Specific provisions applicable to securitisation vehicles, III. Specific provisions applicable to employee investment undertakings, II. General rules and common provisions, I. The consultation is open until September 1st. I. 1.3.5. [#Supervision2022] #Gestion d’actifs : retrouvez la synthèse des #contrôles SPOT sur les modalités d’externalisatio… https://t.co/YI3vEhRM4v, BDIF - Decisions and financial disclosures database, GECO - Savings products & management companies database. vCardvCard, simon.wright@dechert.com Email 1.2. vCardvCard, mikhaelle.schiappacasse@dechert.com Email 2.4. It consists of a directly applicable regulation introducing additional disclosure requirements to the existing elements of relevant sectoral legislations (AIFMD, UCITS, Solvency II, IDD and MiFID II), via a self-standing text (lex specialis) providing full harmonization, cross-sectoral consistency and regulatory neutrality. Access our missions: regulate, supervise, inform and protect. Major assets disposal and acquisition, II. 1.1.5. The Commission put forward the action plan on financing sustainable growth in March 2018. Transfer of a company from a market to another, I. 1.1. 1.3.3. 5.6. Specific provisions applicable to CISs open to all subscribers, II. Authorisation / Programme of operations / Passport, III. 1.3. Improve the disclosures to investors regarding financial products. Legal entities managing certain Other AIFs, III. Specific provisions applicable to Funds open to non-professional investors, II. 1.4.1. Specific provisions applicable to Funds open to professional investors, II. The reason is that investment decisions and financial advice might cause, contribute to or be directly linked to negative material effects on environment and society, regardless of whether the investment strategy pursue a sustainable objective or not, such as investments in assets that pollute water or devastate bio-diversity, to ensure the sustainability of investments. The European Banking Authority (EBA) has published its final draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) on disclosure of information relating to the compliance of institutions with the requirement for a countercyclical capital buffer (CCB or CCyB) under Article 440 of Capital Requirements Regulation (Regulation 575/2013) (CRR). Digital assets services providers, III. Specific provisions applicable to UCITS, II. Action 7 of the action plan calls for clarifying institutional investors’ and asset managers’ duties. 2.6. The co-legislators saw merit in accompanying disclosures of adverse sustainability impacts by regulatory technical standards (RTS) jointly developed by the ESAs guidelines on the content, methodologies and presentation of the relevant information to be disclosed under this Regulation. vCardvCard, VIEW ALL ESA’s consultation on the draft regulatory technical standards of the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation KNOWLEDGE, The draft regulatory technical standards (, Financial Services and Investment Management, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) for Asset Managers, California Notice at Collection & Privacy Notice. The draft RTS have been published for consultation until 1 September 2020 and need to be finalised before the entry into application of the Regulation in March 2021. 1 - Collective investment schemes (CISs), II. Corporate governance and internal control, I. Article 7(3) of the Securitisation Regulation directs ESMA to develop draft RTS and Implementing Technical Standards (“ITS”) to specify the information that the reporting entity shall provide in order to comply with their reporting obligations. 1.1. 2 - Specific provisions applicable to certain products, V. 1 - Regulated market and multilateral trading facilities, V. 2 - Central depositories, clearing houses, payment and settlement systems, Overview of the main provisions of the draft RTS currently undergoing consultation related to the Disclosure Regulation, The AMF and the ACPR publish their first report on the monitoring and evaluation of financial institutions’ coal policies, Coal policies of Paris financial centre participants (banks, insurers, asset managers): first joint ACPR/AMF monitoring and evaluation report, AMF's response to the European public consultation on the new EU-Green Bond Standard, Create an investment management company in France, Develop your investment management company, Make my reporting, notifications and disclosure, File financial and non-financial disclosures, Financial Investment Advisor status (FIA), Public consultation on the draft RTS relating to the Disclosure Regulation, Annual reports and institutional publications, Information obligations of listed companies, DOC-2013-08 Pro forma financial information. 1.3. Major holding notification, letter of intent and change in intent, 1.5.1. DOC-2011-04 Procedures for communicating on transactions involving the temporary transfer of shares. Merci de désactiver le bloqueurs de pub pour visualiser cette vidéo. The proposal was adopted as part of the sustainable finance package. 3 - Anti-money laundering and combating the financing of terrorism, IV. The consultation is open until September 1st. Table of contents of the recommendations for the closing of the financial statements applicable as of January 1, I. Sustainability-related disclosure in the financial services sector, This site is managed by the Directorate-General for Communication, action plan on financing sustainable growth, proposal for a regulation on disclosures relating to sustainable investments and sustainability risks, Aid, Development cooperation, Fundamental rights, Follow the European Commission on social media. These RTS are required under the EU Regulation on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (the Disclosure Regulation) (which we introduced in our briefing here). 1.5. vCardvCard, Financial Services and Investment Management(more), angelo.lercara@dechert.com Email Common provisions applicable to UCITS and CISs, II. 4.4. It does so in relation to the integration of sustainability risks by financial market participants (i.e. vCardvCard, philippa.list@dechert.com Email Information from senior managers, I. In addition, the CP contains proposals under the recently agreed regulation on the establishment of a framework to facilitate sustainable investment (the Taxonomy Regulation5). The Taxonomy Regulation at Article 25 amends the SFDR by including a new Article 2(a) which sets out in more detail how to achieve… Continue Reading, arne.bolch@dechert.com Email The AMF provides a number of key insights on the consultation of the European Supervisory Authorities (ESAs) on the draft RTS related to the Disclosure Regulation. Dissemination, filing and storage of regulated information, I. The disclosures regulation was adopted by co-legislators in spring 2019 and was published on 9 December 2019 in the Official Journal. 1.1.3. whether financial market participants and financial advisers consider negative externalities on environment and social justice of the investment decisions/advice and, if so, how this is reflected at the product level. 1.3.4. 1.3.2. In addition, the co-legislators added disclosure obligations as regards adverse impacts on sustainability matters at entity and financial products levels, i.e. It is already in force but will apply from 10 March 2021. General rules and common provisions, I. The draft regulatory technical standards (RTS) set out detailed information relating to the content, methodology and presentation of certain environmental, social, and governance (ESG) disclosures required under the EU Regulation (EU) 2019/2088 on sustainability-related disclosures in the financial services sector (the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation or SFDR 1). 4.1. DOC-2012-05 General meetings of shareholders of listed companies, DOC-2015-09 Communication by companies aimed at promoting their securities to individual investors, DOC-2015-10 Communication by companies on fees associated with holding securities in pure registered form, DOC-2010-03 AMF Q&A pertaining to the transfer of a listed company from Alternext to Euronext, DOC-2012-02 Corporate governance and executive compensation in companies referring to the AFEP-MEDEF code - Consolidated presentation of the recommendations contained in the AMF annual reports, DOC-2010-15 AMF supplementary report on corporate governance, executive compensation and internal control – Mid-caps and small-caps governed by the Middlenext corporate governance code of December 2009, DOC-2010-16 Reference framework for risk management and internal control systems, DOC-2007-03 Electronical filing to the AMF of regulated information, DOC-2018-06 Table des matieres recommandations d'arrêté des comptes applicables au 1er janvier 2018 (in French only), DOC-2010-25 Relationships between statutory auditors and the AMF, DOC-2019-06 Procedure for examination of the application and establishment of an information document for approval by the AMF on an initial coin offering, DOC-2018-07 Informations à founir aux investisseurs dans le cadre d'une offre ouverte au public d'un montant inférieur à 8 millions d'euros, DOC-2009-16 Guide d'élaboration des documents de référence, DOC-2006-15 Fairness opinion in the context of corporate finance transactions, DOC-2004-02 Advertising campaigns for public disclosure of standstill commitments to hold shares entered into under the Dutreil Act, DOC-2008-02 Major shareholding notification and letter of intent, DOC-2010-02 Transparency and procedure for the orderly acquisition of debt securities that do not give access to capital, DOC-2017-03 Modalités de déclaration des opérations réalisées dans le cadre des interventions des émetteurs cotés sur leurs propres titres et des mesures de stabilisation, DOC-2017-04 Guide relatif aux interventions des émetteurs cotés sur leurs propres titres et aux mesures de stabilisation, DOC-2015-05 Major Asset Disposals and Acquisitions, DOC-2020-08 Requirements for liquidity stress testing in UCITS and AIFs, DOC-2018-05 Requirements for stress test scenarios under article 28 of the european money market fund regulation, DOC-2020-03 Information to be provided by collective investment schemes incorporating non-financial approaches, DOC-2011-05 A guide to regulatory documents governing collective investment undertakings, DOC-2011-24 A guide to drafting collective investment marketing materials and distributing collective investments, DOC-2011-25 A guide to the monitoring of collective investment undertakings, DOC-2008-14 Fund performance swaps and actively managed investment structures, DOC-2011-15 Calculation of global exposure for authorised UCITS and AIFs, DOC-2007-19 Extra-financial criteria for securities selection and application of these criteria to funds declaring themselves compliant with Islamic law, DOC-2012-15 Criteria applicable to "philanthropic" collective investments, DOC-2017-05 Conditions for setting up redemption gate mechanisms, DOC-2011-19 Authorisation procedures, preparation of a KIID and a prospectus and periodic reporting for French and foreign UCITS marketed in France, DOC-2014-09 Methods for meeting requirements to report to the AMF under the AIFM directive, DOC-2013-16 Key concepts of the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Directive, DOC-2011-20 Authorisation processes, preparation of a KIID and a prospectus and periodic reporting for retail investment funds, funds of alternative funds and professional retail investment funds, DOC-2019-04 Real estate investment companies, Forestry investment companies and Forestry groups, DOC-2011-23 Authorisation and establishment processes for a KIID and a prospectus and periodic information for real estate collective investment undertakings and professional real estate collective investment undertakings, DOC-2011-22 Authorisation procedures, preparation of a KIID and rules, and reporting for private equity funds, DOC-2012-11 Guide for retail and professional private equity funds, DOC-2012-06 Procedures for making disclosures and introducing changes, preparation of a prospectus and reporting for specialised professional funds and professional private equity funds, DOC-2005-14 Q&A on professional specialised investment funds, DOC-2006-18 Calculation period for the net asset values of funds of alternative funds and retail investment funds, DOC-2011-21 Authorisation procedures, preparation of a KIID and a prospectus, and reporting for employee investment undertakings, DOC-2012-10 Guide relating to employee investment undertakings, DOC-2011-08 Q&A on foreign exchange trading, DOC-2017-01 Questions and answers – Prohibition of marketing communications with regard to the provision of investment services on certain financial derivatives, DOC-2016-02 Organisation of asset management companies for managing loan-granting AIFs, DOC-2008-23 Questions and answers on the concept of investment service of investment advice, DOC-2014-01 Programme of activity of investment services providers and information provided to the AMF, DOC-2012-08 Placement services and marketing of financial instruments, DOC-2012-19 Programme of operations guide for asset management companies and self-managed collective investments, DOC-2018-08 Joint guidelines of the European banking authority (EBA) and the European securities and markets authority (ESMA) on the assessment of the suitability of members of the management body and key function holders (eba/gl/2017/12), DOC-2013-22 Frequently asked questions on the transposition of the AIFM Directive into French law, DOC-2009-24 Q&A on changes in the ownership structure of asset management companies, DOC-2017-10 Prudential assessment of acquisitions and increases of qualifying 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manipulation, Book VII - Token issuers and digital assets services providers, Promote the attractiveness of the Paris financial centre, Climate and Sustainable Finance Commission, Financial disclosures & corporate financing.