The parched sausages dangled from a wooden dowel like stage props. The next day they return to the smoker for another eight hours before hanging to dry for a day. Whether or not his grandfather can muster praise for Felton’s dried sausage, he applauds what Felton is trying to do. If you are an existing subscriber and haven't set up an account, please register for an online account. Enter your email below to send a password reset email. A young man behind the counter unhooked one and handed it to me, and for just $4.79, I took home a half-pound link of dried sausage made exactly like they did it 38 years ago, when Granzin’s first opened in town. “We have a true firebox in there,” Carter Ray said, explaining, “We were grandfathered into that process.” Which is why they can’t sell their sausage through other retailers. Felton uses a tried and true fifty-fifty mix of pork and beef. Once in Castroville, they adapted to a new clientele with an Alsatian sausage that featured coriander. Said Granzin: “Once you try it, we’ve got you hooked.”. “If you use all beef, it will dry so hard it’ll be like chewing through jerky.” He’s had many successes, but some failures too, like his attempts to make pepperoni or when he added beef fat into the mix. I did a double take at the ropes of sausage hanging over the meat counter at Granzin’s Market in New Braunfels. We have maple blueberry, green chorizo, and andouille pork sausage varieties. The recipe at Wiatrek’s came from the original owner. He’s got the touch by now considering they make three thousand pounds of the stuff on a normal week and up to five tons a week during the holidays. The change isn’t as pronounced with larger versions of dried sausage made from pork casings, which is the normal style found in Texas. Sorry, we’re unable to find an account with that username and password. My first encounter with Texas dried sausage was inside Kuby’s Sausage House, in Dallas. Comes in packages of 6 links. He and his dad, Tom Ray, purchased the Poth store from the Wiatrek family in 2008 and opened the new outpost last year. Ready to eat...slice and serve. “If it’s got a little spongy to it, you’ve gotta leave it hanging a little longer. The sausage stays in the smoker for a couple of days before it hangs inside the shop. 608 highway 90 west Try all the flavors! Frank Felton III, who goes by Trey, has run Thorndale Meat Market since 2011, taking over from his grandfather Marvin Rodenbeck. Variety: Beef & Pork Venison & Pork Quail & Pork Jalapeno Beef & Pork. I Still Got COVID. All of the half dozen flavors I sampled were on the smokier side. It’s a cased sausage that is cold-smoked and dried. A fully cooked blend of meat and spices, these sausages are smoked then slow cooked to perfection! Much to my wife’s chagrin, I have a few links hanging from the cabinet doors at home (the kitchen has never smelled better) for easy access, and there’s an obvious difference in texture from day to day. He also credits the high salt content, which does most of the heavy lifting when it comes to dehydration. In 1968, they opened their first meat market in Poth, Texas. “It’s a Polish-style sausage, so it has garlic,” Ray said. It loses about half of its weight during the drying process, which is a little better than jerky, which loses two-thirds of its original weight. The brothers whose parents were from Poland featured their famous Polish sausage, which proved to be very popular. It has recently become my favorite portable snack. Felton has transformed this old-style recipe, that otherwise would be preserved in amber, and he’s finding ways to push it into new territory that bring in a new generation of fans who appreciate the art of dried sausage. I think the shorter shelf life also has to do with their short drying time. Eat this all day! Specialties: Dziuk's Meat Market specializes is custom cut beef, chicken, and pork as well as a wide variety of specialty items. They make it early in the morning in hundred-pound batches. Leave them blank to get signed up. We also make some of the best dried meats like beef jerky, turkey jerky, dried sausage, and snack sticks! For over 30 years now, Dziuk's Meat Market has been proudly serving customers their quality fresh cuts and famous dried meats. There aren’t many folks looking to break new ground in the dried-sausage game, but I found a market in Thorndale that’s pushing the boundaries of the genre. Texans You Should Know: How a Black Cowboy’s Discovery Changed the Field of Archaeology, The Viral Footage of Texans Waiting in Line at the New College Station Dunkin’ Donuts Is Good, Actually, This New Daily Flight Between Dallas and Houston Lets You Skip the Security Checkpoint. I know the owners are carrying on a tradition that isn’t quite as celebrated as beef jerky. The newly ripe, or “soft,” links are hung on the left. It’s a great feeling every time I see a dried sausage on offer in a meat market. I tried the beef and pork mix, which is the standard, but Fankel recommended a newer recipe. Long time employee Jeff Fankel serves up custom cut ribeyes. Subscribe or link your existing subscription. If you fill out the first name, last name, or agree to terms fields, you will NOT be added to the newsletter list. The rest is history. The sausages stay in the smoke-filled cooler for a solid three days before hanging to dry for another week, give or take a few days. There’s a center pole that the receives the dowels from which the sausages hang. After many years of experience, founder Edwin Dziuk, along with his brother Clarence, decided to make their own mark in the industry. Try all the flavors - some are classic, some are a little off the wall! Whereas some people have a media room or a woodworking shop, Rodenbeck has a sausage-making shed on his property. Back in Poth, there’s still dried sausage to be found. “A lot of people like their sausage naturally dried,” Fankel says, “but I have to prove that mine gets to a certain temperature for safety reasons.”. “My truck always has that faint mesquite smell.”. A series of gears and a motor turn it slowly, one revolution every fifteen minutes, as he feeds post oak (he likes round logs with the bark) into the remote firebox. What is dried sausage? 608 highway 90 west castroville, tx 78009 castroville, tx 78009 Why Is GameStop Selling PlayStation 5 Consoles Only in Stores on Black Friday? castroville, tx 78009. The sausages hang on wooden dowels in the smokehouse for eight hours, then go back into the cooler overnight. Texans love their dried sausage. These sausages are great for the grill or any other cooking method. “We smoke it for three hours before it’s put up to dry,” he said, but he cautioned: “The key is not to dry it too fast, cause then it gets a crusty edge around it.” While a few dozen links were hanging above the counter, several hundred sat on racks at the far end of the market awaiting their optimal dryness. I spoke to Carter Ray in their new San Antonio store. “If you use all pork, it will take like three weeks to dry out,” he explains. A good swap for the lean beef is venison; the dried sausage is popular with deer hunters who bring their harvest into Wiatrek’s for processing. A rack of dried sausages at Granzin’s Meat Market in New Braunfels. I Live in the Middle of Nowhere. I’ve also enjoyed the dried sausages at Elder’s Country Store in Beeville, Klein Smokehouse in Boerne, Meyer’s Elgin Smokehouse in Elgin, New Braunfels Smokehouse in New Braunfels, Pollock’s in Falls City, Sklenarik’s Smoked Meats in Miles, Vincek’s in East Bernard, and Buc-ee’s carries a pretty good version of venison and pork dried sausage at all their stores.