5 Reasons to Start a Meditation Practice NOW! What do you do to keep little critters out of your home? 4 Ways to Get the Most Out of a Summer Day Trip. Also, a recent study found that the main ingredient, naphthalene, caused cancer in rats. If you need to buy a bottle of lavender oil then take a look at this Plant Therapy Lavender Oil on Amazon. A Delicious Low Glycemic, All Natural Chocolate Milk Syrup Your Kids Will Love! So how do we get rid of these pests? Sojourner Features: Traveler Mark Williams, 24 Hours in Lisbon? Make sure that drawers are fully dry before you close them. Help me choose my next travel destination, Traveling with a Newborn: Ohm's First Trip, 6 Things To Do When Visiting Not So Laid Back Phuket, 10 Publications to Launch your Travel Writing, From Maputo to Inhambane: A Drama in three acts, Mini Photo Gallery- Inhambane, Mozambique. Each time you wear it, it’s like being wrapped in a warm, grounding hug. Good Face Cream for Mature Skin: A Natural Shea Based Recipe, Shea Butter Moisturizing Body Scrub Recipe, How to Make Deodorant using Shea and Lavender. Visiting the Anchorage Coastal Wildlife Refuge, Discovering Anchorage Alaska; Tony Knowles Coastal Trail. Coconut Carrot Cake with Rose Buttercream Frosting. Head to the Brooks Atkinson Theatre to See What Happens 'After Midnight' ! Any information on or associated with this website should NOT be considered a substitute for medical advice from a healthcare professional. A Tale of Two Boardwalks, Frownies Immune Perfect Facial Cream Review. I'm Sojourner, the face behind the blog- Sojourner's Sojourns and the business Moon. Copyright 2020 Sojourner Williams Integrative Healing Arts.- All Rights Reserved, Photos by Jusna Ninah Perrin @jusna_ninah. Win a 4oz. Look No Further Than Rasoi Indian Kitchen. The Mt. Three Essential Oil Blends to Get You in the Mood for Spring! I do not post links to any products and services I do not faithfully use and thoroughly enjoy myself. A New Ben's Chili Bowl, A Bit of Go-Go, and A Whole Lot of D.C. Discover Beauty and Peace at the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, Sojourner Features: Traveler Akisha Pearman. Cedarville State Forest: Breathe Deeply, You've Arrived! Travel the World With Ease- 8 Tips for Success! Alternatively you could add the essential oil to ribbons and hang them around your open windows. Yogis honor! You can replenish them by dropping lavender and lemon essential oil on them to boost the aroma. When Traveler's Hair Happens to Good People, Fekkai's Essential Shea comes to the Rescue! What to do: Simply replenish when they start to lose their aroma. Add Coconut Oil to Your Coffee If You're In Need of a Boost! Finding a Routine in my 8am-7pm Work Day. In the comments I got lots of questions about how to keep other little critters away, such as ants and centipedes, but the most common request was for a method to keep moths away. 2) Drop lavender and lemon essential oil in the corners of your closet once a week. We've Got Black Bears in the Berkshire Mountains, The IICD training school in Williamstown, MA: The Beginning- Seven Months on a Commune in Western Massachusetts. Think back to grandmas attic. Soul! The smell is horrible and off-putting because moth balls emit toxic vapors to get rid of the moths. For other tips on using essential oils to get rid of pest, visit my post 3 NATURAL AND ORGANIC WAYS TO KEEP SPIDERS AND CENTIPEDES OUT OF YOUR HOME! Yet another wonderful way to use essential oils in place of harmful chemical filled products. 7 Experiences Not To Miss, Cascais: Playground of Portugal's Aristocratic and Elite, Stunning Sintra: Portugal's Ode' to Romanticism, A Riotous Good Time at the National Museum of Play. What can I say? 215+ Home Remedies, Natural Beauty Recipes & DIY Household Products, 50+ All Natural, Toxin Free DIY Beauty Recipes That Really Work, keep spiders out of your home with peppermint oil, The Complete Book Of Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, The Complete Book Of Essential Oils & Aromatherapy, Master Tonic 101: Heal Almost Anything With This Powerful Recipe, 10 Reasons To Wash Your Hair With Apple Cider Vinegar + How To Do An ACV Hair Rinse, How to Make Natural Homemade Hand Sanitizer, 12 of Nature’s Most Powerful Medicinal Plants From Traditional Cherokees. In what ways are you interested in working together? Simply placing a drop or two on a cotton ball and placing them around your window frames will keep them out. Repel Moths with Essential Oils Moths flapping around your closet and bedroom can be quite annoying, and even though adult clothes moths don’t actually feed on clothing, their larvae do. Consider Using Some Essential Oils; Essential oils are known to be effective against a wide variety of household pests. The Brooklyn Children's Museum A Pint Sized City Escape. Tie the scarf, sock or tie to the closet rod. And they produce up to five generations a year. 7 Things I Love About Rochester, NewYork! You only live once. Sojourner's Sojourns will not be held liable or responsible in any way for any harm, injury, illness, or death that may result from the use of its content or anything related to it.