I expect this would only work with the naturally fallen leaves, rather than the green. Neem contains compounds similar to those in aspirin and must never be used to treat children with fevers. Spraying your plants with Neem oil helps to control the disfiguring diseases that are common in plants. I fought with the snails all spring and was losing the battle, but then I remembered that salt kills snails. I did not put a big barrier around anything but just lightly spread it on the ground where there was a problem. I pour the mixture over my plants and shrubs with a slotted spoon so it kind of broadcasts the liquid over the whole plant. When the fungus moves into the plant’s cells, it causes damage to the foliage, resulting in yellow, curling leaves, or an accumulation of black or brown spots. here. The chickens don’t care about the coffee so I stopped worrying about how it would affect them. Even well-maintained rose plants are still prone to attack from many different pests and diseases, however. Like lace bugs, chinch bugs use slender beaks to suck the juices out of the grass, leaving behind yellowish/brown patches in the grass. They were everywhere in this complex! This compound also prevents insects from growing properly and laying eggs. that is attacking the citrus leaves. Will my cats suffer poisoning …, Neem and vermicomposting I have fireants and cockroaches, which I want to dispatch and discourage. Manufacturers create Neem oil by crushing the Neem oil seeds from the Neem trees. Neem oil is a safe, non-toxic product to keep your plants insect-free and healthy. I never let them spray around my unit. To eliminate this bacterial disease, spray trees with Neem oil in the winter when they are dormant. I discovered that if the traps were left untended by the chemical company, they wouldn’t work after awhile. The ideal timing for treatment with neem oil is early in the morning on cloudy days when relative humidity is about 45 to 65 percent and no rain is expected. Neem oil can harm bees, wasps, and yellow jackets if used on plants during the day when bees are active. I wouldn’t give up entirely – they’ll still come back in 2 years. Thriving in wet weather, a single slug is capable of producing up to 500 eggs. Neem oil will decimate them. Her dedication to health and wellness motivated her to organize and build several community gardens in Utah, Oregon and Nevada. The recommended chemical insecticide is spinosad. I live in michigan and new at gardening. Neem oil is also effective against pests over time, but, because it is an horticulture oil, can suffocate beneficial insects as well. When I’m smart I wear a surgeon’s glove to do it. Spraying the affected areas between September and October helps reduce the impact on beneficial insects while killing the adelgids. I am wondering if neem oil is safe to use if fish and frogs are present. Not all snails and slugs are pests, so if they’re not eating your plants, you don’t need to get rid of them in your organic garden. Shredded pine bark and cocoa hulls are mulching materials effective at warding off slugs. Repeat the process every week for five weeks to treat unwanted fungus and rid your garden of insects. Codling moths like to eat apples, quinces, walnuts, pears, crab apples, and stone fruit like peaches and plums. It is best used in the mornings or evenings when bee activity is minimal. The snails and slugs will enter the jar, take bites of the food, then leave ; When you see the snails and slugs eat this cornmeal, then leave, it can make you think all you did was feed them a delicious meal. Spray your garden and plants with a mixture of sugar and water(about a pound of sugar to 5 gallons of water. Essential oils are oils extracted from plants through a distillation process. A compound called azadirachtin is separated fromm neem seeds that stop insects from feeding. Nematodes or eelworms live in garden soil and feed on the roots of your plants. we’ve had some success with beer. Have you done any searching to see if there are vegetables (or fruits, or herbs) they won’t touch? Neem oil for body lice I've read about neem oil for head lice and scabies, but what is the treatment for body lice (not pubic)? lots of great tips. As you can read in the article above, mixing it with sawdust may bring some relief. All hope is not lost, though. We used pine cones as a mulch. Many years ago when I first encountered rose slugs, I tried Neem Oil. Spray the affected areas with a Neem oil spray several times a week. Control the aphids and the ants that feed on the honeydew, with a Neem oil insecticide.