This effect won’t linger for more than one bathroom break. Used by Hippocrates in ancient Greece and wild varieties have been discovered in Africa. The taste is best described as a distinct, strong, assertive taste with some bitter undertones. It can be found in local farmers’ markets when in season during the early spring. Many people compare the taste of this highly versatile vegetable with mushrooms, while others find it resembles broccoli. One of these is asparagus. Wrap the spears in a moist cloth and place them in perforated plastic bags like these. Today, asparagus is cultivated worldwide. Asparagus has a unique taste, and I can understand being nervous about eating it for the first time. I really hope you enjoy my blog, i'll do my best to share great recipes, healthy living tips and just general 'food' thoughts! Ahh, the often misunderstood and unliked asparagus. Most frequently, this vegetable accompanies meat and fish dishes as a successful garnish. Nutrient wise, asparagus is a powerhouse! It easily soaks up other flavors that get near it during the cooking process. This post contains affiliate links. Simple Preparation Instructions: Roasted With Garlic, My favorite ways to enjoy raw asparagus include: All you need to do before eating raw asparagus is snap off the hard, woody bottoms of the stalks. The texture of asparagus can be crispy and crunchy or soggy, depending on how it is prepared. Not surprisingly, asparagus also has a diuretic effect and can help you keep your urinary tract healthy. The taste is also similar to that of green beans, but it is much woodier and much stronger in flavor than the relatively flavorless green bean. This vegetable’s high content of water is another weapon you can use to fight those annoying extra kilos. Now that you have an idea, you should be able to cook and taste this food without having to worry about hating the flavor. One thing that is certain about the taste of asparagus, however, is that it has a strong flavor. Your email address will not be published. The taste is best described as a distinct, strong, assertive taste with some bitter undertones. What does asparagus taste like? You harvest spears in the early spring when the stalks reach 6″ to 9″ tall. I heard that many people didn’t like them, so I assumed I wouldn’t, either. Paired with grilled or steamed meat, it is tasty, healthy, and absolutely innocuous for your waistline. Wrap and freeze for up to several months. Sometimes, you can find asparagus sprues in the stores. Asparagus is low in calories and packed full of nutrients including folate, vitamins A, C, E, and K. Asparagus is also a good source of fiber and trace minerals including chromium. Asparagus has distinct flavor and taste. One thing that is certain about the taste of asparagus, however, is that it has a strong flavor. This veggie contains antioxidants that counteract free radicals protecting your body from cellular damage that can cause various diseases such as cancer. While it might seem a bit gross to talk about, I have to say it: Asparagus will make your pee smell like asparagus! I love green beans and only eat broccoli prepared in very specific dishes. You could also place spears in a mason jar of water and place a plastic storage bag loosely over the jar. Asparagus is a perennial garden vegetable. The best way to eat asparagus is to pair it with foods that have very strong flavors. It is my humble opinion that asparagus does not taste much like green beans. You might want to know what you are eating before you even think about tasting it! Asparagus plants are either green or white and the color depends on how they are cultivated. To freeze, blanch them for 3 to 5 minutes in boiling water. Asparagus is usually harvested from February to June; the earlier it is harvested, the more tender it will be. Well, I let my fear keep a delicious food out of my life for so long! Fresh asparagus is available year-round internationally. Indulge In The 11 Best Hong Kong Street Food (#10 Will Shock You), 7 Fantastic Paleo Fast Foods (#3 Is Cheap & Easy!). Bend the bottom of the asparagus until it breaks - it will snap off in the right spot. This means that if you cook it with a meat, it will take on that aroma. This superfood that has a unique taste and aspect is highly praised for its nutrients and the benefits they provide. The Mystery Of Chinese White Sauce: How-To Make Your Own, The Best Way To Reheat Wings: 3 Styles For Success. Asparagus is the kind of vegetable that absorbs the flavors it is cooked with. I would love to hear from you! Required fields are marked *. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. If you want the precise number of calories, you’ll be pleased to learn that there are only around 22 in one cup of asparagus. The young, very pliable asparagus stalks are called sprues and are a favorite among asparagus lovers. It’s kind of like cilantro. The truth is that people can feel and describe the taste of asparagus differently. Green asparagus is the most common type. According to the USDA’s National Nutrient, Database, a one-cup serving of asparagus contains the following nutrients: Asparagus can be sauteed, boiled, steamed, grilled, blanched, or broiled. This will help you know what to expect and feel better about what you’re eating. This is why asparagus is often recommended as food for people who are trying to eat healthily. If you can’t find fresh asparagus in the stores you can also find canned asparagus but fresh is definitely better! It is harvested from February to June in the U.S. However, because asparagus is similar to mushrooms in the fact that they absorb the flavors of things they are cooked with, they are very versatile. Asparagus has a very strong noticeable flavor. A few of its varieties are purple and white in color. If you have problems with bloating, this veggie can help you tackle them. It has an earthy taste just like broccoli. I wish I had known this before I ate asparagus for the first time because it was a very confusing surprise. Sometimes, this vegetable can taste sour because of its old age or the way you cook it. Asparagus also has small red fruit, but these are not edible. When you try asparagus for the first time, I would find a recipe where you love all the other ingredients. This vegetable is easily recognized by its stems, but also by its dark green feathery leaves. Please read my disclosure policy to learn more. Indeed, asparagus has this very distinct flavor which is hard to describe accurately. Asparagus is a tricky vegetable as its taste can change tremendously based on the ingredients it is paired with. If you want to get a taste, roasted garlic flavor on your asparagus, try this simple recipe: If you end up liking the flavor of asparagus, you can definitely eat it raw! It is presently classified in its own vegetable family but used to be part of the lily family. What Does Mahi Mahi Taste Like? It pairs well with other bold vegetables such as garlic, and together, they can wow your palate if you add them to steak or grilled meat. It has its earthy taste which is the same to the broccoli however slightly more salty and bitter. The taste is also similar to that of green beans, but it is much woodier and much stronger in flavor than the relatively flavorless green bean. However, if you aren’t a fan of vegetables like broccoli and artichokes, you may not be a fan of this springtime treat. Asparagus contains a substance that has been dubbed asparagus acid. Immediately after blanching, dunk them in cold water. Due to its high fiber content, asparagus can improve your digestion. First things first: What is asparagus? So, what does asparagus taste like? They should be stored in the vegetable crisper section. The next time you shop or buy for vegetables, never forget to include asparagus on your list. It’s a bit difficult to give an accurate description; some compare the taste of Asparagus to broccoli while others say it tastes more like greens beans, but with a stronger flavor. Some compare it to the mild, earthy flavor of broccoli while others refer the taste as intensely savory. You can buy fresh asparagus year-round in most grocery stores but is most abundant and freshest in the springtime. If so, I would love to know your favorite way to cook them. If you eat it alongside something bland like grilled chicken, the entire meal may seem lacking since asparagus usually takes on the profile of other flavors. Even though I love broccoli, cucumbers, and other greens, I was always afraid to try eating foods like brussel sprouts and asparagus as a kid. You should always choose firm, crisp stalks that are round and not twisted. Asparagus has a flavor that is difficult to describe. Do you have a favorite way to cook or eat asparagus? If you cook it in butter and garlic, it will take on those flavors. Don’t worry! According to site Harvest To Table, you can store fresh asparagus at about 36 degrees for up to 10 days. Along with that, you are also provided with some of the most important things about asparagus. You can trust on asparagus if you want to get the best result in a shorter time. Harvest by snapping the spear at the soil level. The part of the plant that can be eaten is the stem. All you need to do is chop it up, and it’ll be good for adding to a number of different foods.