Manhattan, KS 66502-2912 To paraphrase the ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus (c. 535–475 BCE), the one constant in life is change. Thus advisors must be aware of, and open to, these differences in values as they work within their institution's regulations and standards. Some argue that demanding that companies accept these responsibilities imposes cultural standards on another culture through economic pressure. Unfortunately, this emphasis eventually leads to the problem of diminishing marginal utility, with the consumer having to buy an ever-increasing amount to reach the same level of satisfaction. We therefore need to look for ethical principles that are shared worldwide: global ethics. What responsibility does it have for the welfare of a contractor’s workers in a culture with differing customs? We guide staff to describe their issue of concern, identify the rules and regulations that may apply, examine their options, and understand the potential consequences. The brand-new XYZ-Show seems to suffer. However, questions remain about the relationship between business and government. While we should be tolerant and respectful of cultural differences, should we also accept all cultural practices as morally right? However students from cultures where vast memorization is expected or knowledge is considered common ownership often do not recognize that papers presented in our institutions must include proper citation of thoughts borrowed from others. Ethics and Culture is a blog by Spence Spencer. In this view, which has developed as a result of political change and economic globalization, organizations comply with legal and economic regulations but then go beyond them to effect social change and sometimes even social justice. What ethical responsibilities do individual consumers have when dealing with companies that rely on overseas labor? In Australia, the indentured labour of Indigenous people and South Sea Islanders in the 19th and 20th centuries was akin to slavery. However, working across cultures can also create challenging ethical dilemmas, especially in regions where corruption is commonplace. For example, the German technology company Siemens has paid billions of dollars in fines and judgments for bribing government officials in several countries. Nov 10, 2020. This statement has been embraced by several succeeding CEOs at the company, illustrating that a firm’s mission statement can have a value that extends beyond its authors to serve many generations of managers and workers. Other Cultures as Entertainment'.) The Workplace Environment and Working Conditions, Contributing to a Positive Work Atmosphere, Criticism of the Company and Whistleblowing, Recognizing and Respecting the Rights of All, Accommodating Different Abilities and Faiths, Animal Rights and the Implications for Business, Ethical Issues in the Provision of Health Care, Changing Work Environments and Future Trends, Alternatives to Traditional Patterns of Work, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, and the Workplace of the Future, Business Ethics in an Evolving Environment, Making a Difference in the Business World, Profiles in Business Ethics: Contemporary Thought Leaders. When Nike demands that foreign manufacturers observe Western laws and customs about the workplace, arguably this is capitalist imperialism. Ethics and Culture is a blog by Andrew  J. Spencer. Becoming aware of these factors requires consumers to engage in an investigation of the business practices of those parties they will patronize and exercise a certain amount of cultural and ethical sensitivity. The de Nicola Center for Ethics and Culture presented the 2020 Notre Dame Vita Institute, its annual intellectual formation program for pro-life leaders, as a series of five free webinars the week of June 15–19, 2020. Johnson & Johnson was one of the first companies to write a formal mission statement, and it is one that continues to earn praise. Care must be given to the reexamination of values and perspective,and how these influence so many ethical dilemmas. In Australia, the Code is incorporated in Accounting Professional and Ethical Standards 110 Code of Ethics for Professional Accountants. Had this change taken place four centuries ago, that transaction in Manhattan might have gone a little differently. Academic Advisor In Managerial Decision Making, graduate course conducted in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs, Indiana University South Bend. When working with people, it is imperative that we appreciate that each person's intrinsic values are different. The effects of this blending of cultures appear in both the native (original) culture and the host (adopted) culture. e-mail:, To request and alternate format for materials found on this page contact For instance, bribery is considered wrong and it is illegal in every nation, but in some countries it is very common. Retrieved April 23, 2004, from The Ethics Office was created as an independent and formal office to assist the Executive Director in nurturing a culture of ethics, where employees fulfill their responsibilities with the highest standards of integrity, while respecting the dignity of their colleagues and the communities they serve. The sick leave or vacation policies of a British investment bank, for instance, may vary greatly from those of a shoe manufacturer in Laos. Indiana University South Bend Not only that, but Western firms will be charged more for concessions regarding factory conditions. Buck, J., Moore J., Schwartz, M., and Supon S. (2001).