At this stage of the planning process, decisions have to be made regarding the role and importance of each element and their coordination with one another. After the overall marketing plan is reviewed, the next step in developing a promotional plan is to conduct the situation analysis. London, UK: Pearson Education. What one is looking for here is knowledge about the market. To put this into simpler terms, IMC is a strategic process Communication objectives should be the guiding force for development of the overall marketing communications strategy and of objectives for each promotional-mix area. Before a manager can begin to think of specific marketing com-, munications issue, it is very important to carefully analyze what is, known about the market. Preliminary discussion of media-mix options (print, TV, radio, newspaper, direct marketing, Internet) and their cost implications might also occur at this stage. What is known about the market where the brand will compete, mation that must be current. Moriarty, S., Mitchell, N., & Wells, W. (2015). Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program. Course Hero is not sponsored or endorsed by any college or university. This can involve a SWOT analysis, and an external and … each of these three areas in some detail. This plan will also include an advertising plan, promotions, personal selling, sponsorships and database programs. An important part of this stage of the IMC planning process is developing communication objectives which refer to what the firm seeks to accomplish with its promotional program. of IMC was constructed to be used as the basis of this thesis. For most firms, the promotional plan is an integral part of the marketing strategy. A brand is a unified vision (the art) and a complex system of message delivery and exchange (the science). Developing the Integrated Marketing Communications Program. The best source of information, will be the marketing plan, since all marketing communication efforts, should be in support of the marketing plan. Two important aspects of the advertising program are development of the message and the media strategy. Analysis of the Communications Process – determining how the company can effectively communicate with customers in the target market. Until now we discussed about IMC and its implementation, as you see above, as an advertising agency, one of the jobs that you might have to do is to planning the media which are suitable for execution of a firm’s IMC campaign. 245 The IMC planning process In this chapter we shall be looking at the specific steps involved in the strategic planning process for integrated marketing communications (IMC). New York: McGraw-Hill Education. This task requires careful evaluation of the media options’ advantages and limitations, costs, and ability to deliver the message effectively to the target market. Before developing a promotional plan, markets must understand where the company (or the brand) has Integrated Marketing Communications By Mark Antho ny Camilleri 1 , PhD (Edinburgh) This is a pre-publication version of a chapter that was accepted by Springer Nature. How BDI/CDI Matrix Works; A Practical Example of a Real-World Project. Unit 3, No. A similar process takes place for the other elements of the IMC program as objectives are set, an overall strategy is developed, message and media strategies are determined, and steps are taken to implement them. Belch, G. E., & Belch, M. A. Evaluation of OOH Media; Why Should You Consider OOH Media in Your Future Campaigns (or Not)? However, most agencies work very closely with their clients as they develop the advertisements and select media, because it is the advertiser that ultimately approves (and pays for) the creative work and media plan. In G. E. Belch, & M. A. Belch, Advertising and Promotion: An Integrated Marketing Communication Perspective (pp. Communication objectives may include creating awareness or knowledge about a product and its attributes or benefits; creating an image; or developing favorable attitudes, preferences, or purchase intentions. Chapter 11 - The IMC planning process.pdf - CHAPTER 11 The IMC planning process The IMC planning process In this chapter we shall be looking at the, In this chapter we shall be looking at the specific steps involved in the, strategic planning process for integrated marketing communications, (IMC). Taking time to focus one’s attention like, this on the details of a brand often enables the manager to see it in a, clearer light. We’ll show how these principles are applied to IMC campaign planning and program management in the sections that follow. Issues such as whether a celebrity spokesperson should be used and at what cost may also be studied. Las Vegas is one of the most popular destinations “IMC is bringing together of all marketing communications activities” Kliatchko 2005 “IMC is the concept and process of strategically managing audience-focused, channel-centred and results-driven brand communication programmes over time.” Percy 2008 “IMC is planning a systematic way in order to determine the most effective and Message development, often referred to as creative strategy, involves determining the basic appeal and message the advertiser wishes to convey to the target audience. This stage of the promotional planning process examines how the company can effectively communicate with consumers in its target markets. While the marketer’s advertising agencies may be used to perform some of the other IMC functions, they may also hire other communication specialists such as direct-marketing and interactive and/or sales promotion agencies, as well as public relations firms. They are often stated in terms of the nature of the message to be communicated or what specific communication effects are to be achieved. Thus, the promotional planners must know the roles advertising and other promotional-mix elements will play in the overall marketing program. This can involve a SWOT analysis, and an external and internal environmental analysis. REVISED PAGES An Introduction to Integrated Marketing Communications 1 bel01265_ch01.qxd 10/28/05 3:11 PM Page 2. You can’t be integrated externally if you are not integrated internally. This planning actually deals with all the strategies and policies adopted by management to sell their product in the market and achieving sales targets within the assigned time frame. and executing the brands’ marketing communication.