You can also pull a small amount out if it is powder and dab it, listen for a snap or crackling noise, if this happens your hash definitely still has to much water in it, if it sizzles loudly it could also need a bit more dry time despite it being a powder. This is the official blog of Alchimia Grow Shop. At harvest time, approximately half of each plant was trimmed and frozen immediately while the other half of each plant was trimmed and hung to dry slowly in the dark at 50-60% RH/13ºC over the course of a month. I've made those corrections and a few more that needed changing too, hopefully it should be a much more enjoyable reading experience now! Hi and thanks for the comment and question. We’ll make sure you get set up with the all the information you need, but first, let’s start things off with a picture of what we collected in under 15 minutes total! Step 1: right after the hash is collected from the bags it must be taken to the freezer. Shake the bag for 10 seconds, wait for 5 seconds, start shaking again, and repeat. When the dry ice and plant material are in contact, it slightly freezes the plant, the. I've done dry ice...yep only one bag. The ideal is the lowest temperature that your air conditioner or your home environment can reach! Had anybody had the chance to try vaping this way? Turn the bucket upside-down, emptying both the dry ice and … Wet trim has frozen up on me before. "But girls, do you recommend that we use fresh frozen or cured trim?". The same equipment and techniques are used when processing fresh-frozen or dried material, the only difference being that dried flowers will need to be rehydrated before starting the extraction. All the best and happy hashing! Whatever you do, don’t have any air circulation going in the area where you’re extracting kief, otherwise, the kief will blow into the air and all over the room! Step 2: place the parchment paper in the box so that its material is not contaminated. 2020-05-09 When dry ice is added to a bucket of shredded cannabis buds and shaken, the resin glands freeze. Thanks. As soon as the dry ice touches the resin glands, the extreme low temperatures lock in all the terpenes and other aromatics. Bubble Hash: everything you need to know. So, at the end of this particular experiment, we’ve seen that from two plants of the same strain that were very similar in appearance, aroma and flower yield, we achieved quite contrasting results from each different extraction process, with R-Kiem #1 being better suited to fresh-frozen hash making, and R-Kiem #2 better suited for extractions using dried material. Breakdown of trichome sizes in the R-Kiem #1 fresh frozen extraction. Hi Danny, thanks for your input, it really is much appreciated! If you’re unfamiliar with hash, starting slowly will help ensure you don’t use too much – this stuff is powerful! Effectively yes, you're right, and that's because fresh frozen buds will weigh up to 70% more than dry material, simply due to the water content. Many hash fans are perfectly happy to leave dry ice extractions to the professionals for very good reasons. Fire Protection: Only You Can Prevent Grow Room Fires! And yes, with the fresh-frozen material 23% of the trichomes collected were from the 25 micron bag. Since we are not combusting, some of the curing processes for creating smooth smokeable might not be completely necessary for our needs. After the system detects that it is not drawing a large amount of water from the material, it will enter its final drying cycle and will function for the defined period of time. In this case we assumed a weight loss of 70% in the process of drying the flowers, so we reduced the weight of the fresh frozen material accordingly in our calculations to arrive at the figures in the chart on the right, where we can clearly see a spectacular yield from the fresh-frozen extraction of  R-Kiem #1, almost double the yield of R-Kiem #2. Grind the glands and put them with ice into bucket. 2019-08-28 Basically, you just shake a hash bag full of cannabis + dry ice and piles of resin will start raining out! Here, we will understand more about it and how it interacts with cannabis when used together. Once there's no more kief coming out, place all the material into a second mesh bag with a bigger mesh size, and repeat the shaking process. Eventually, you’ll get a top shooting off unexpectedly, or worse, an exploding container! Perhaps you'd like to make the edits for future readers of this fine piece. Dump your (ground up) cannabis and dry ice into the 5-gallon bucket. Next on the shopping list is a mesh bag, a specially designed sifting bag for making dry ice hash. On the other hand, one occasionally finds plants that are capable of dropping almost all of their trichomes in the first wash, making a second wash a mere formality. Pegleg47 One option is to use and extra closet or pantry, if you have one to best control the environment! So, did you enjoy this sea of information? Hi and thanks for your comment. Once you've managed to get it out of the bag you'll need to form it into a small patty in some parchment paper and return it to the freezer until it's hard again. this was a very good article and a professionally conducted comparison. Make sure you work in a well-ventilated area. The factory default is 125F, approximately 51 ° C, which is VERY hot for hashing and will definitely ruin a lot. Here we'll just share a few details of the extraction, but for a much more in-depth guide on making your own bubble hash, read our other article on the subject: How to make ice water hash. Plants like this are, in our opinion the perfect plants for fresh-frozen water hash, giving blonde, terpene-rich, top-shelf extracts and impressive returns with very little washing, before the material has any chance of defrosting and contaminating the hash. Roots: The Most Important Part of Your Plant! At the point in the wash when the hash you're collecting in the 220 bag starts to look dirty then maybe I'd get rid of the 500 bag and just use the 220 as the largest bag, or possibly just keep the 500 bag throughout the entire wash, after all, it's going to drain quickly and keep your 220 bag free of a lot of contaminants. If you do some research you'll see that 70-75% is a widely accepted figure for moisture loss during drying of cannabis flowers. Pretty big statement right? Here we go! Use a well ventilated room or an external area such as a garage. Can't believe no one really had time to atleast say...hey man go for it...or nope doesn't work lol. To prevent this from happening, it is essential to be patient and know how to dry your hash properly. Some people like to vape or smoke the non-compressed resin glands. This type of technology is what guarantees a result full of quality and a hash of excess water. Hash is simply the collected resin glands from the cannabis plant. Want to know how to grow healthy and magical plants? The Freeze Dryer is a machine that has become the game in the hashish market. Tim Alchimia Although many methods produce the same or a similar product, using dry ice has advantages in many areas that end up making it superior to other means of resin collection: So, back to that quote: “The process of hash-making can be divided into two parts – resin collection, and resin preparation.”.