns and for names. Using the Reading Game. Examples. It was a long way. When starting a new sentence the first letter is always capitalised. Everything you need to help your student learn the use of capital letters. Free worksheets and teaching ideas for when to use capital letters. Capital letters: 7 instances where using capital letters in English is grammatically correct The rules for the use of capital letters are quite easy to remember. Use of Capital letters Use of Capital letters ID: 1201614 Language: English School subject: English Language Arts (ELA) Grade/level: Grade 3 Age: 7-9 Main content: Capitalization Other contents: Capital letters Add to my workbooks (11) Download file pdf Embed in my website or blog 1 Even if you are not doing a full review before you have students correct capitalization errors on this worksheet, go over the basic rules that explain when to use uppercase letters: Capitalize the first word in a sentence. Capitalize the pronoun I. I can see why this is easy to forget. Learn how to use capital letters correctly at the beginning of sentences, for people’s names and when writing about yourself. You must always use capital letters for: The beginning of a sentence. Example: The King's English: A Guide to Modern Usage. They are used to show the beginning of any sentence and to show that a noun is a proper noun. Beneath, in smaller capital letters, is the subtitle, LANGUAGE AS A WINDOW INTO HUMAN NATURE. Capital letters are used with particular types of nouns, in certain positions in sentences, and with some adjectives. Flip books, task cards and great quizzes to learn about capital letter use. Capital letters and apostrophers: Grammar test 1. There are lots of times when you need to use capital letters – for example, to start a sentence or for the pronoun I. Generally, we use capital letters for proper nouns, which are the names of a specific person,place, or thing, and proper adjectives, which are usually derived (formed) from proper nouns. Grammar explanation Capitalisation. Capital letters are used in two ways in English. Note that A is capitalized because it is the first word of the subtitle. Please see the following steps for using the reading game with this capital letters lesson plan. Capitalization worksheets and teaching ideas for grades 2-4 Learn which words to capitalize. The word is derived from the Latin uncialis meaning “of an inch, of an ounce.” Uncial used only uppercase letters. Capitalization rules.