Yield: about 3 pints. Home » Lifestyle » How to easily hack canned cranberry sauce and upgrade your Thanksgiving dinner. When you're dealing with canned whole cranberry sauce, you can pour it into a small pot and bring it to a low boil. "A little bit of orange juice, some orange rind or, you know, zested. It kind of feels like it’s your own," she explains. Then, you can heat it the same way as the whole-berry sauce. Photo by: Todd Plitt Cranberry sauce is a staple side dish and a particularly popular one at holiday meals from Thanksgiving to Christmas. Adding fruits like oranges or berries brings different flavors and acidity to the sauce. of orange juice plus 1 tsp. But in my experience, heating the canned sauce up takes its flavor to the next level. If you're opting for jelled sauce, I'd recommend cutting it up into large cubes and stirring them with a wooden spoon or spatula to break down the chunks. Finally, toss in your orange juice … These Are the 10 Best Things to Pick Up This Year, John Lewis Black Friday deals include discounted Apple AirPods, 4K TVs, Amazon Echo, more, 'Supernatural': A New Spanish Dub Seems To Imply That Destiel Is Canon, Desperate hunt for missing doctor, 44, who 'vanished without trace' eight days ago after walk at NYC park with mom, Budget deficit hits record level as net debt soars beyond $600 billion, I lost trust in my wife after she flirted with ex-boyfriend in front of me, Watch Dustin Johnson wipe away tears while overcome with emotion as he struggles to talk after winning The Masters, Mets mailbag: Trade deadline could shape Brodie Van Wagenen’s legacy, Is Kim Kardashian’s bum real? But that doesn't mean she doesn't dress it up. If you want to make it boozy, try mixing in some Champagne after you've let it cool. She also adds that you can mix in chopped fresh rosemary. Adding diced apples and a can of mandarin oranges (with half of the juice from the can) to cranberries as they cook down was her go-to. Sunny Anderson's Canned Cranberry Thanksgiving Hack, Here's What to Do with Extra Apple Cider Doughnuts, You'll Fall for These Easy and Edible Acorns, Autumn Squash, Reimagined: 2 New Ways to Eat It All Season Long, How to Make Your Own Pumpkin Spice Latte Base, Save the Seeds After Carving Your Pumpkin — Here's What to Do with Them, The Kitchen Tries New Fall-Flavored Trends. Paula Deen shares an easy way to enhance canned cranberries for your holiday feast. Canned cranberry sauce is delicious on its own, but there are ways you can dress it up for any meal. Be good to yourself with this easy slow-cooker recipe loaded with root vegetables. Heat over medium heat until sauce just comes to a boil. The ginger adds fresh spice to the flavor and a little bit of bite to the texture. Nov 17, 2014 - Cans Get You Cooking: Ocean Spray: Cranberry Orange Sauce For a fruity twist, you can cut them up and throw them in the pot. Todd Plitt, 2015, Television Food Network, G.P. Just in time for your trip to the orchard, learn two new ways to put apple cider doughnuts to work. Lemon, lime, or orange zest are also great sources of bright, citrusy flavors. Get creative, but make sure you're tasting along the way. can whole cranberries (not jellied) one 6-oz. It's perfectly fine to serve up cranberry sauce — whole berry or jelled — straight out of the can. She'd then fold in chopped pecans for some crunch after pulling the mixture off of the stove. Combine cranberry sauce, orange zest, juice, cinnamon and nutmeg in a medium saucepan. Guests will love the savory, sweet goodness of this irresistible appetizer. Plus, it becomes a little more aesthetically pleasing. You just beat it with a whisk until it becomes a little bit loose, and then you add in the [canned whole cranberries]." When it comes to the jellied stuff and the whole-cranberry option, she explains: "You can mix it together. According to Sunny, one of her go-to holiday hacks is "cranberry sauce out of the can." Paula Deen shares her recipe for making a tasty cranberry sauce. Let creativity be your guide, but also get your palate involved. Canned cranberry sauce is delicious on its own, but there are ways you can dress it up for any meal. I don’t slice it; that looks crazy. Enhanced Canned Cranberries. Shrimp and Grits Recipe If one dish is the hallmark of Lowcountry … Microwave the sauce in 30-second intervals, stirring in between each interval so that you get an even cook. Canned cranberry sauce is delicious on its own, but there are ways you can dress it up for any meal. Visit Insider's homepage for more stories. Get creative, but make sure you’re tasting along the way. Did they fall in love with these seasonal treats? Folding in … If you enjoy a fulfilling breakfast, this toasty cereal will do the trick. Bonus? 10 Best Canned Whole Berry Cranberry Sauce Recipes | Yummly Once it starts to boil, I lower the heat and let it simmer until I'm satisfied with the temperature and texture. How to spot the differences.