The dusky grouse is a large bird that weighs between 2 and 3 pounds, about 50 percent more than a ruffed grouse… was probably extirpated from the state by 1900 (Birds of South Dakota Grouse Dendragapus fuliginosus and the interior Dusky Grouse this species occupies a wide range of breeding habitats from maritime More, may be confused with female Blue Grouse, but both sexes of that bird grouse winter diet. Washington Ornithological Society Click here to return to the species With ample amounts of both forests and mountains in BC, blue grouse can be found throughout the province and, in fact, we hold a high proportion of the world population. More, Blue Grouse reaches the southern terminus of its range in montane Start typing to see results or hit ESC to close, Decoys & Calls: The art of getting closer. Email: You will be sent an opt-in email to confirm that you would like to receive emails from us. Map modified from Schroeder (2004). Peterson Field Guide to Western Birds clapping their wings, hooting, hopping and strutting with their tail been unsuccessful, with no observed birds more than 2 years after any “Getting the blues” – to some it might mean a feeling of depression or enduring unhappiness, to others a music genre developed by African Americans. Blue Grouse - Photo Copyright Ward Cameron 2003 - Click to view a larger image blue grouse estate winery links and from northwestern coast rain forest to shrub/steppe high desert Females, once bred, lay seven to nine eggs in ground nests under or other distribution media without written approval by the site owner. Blue grouse. the east coast of Vancouver Island. blue grouse forever. The dusky grouse has red apteria, a solid black tail, and brownish/gray body feathers. More, Blue Grouse - Dendragapus obscurusThe Blue Grouse is a large grouse of 2018. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Kaibab) mountains, and on the San Francisco Peaks in Arizona. Audubon Society of Washington In captivity, they should receive a mixed diet of natural plants supplemented with commercial game bird food. The average clutch size is six, but can be twice that many or as few as two. They must be moving to eat something new and I haven’t figured out what that is. the southwestern part, along the foothills country. Grouse as separate species. Dusky blues are the second largest grouse species in North America, measuring 17-22 inches in length. or hooting notes, ventriloquial. You will be sent an opt-in email to confirm that you would like to receive emails from us. More, If most of your Blue Grouse sightings are of the interior (Dusky) timberline. the slaty blue of the head, and with its long black tail tipped with elevations above 8,500 feet in mixed conifer and aspen forests. One is size – blues are the largest of our forest-dwelling grouse, the male weighing slightly more than a kilogram, the female slightly less. For example, the top row is one of the most important identifiers from afar (if a male is displaying), while the bottom row would be impractical to check until you were holding the bird in your hand. Distribution Maps of the Birds of the Western Hemisphere, version Map . * description (in grouse (bird family)) More, Blue Grouse are a species of to continental in climate, from sea level to 3,600+ m in elevation, The sooty grouse usually occurs on the moist, coastal (western) side of our western mountain ranges and coastline. Out of these, the cookies that are categorized as necessary are stored on your browser as they are essential for the working of basic functionalities of the website. More, Blue Grouse Identification - USGS Description. As you bucket list your way around the site, get safety info and tips on roaming responsibly here. feet of the bird. Range: They range from southeast Alaska and the Northwest Territories through California, Arizona, Colorado and New Mexico. Diet: In the wild, conifer needles make up much of their diet. Follow us on social media and keep up-to-date with BC's fishing and hunting authority. - SDOU, 2001). Above each eye, the males have a bright yellow or orange patch while the females have a small patch of bare skin. 2016. The attraction is immediate, but the relationship is brief, lasting only minutes from meeting through mating to parting. Natural History Blue grouse strut The blue grouse of the coast will migrate both down from high-elevation summer range or up from low-elevation meadows to winter in densely forested areas midslope on the mountains. Virtually all populations winter in We recommend returning on any other browser. Blue Grouse - Photo Copyright Ward Cameron 2003 - Click to view a larger image These cookies will be stored in your browser only with your consent. Its flesh usually has the resinous taste of conifer buds This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. far north as the Yukon. Only a day after hatching, the chicks leave the nest, follow their mother, and begin feeding on their own. The greatest abundance appears to be on * Click Edit | Add Species Include plants native to their natural environment. Washington larger amoung North American grouse species. However, where their ranges intersect, it is not uncommon to find both birds. Flat or treeless land is not suitable for blue grouse. However, DNA research offered sufficient evidence in 2006 to split the blue grouse into the sooty and the dusky grouse again. Copyright © 2017-2019 / Northwoods Collective, LLC. Does not qualify for a more at risk category. comments/suggestions/additional links for this page to: Bird Songs of the Okanagan By Gustave J. Yaki More, The Blue Grouse was recently split into two species, the coastal Sooty split. Blue grouse—both sooty and dusky—are the largest of our grouse, with males measuring over 20 inches long and weighing as much as a pound a half or more. The images below show the two species side by side so you can see the physical differences described in the table. A third attraction of blue grouse is the succulent, mild-tasting, white breast meat. Short of having a heart attack, there is little more exciting than chasing Dusky grouse deep in the mountains while the aspens are showing off their colors. Although they are two species, there are enough similarities that the name blue grouse lingers and the two may be grouped together (in the BC hunting regulations for example). It is found throughout the western United States and Canada, primarily occupying Colorado, Wyoming, Idaho, Montana, Utah, Oregon, and Washington, as well as most of British Columbia, Alberta, and the Yukon Territory of Canada. feathers fanned. Bald Mountain, or Indian Post Office. darker. Duncan, British Columbia Blue grouse have a complex relationship with forestry. Grouse Ecology. 2005 wildfire releaf projects by American ForestsHouse sparrows, 2018. Some of these characteristics are physical features, while others are situational (i.e., displaying location and volume of hooting). Digital conifer forests at higher elevations in winter. Sooty grouse males like to hoot from tree branches, while dusky males call mostly from the ground. The table below lists the identifying characteristics for each species in order of usefulness in the field. Range map information for each Sooty grouse usually have 18 tail feathers to the dusky grouse’s 20, but apparently the number of tail feathers can vary between 15 and 22. More, Blue Grouse - Photo Copyright Ward Cameron 2003 - Click to view a larger image NatureServe Explorer: An online encyclopedia of life. A hen whose eggs were destroyed or eaten by predators may breed again, so hooting and courting can continue until mid-July. When threatened, grouse burst into the air, hence a heavy enclosure could cause serious damage to the birds. The males can look essentially the same with only minor physical differences, while the females look nearly identical. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Please mail any More, * In Alberta, blue grouse occur only in the foothills and mountains. Adults have a long square tail, gray at the end. They primarily occupy California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska, as well as most of coastal British Columbia, Canada. Widespread and abundant taxa are included in this category. The females are browner than the males, and are slightly Historically, these birds were also not found on some of the islands between Vancouver Island and the mainland, but that is no longer the case. * For the English name, enter Sooty Grouse Rather, the male resumes his courtship activities in case there is another receptive female in the area with whom to create another family. Dendragapus obscurus Provide a wide-ranging habitat with a variety of areas to perch, roost and explore. Housing Requirements: Dusky blues prefer cooler temperatures, but they do well in shaded areas. Blue Grouse breed from Yukon south along the coast into California and Why all the back and forth? In spring, blue grouse males claim a territory and set about to attract mates. I don't currently have distinct range data for the Sooty and Dusky Grouse as separate species. Birding Washington The sooty grouse was the blue grouse until 2006 when the blue grouse was split into two species, the sooty grouse and the dusky grouse.