This way they bring earning opportunities. But what makes it more important is the wide spread of tourism revenues over several industries. We will talk about and explain how tourism adds economic (and non-economic) value to a country and why does it have so much importance for every country. If your business is typically focused on business customers, you may want to look into ways to change this approach, at least temporarily. Tourism trends are heavily influenced by the concerns and mores of the customer base. In the final analysis, customer experience is what will make or break your business. Others are young singles looking for social activities or to find a partner. In: Information and Communication Technologies in Tourism 2002 / Wöber, Karl W. et al. Another might be a long stay with a host family in the destination country as a means to learn more about the local culture. In “List of travel agencies to connect your business to” you will find a comprehensive list of different travel agency platforms and you can learn more about how travel agencies can contribute to increasing your bookings. Eco travel includes simple changes, such as the availability of carbon credits when booking a flight or the option to rent an electric instead of a conventional vehicle. Still, many countries have now began or are planning to restart tourism. Other hotels have also got in on the robot-staff trend, installing interactive robots to handle certain reception duties or even having them serve food and drink to visitors. Therefore your service level to your consumer group needs to be of international level. In 2020 and all the countries are trying their best to contain the coronavirus pandemic and its effects and are struggling to come out of it. Tourism no doubt brings with it tremendous economic value for a country. This makes tourism very important. The third point which we may look at is that tourism as an activity can go much beyond the basic tourism activities or consumption. Read on to learn much more about the key trends within tourism for 2021. Read how travel bubbles are the new unique concept considered by many countries to restart tourism and travel. We want to actually know why tourism is important, for countries, for economies and for the world. Tourism brings many benefits, including but not limited to the following few: Thus travel and tourism can give boost to the economy in terms of consumer spending, job creation and more. With coronavirus, contactless payments are in greater demand than ever, as staff and customers often prefer to avoid handling cash. Tourism is one of the important sources of employment generation and foreign exchange earnings for a country. Tourism brings people from everywhere in the world. Below, you’ll be able to learn more about these more general tourism trends. This is due to it being an individual and commercial activity. Demand for excellent cuisine with a view to better nutrition is driving new tourism trends. Through online VR tours, customers can experience hotel interiors, restaurant interiors, outdoor tourist attractions and more, all from their home. In recent years, the biggest tourism trend is the change from off-line travel agencies to online travel agencies. The ‘marketing concept‘ is not very old. Today’s consumers expect experiences that closely match their personal preferences, from destinations to accommodation and the kinds of activities they’ll engage in. The development of the marketing concept, in fact, is the outcome of political, technological, social, economic and business pressures. This is just one example of personalisation. “Hygiene is the New Marketing Message for Hotels”, “4 Reasons why Contactless Payments are Becoming Popular Within the Travel Industry”, “How Can Voice Control Benefit the Travel Industry?”, “How Virtual Reality is Transforming the Travel Industry”, “Robots in the Tourism Industry: 8 Real-World Examples”, “How Can Voice Control Benefit the Tourism Industry?”, “4 Ways Facial Recognition Can Be Used in the Travel Industry”, “How Augmented Reality is Revolutionising the Travel Industry”, “8 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in the Travel Industry”, “List of travel agencies to connect your business to”, The Benefits Of Automated Advertising in Search Engines, Tips to Highlight Safety in Marketing & Guest Communication in Travel, 4 Important Hotel Metrics to Measure Your Guest Experience, Marketing Tips For the Hospitality & Travel Industry During the Corona Crisis, Travel Trends: 12 Opportunities for the Travel Industry, 14 City Marketing Strategies to Attract More Travellers, Revenue Management & Hotel Marketing Guide.