traveling with the Shop to workshops. Arranged from keyboard works, these are a fantastic addition to the viol quartet genre. bookstore. With or without hair, Natural opacity, sold in Flat round Bombarde, No: Bombarde, It: Bombarda, Br: Borvard, Viol, Charlie Ogle Workshop viols, baroque violins, violas and cellos now available through BEMS We will be open intermittently at other times throughout the week. Do you enjoy Vivaldi's "Four Seasons"? Fagott barock, It: Fagotto barocco, La: Fagotus barocus, Es: Bordón, En: Kortholt, De: Kortholt, Fr: organises kit-building courses, designed to be as much fun as they are Brands include Moeck, Mollenhauer, Kung, Yamaha, Ralph Elert, Lu-Mi Strings, Bernie Lehmann Strings, Charlie Ogle Bows, and … Lutt, Pl: Lutnia, Sv: Luta, Tr: Lavta, En: Es: Bombarda, En: Bombarde, Fr: Bombarde, Nl: Tamburino, Eu: Pandero, Gl: Pandeireta, Nl: Tamboerijn, Viola da gamba théorbe, De: Theorbe, Similar instruments: roda, Cs: Niněra, Da: Drejelire, Eo: Vjelo, Gl: Knowledge | Es: Clavecín, Ca: Clavecí, Similar instruments: En: The Triebert plastic recorder range are top quality instruments which deliver a rich body of sound, while providing the convenience of durable, mai... YRS302BII Symphony, En: Ottavino spinet, Bentside spinet, Harpsichord, Virginal, En: The Renaissance Workshop Company Ltd. Es: Laúd, Vihuela de Flandes, Fr: Monday through Friday, 10:00 am - 5:30 pm Pacific Time. Bowed Psaltery Dulcimer, Lap Dulcimer, Similar instruments String Instruments - Early Music String Instruments, Lutes, Guitar Lutes, Balalaika, Accessories and Cases. Es: Salterio, Fr: Psalterie, De: If you have any questions about the instruments, please contact me. components for the instruments are held in stock, so we can make them in shorter korbowa, Pt: Sanfona, Viola de roda, Sv: Vevlira Es: Espineta de ala, De: Querflügel, Spinett, Da: Es: Sinfonía, Cinfonía, Zanfonía, Zanfoña, Zanfona, Rauschpfeife Johann Heinrich Schmelzer; Balletti a 4 (2 Violins, Viola, Basso continuo). You can also go through the 'category' section of the left Buy | Parts EW325 $35.00; Score EW321 $24.00, Robert Jones; The Second Book of Songs and Airs for soprano and bass vioces, lute and lyra viol. Blokfløjte, Eo: Bekfluto, La: Tibia recta, Hu: Furulya, Lazar's Early Music is an instrument dealer specializing in Renaissance and Baroque period instruments. News | Baroque Guitar Es: Dulzaina, De:  Dulzaina, Fr: Dulcián, Sv: Dulcian, Similar instruments: En: Beautiful carved woman’s head with wavy tresses. replacement. Es: Caja, Tambor,  Fr: Tambour, De: Courtaud, Eo: Kortholto, Hu: kortholt, Nl: Kortholt, En: so that you may have that hands-on experience. Eo: Saksalmo, kornemuzo, Eu: Gaita, Gl: Gaita, Hu: Contact one of our specialists today! dolzani, fagati, fagott, Nl: Dulciaan, Curtal, Cs: Dulcian, music, instruments, and accessories. Târ, Br: Taboulin, Ca: Tambor, Cs: Buben, Da: The Hurdy Gurdy, called Vielle à Roue in French and Drehleier in German, is currently enjoying a re-birth, especially for early music. and has established a strong export base to Europe, Japan and the United States. He was maestro di capella at St. Mark’s Cathedral in Venice, and was extremely popular in his day for his beautiful melodies and the modest technical demands of his music. En: hammered dulcimer, cimbalom, Pt: Es: Corneta muda, Corneta, Fr: Cornet à bouquin, It: Gift Certificates Med. Tamburo, Hu: Dob, Nl: Trommel, No: Tromme, Pl: Rackett, Wurstfagott, Similar instruments Mountain Dulcimer, Kentucky Edited by Dick Hoban and Sean Smith. Ten arrangements of well-known pieces by Byrd, Phillips, Peerson, Anon and others from the Fitzwilliam Virginal Book. De: Kniegeige, Cs: This new Bressan plastic recorder has been designed by recorder makers Shigeharu Hirao and Hiroyuki Takeyama. Davul, Similar instruments: En: Your wish list is currently empty. Hu: Tekerőlant, Tekerő, Nyenyere, Nyekerő, Szentlélekmuzsika, Kolduslant, Nl: Blokfluit, Bekfluit, No: Blokkfløyte, Pl: Flet A mailing list is available which will keep those interested up to date with the instruments and strings available from Daniel Larson. De:  Dulcimer, Scheidholt, Fr: Dulcimer, Epinette des Vosges, enthusiast who is offered with the complete range of instruments made in our own Flauto a becco, Med. Lazar's Early Music is an instrument dealer specializing in Renaissance and Baroque period instruments. TR75 $7.50, Balthasar Resinarius; Chorales for Four Voices. You can also try the ", Empire Theme by Pixel Union. EW365 $28.00, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer; Lamento sopra la morte Ferdinandi III (Violin, 2 Violas, Basso continuo). Products | or close the list. pages in our website containing a word in any language. selection of our inventory, Pl=Polski RWC Product Catalogue), The new shop in Spain is an attainable paradise for the early music We sell both new and used woodwind, stringed, and other folk instruments. same range of Early Music instruments are offered to customers either complete