Divide it into 10 equal parts to represent 1 m each. Name The Principal Planes Of Projection. Drawing sheet of size 594 X 420 i.e. Which Are The Types Of Projections Done In Engineering Drawing? (i) flow regulation – act as a reservoir for acceptance or delivery of water to meet requirements of load changes. Give the practical applications of intersection of surfaces or interpenetration of solids. Question4: What do you understand by the V.T. Inversions are different mechanisms obtained by fixing different links in a kinematic chain but keeping relative motions of links unchanged with respecat to one another. It will help in the right manufacturing as well as in repair and servicing of the object. When the downstream water level rises over the weir crest, it is called submerged weir. Draw its projections. What is a signal flow graph ? (1) Primary sensing element Most Asked Technical Basic CIVIL | Mechanical | CSE | EEE | ECE | IT | Chemical | Medical MBBS Jobs Online Quiz Tests for Freshers Experienced. Horizontal trace (H.T.) There are two main types of problems on the projections of a straight line: 30. Why The Drawing Is Called The Language Of Engineers? 61. of a section plane: It is a line in the horizontal plane where the cutting plane is meeting as well as perpendicular to the horizontal plane. 52. R.F. The ratio of change of momentum of a mass of fluid is equal to the vector sum of all external forces acting on it. 6. 34. Engineering Drawing Interview Questions & Answers. What Do You Mean By Convention/ Code? In a kinematic pair, if the elements have surface contact when in motion, the pair is called lower pair and if elements have line or point contact the pair is called higher pair. A scheme in which the discharge is varying and only that much water can be utilised for conversion as available in the river. There are three distinct thickness of lines used in engineering drawing. Distance of the front view is always from the HP. In rotational flow the vorticity is non zero and in irrotational flow it is zero. 22. Question 24. (i) They are the logarithmic plots used to represent transfer functions of the student, Type of symbol for the method of projection. Why the elements of higher pairs must be force closed ? What Are The Various Methods To Find The True Length And True Inclinations Of A Line When Its Projections Are Given? 29. (iv) spherical pair—three degrees of freedom. Distance of the front view is always from the HP. The dimensioning is necessary for the manufacture of the object in the industry. Projection will be a point on the plane to which line is perpendicular. What is the difference between weir, and submerged weir. How head varies in pipe flow with change in flow, if pipe diameter is same. Bode plot is a logarithmic plot used to represent transfer functions. The economic diameter of a penstock required to carry a discharge is the one at which annual costs due to the greater investment do not exceed the annual value of resulting increment energy output. ( representative fraction) of the scale. of the student, Type of symbol for the method of projection. 74. This static pressure is measured by inserting a pressure measuring tube into the pipe carrying the fluid so that the tube is at right angle to the fluid flow path. Due to uneven extension and contraction of belt. Also Define It From The Drawing Point Of View? 35. Layout of the drawing on the drawing sheet is necessary in order to make its reading easy and fast. It will give the overall size as well as sizes different parts of the object. 54. Plain scale: In which, one can measure certain units and its one tenth value. For it, dv/dx = du/dy. 41. What Are The Positions Of A Line With Respect To Hp And Vp? Find the R.F. The principal planes of projection are three: NOTE: All these planes (HP, VP and PP) are at right angles to each other. engineering drawing Objective Questions Mcqs Interview book. Define A Line In General. Ans: 2. Define Representative Fraction (r.f.)? Pycnometer is used to measure specific gravity of the liquid. What is inviscid fluid ? 23. Projection on a plane to which it is inclined will be less than the true length. Give the practical applications of intersection of surfaces or interpenetration of solids. If the line is inclined to HP, its top view on HP will be shorter than the true length. (iii) Screw pair—one degree of freedom. 50. Define Froude number. In a signal flow graph, a forward path originates from the input mode and terminates at output mode without encountering any mode more than once. This is necessary to provide completely constrained motion. What for pycnometer is used ? If the line lies in a vertical plane, it will have a vertical trace as a line itself. 78. Various methods to find the true length and inclinations are: Question 28. 4. A study of error helps in finding the reliability of the results. Question 15. Question2: Name the principal planes of projection. The angle is 450 to the reference line xy. Engineering Drawing Interview Questions & Answers (7) Data storage and playback element. P.—Horizontal plane for the top view of the object. H.T. Question 2. The approximate constant and continuous power which is assured at power station and would be available throughout the year is called firm power. Trace of a line is a point where the line meets if produced the HP or VP. Line inclined to one plane and parallel to the other plane At which point the cavitation is most likely to occur in a hydel plant ? Mention clearly the units and sub units below the scale constructed. Top view is marked by a small alphabet without a dash. Mark zero after the first division and then number it 1, 2, 3, ——up to 9 on the right side of zero. (i) Itevolute pair, (ii) cylindrical pair, (iii) Screw pair, (iv) Spherical pair. 46. What is the direction of tangential acceleration ? Question 4. I want to need it immediately, so please it to my email so only. What Is The Principle Of Development Of Surfaces? Note down the units to be measured i.e. A2 size is generally used by engineering students as it is very handy and easy for drawing work in class. The order of the system is the order of the highest derivative of the ordinary differential equation with constant coefficients which defines the system mathematically. Vernier calliper is an instrument to measure a dimension very precisely. What Is A ? Two geometrically similar flow systems subject only to friction and inertia forces are dy¬namically similar if both have the same ‘Reynolds’ number. (5) Data processing element Kaplan turbine. What for Maning’s formula used ? Scales can be used for the following purposes: These scales can be plain scales or diagonal scales. Square of mean velocity. Question 9. Say a scale is in cm, then a Vernier can measure very accurately up to 1/100 of a cm i.e. What type of turbine is this ? 58. . Practical applications of Intersection of surfaces: Manufacture of tables, chairs, installation of air conditioning ducts, in the construction of boilers, furnaces, chimneys. BASIC MECHANICAL ENGINEERING Interview Questions, Amplify signal without affecting its waveform, Remove unwanted noise signals that tend to obscure the input. How does the capacity changes in pipe flow with increase in pipe diameter if head is constant ? Name various functional elements of an instrumental system ? 36. A mechanism consists of links forming a constrained kinematic chain. It is used in sheet metal work for the manufacture of funnels, boilers, chimneys and furniture of various types. The analogous output is then converted into an electrical signal by secondary transducer. What is the difference between spillway and siphon spillway ? Question 29. Question5: What is difference between a plane and a lamina? The standard size of sheets according to I.S.I. A3 (420 X 297), 21. What Are Various Types Of The Trace Of A Line? State law of conservation of momentum ? What are the three functions served by a surge tank in a hydro plant ? How the stability of empty ship increased. Question 13. and H.T. 99. 82. A line in drawing can be defined in a number of ways. What is order of the system. 15. 69. Any obstruction of a streamflow over which water flows is weir. In which type of motion, acaceleration is directly proportional to displacement ? Question 16. What Are A Single And A Double Stroke Letters? 66.67%. km, m, cm—— Question 32. A stagnation point is one at which velocity is zero. Write some important observations regarding projections of a straight line. of the scale. It is used to determine velocity of flow in pipe. What Do You Understand By Thickness Of Lines? What Are The Requirements For The Construction Of A Scale? 15. If the line is inclined to V.P., it will have a V.T., (Vertical trace). P.—Horizontal plane for the top view of the object. Orthographic projections are done on HP, VP and PP planes.