Two Way Mirror – How it works, where to buy & more info, You can check out this site for more info. 8 years ago Note the measurement of your plasma or led TV using a tape measure. As much as possible, go for the thinner one. Hi George, you could try Layertec in Germany. Here are the videos. The dielectric glass is optional and adds an interesting reflective effect. Using a keyhole saw, cut along the outlined mark but exclude the studded area. Others have bad surface qualities AFTER adding the numerous dielectric layers and some of them get irregular tensions due to the coating. Make sure your two-way mirror is 2 inches taller and an inch wider than it. Use normally open momentary swtiches, normally off will also work but will require a manual change in the config file, use normally open if available. We ship worldwide. The dielectric glass is not sold by DIY Magic Mirror. 7 years ago Purchase from., Photobooth Mode (Link to Separate Instructable on Photobooth Mode), Dielectric Glass TV Mirror 4mm (2-Way Mirror) 12x12 Sample. #diy #mirror #tv #homedecor #homedecorideas #projects #woodworkingprojects, Hide Your TV With a Beautiful Mirror [Complete DIY Guide] It is a perfect DIY project to learn woodworking and as a result you get a high tech home decor piece that looks truly amazing.It is a centerpiece for your home that is also functional art. This article will try to answer all the question posed about dielectric TV mirrors. Thanks. #diy #tutorial #stepbystep #homedecor #luxuryhomes #mirrortv #tvmirror #woodworking #framing #framedmirror #hidetv, This Framed Mirror TV Guide takes you through each step of the building process to create the ultimate home decor item. #twowaymirrors #twowaymirrorstips #mirrortv #mirrortvs #dielectricmirror #transparentmirror #diymirror #howto #diytech #techdiy #stepguide #stepbystep #highquality #qualitymirrors, Ever wondered what is the perfect Two Way Mirror that's IDEAL for Mirror Tv Projects?! Cool instructable, Would the software be easily adapted to the raspberry pi? The Magic Mirror shield / kit makes the wiring easier but you can also do the project with your own Arduino Uno, see Arduino Uno Setup Guide along with this wiring schematic. I mounted the touch sensors behind the drywall. Your installation can be as simple as this plug and play installation where you can be up and running in 10 minutes or a full on installation with in-wall sensors. Of course, I had to do the full on installation which was a playhouse I built for my two girls. For further instructions on how to set up a mirror with an IR touch screen, check out TwoWayMirror’s instructions. Framing Your Own TV A front frame is routed out to fit … Check e-Bay for a cheaper price. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Apparently, there are also people who have seen Mirror TVs as a great solution to purposely hide their televisions. Get Google Assistant on Your Magic Mirror! Another factor you should be mindful about is the TV’s brightness. My guess is Flash is probably not officially supported so the question becomes if there is some hack/work around for it. on Introduction, ha ha, I'll take that as a compliment, thx, 11 years ago The dielectric glass is optional and adds an, A plastic project box to house the circuit, dimensions of 5.3" x 3.3 " x 1.6", Required for X-10 Control. 3. Unfortunately, there was no built in Flash/Arduino interface for this device so I wrote my own which turned out to be fairly easy in Action Script 3.0 using the Timer class. :D, Reply Instead, simply adjust your cutting depth such that it gets through the drywall as necessary. Dielectric mirrors probably makes the best TV mirror and have been recommended to use by most home appliance experts. 5 years ago The Magic Mirror can read the weather, tell you how your stocks did, can be wired to your doorbell with an IP camera video feed, turns lights & appliances on and off using X-10 control, and even has a Breathalyzer that tells you when you've had too much to drink. to help give you the best experience we can. Did you make this project? In the advanced config program, you'll see a resolution setting, just put it at the highest res. #mirrortv #tvmirror #homedecor #luxuryfurniture. 5 years ago The playhouse in itself was quite a project. Does someone know where I can get a circular (about 68mm diameter) dielectric coated (within the whole visual spectrum) mirror with very good surface quality (1/10 lambda or better) ? Hi , yes that is possible. It is obvious who the winner is. Making a Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror From Scratch, Complete Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror Tutorial (Newbie Friendly), How To: Make a Touch Enabled Smart Mirror, These Are The Android apps You Can Use for Your Magic Mirror, 10 Magic Mirror Modules You Have to Check Out, 3 Reasons Why This is The Best Glass for Your Smart Mirror, How to: Install a PIR motion sensor on your Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror, Installing Magic Mirror² on a Raspberry Pi Zero. Alternative would be an elliptical mirror with approx. Some folks have had good success with the Crazy Talk software, that would be the easiest way to author the videos. Thick TV sets are nonetheless okay to use. What exactly is a dielectric mirror? The thinner a TV is, the easier it is to fit in the frame. I love this! The Video then tells the subject to come a little closer and then a second video plays. With Vanity TV mirrors you simply recess a TV in the wall then the glass attaches into a J channel track in front of the recessed TV. The truth, however, is not all mirrors are appropriate for it. For the video, the folks over at make some great digital puppets which are low cost ($15) and fit the bill perfectly. The guy that runs the site is very nice and allows me to use them through a royalty agreement. Receives the RF X-10 commands from the X-10 Firecracker CM17A. Steps to Build Your Own TV Mirror the Less Complicate Way. Some of them doesn't have a reflection grade of 99% within the whole visual spectra, but only at some selected wavelengths. Powered by  - Designed with the Hueman theme. It actually requires a dielectric mirror which is made of materials that can be polarized if exposed in any electric field. Purchase from, Required for X-10 Control. Here's a separate instructable on the playhouse You'd just need to produce the videos and then here's how to add them to the Magic Mirror