Remove the single screw between the Right Lower Arm Cover and the Base to free the Base. 9 months ago GUIDE D'UTILISATION MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES . I can post the blade rack and light if anyone is interested. That's the average lifespan of the DeWalt 788 Scroll Saw... which is approximately 3120 total running hours. "), GUIDE D'UTILISATION MANUAL DE INSTRUCCIONES. Help required! Enjoy trouble-free operation from your saw for years to come... at least 10-years! Use a Torx 20 bit to remove the 4 screws on the Lid of the Upper Front Rocker Assembly. Finally, there are two modifications that should be done to every saw... even brand new saws! Remember: Do not let the Upper Arm fall when the Main Rocker Assembly is inside it! This screw is never visible inside this Base and this can be frustrating. A temporary adapter, which looks the adapter illustrated in Figures B and C, may be used to connect this plug to a 2-pole receptacle as shown in Figure B if a properly grounded outlet is not available. DeWalt Saw DW706. Continue moving the table about 3 inches in this forward direction until the trunnion clears the bolt. If you didn't have to force anything in place, everything should line up perfectly and everything should spin/move when you turn the motor shaft manually.If you get it to work, please write back. Nifty blade / accessory holder for all kinds of blades.3.) We have emailed you a verification link to. DW788. •KEEP WORK AREA CLEAN. If repair or replacement of the electric cord or plug is necessary, do not connect the equipmentgrounding conductor to a live terminal. Runs fine and cuts great but this makes top loading a little harder than it used to be. Go slow and easy... it will come out. The DEWALT 20 in. on Step 11. That's the average lifespan of the DeWalt 788 Scroll Saw... which is approximately 3120 total running hours. Reassemble the metal case and reattached the Table. Should I be adding grease to the tension washer? Download for 1. I saw an item I wanted but it is cheaper at another retailer. where I can find the wiring diagram DV744... Have a Dewalt Powershot 50068 in MINT condition wi... How to change blade DeWalt DW703 mitre saw... i can not get the blade out to replace it.... © Copyright 2020 Inmar-OIQ, LLC All Rights Reserved. :-)I'm glad your saw is still going strong! A drill press may also suffice),, Design and 3D Print Your Own Phone Case (in Fusion 360). My used saw was missing 2 items and that's the reason I made this Instructable. Ontario Oregon has the impact wrench from dewalt 20v max, looking for manual for craftsman metal saw 101-22960, Can you tell me how to put the pivoting shoe back on this saw? Unscrew and remove both the upper and lower Blade Clamp Knobs. The LIGHT they sell, w/ a much brighter replacement LED bulb. Use an M5 Allen Key to review the M8 Screw and the Wavy Washer. It's a great machine... no doubt about it! Clean them. Remove the Trunnion Knob Washer (don't let this hit the floor!). Chat (offline) Sears Parts Direct. Use the clamp to secure it. About: It’s not just things made out of wood… it’s things made out of wood that are awesome! This tool is intended for use on a circuit that has an outlet that looks like the one illustrated in Figure A. •KEEP CHILDREN AWAY. Improper connection of the equipment-grounding conductor can result in a risk of electric shock. There is also a steel plate (indicated by the arrow on the photo). on Step 14. Question. Why isn't the Disney All in one swing like the Happily Ever After Pink one available. +1-888-873-3829. I think you will be fine. Thanks for the suggestion. I painted my saw red. The following table shows the correct size to use depending on cord length and nameplate ampere rating. I also saw one in lavender. Just be prepared to wipe it off if you "un-stick" it too much.Good luck! Not shown: Clean, inspect, and lubricate the bearing in the Upper Front Rocker Assembly by using the same steps defined earlier in this Instructable. Thanks for sharing this tip with the community! The tool has a grounding plug that looks like the plug illustrated in Figure A. Follow the steps in reverse to reassemble your saw! It will do the job better and safer at the rate for which it was designed. •USE PROPER EXTENSION CORD. Very nice! Find a collection part for a 10" Sliding Compound Miter Saw. Please enter one or more characters. DeWalt DW788 Instruction Manual 32 pages Summary of Contents for DeWalt DW788 Page 1 DE USAR EL PRODUCTO. If you want to know more or withdraw your consent to all or some of the cookies, please refer to the, 20" (508 mm) heavy duty variable speed scroll saw, 20" (508 mm) Heavy Duty Variable Speed Scroll Saw, Scie & decouper de service intensif de 508 mm (20 po) & regulateur de vitesse, Sierra caladora de 508 mm (20") con velocidad variable para trabajo pesado, Dewalt table saw instruction manual dw744 (35 pages), 12" double bevel compound miter saw (49 pages), 12" double bevel compound miter saw (52 pages), 12" (305 mm) double bevel compound miter saw (7 pages), Manual will be automatically added to "My Manuals". Sometimes this screw can work move away from those two vertical barriers if you loosen the Trunnion Knob too much. INSTRUCTIVO DE OPERACIÓN, CENTROS DE SERVICIO Y PÓLIZA DE GARANTÍA. However, I do not have the steel plate above the tension control, so it didn't fall out. The oversize cast iron table tilts 45° left and right and has a capacity of 2" thick stock at 90°. I'm glad this worked for you. Wow, so thorough and meticulous --and great video work and effects. •USE RIGHT TOOL. Model 172.26672 reciprocating Saw. 1 year ago In other words, you want it to stick to the location you set. DEWALT Saw Scroll Manual DEWALT Saw Scroll Owner's Manual, DEWALT Saw Scroll installation guides Download the manual. Thanks for asking! The bearings become damaged because the grease used by the bearing vendor is low quality. I pulled it out accidentally. It shows very specifically in your picture. All links are affiliate links... which mean you'll pay the same price for the item and I'll get a few pennies... thank you! After completing all of the steps I put the saw back together and the main rocker assembly seems to be frozen, it won't move the blade. This Wavy Washer seems insignificant... but it's a critical component of this scroll saw. 1 year ago Place the Rocker Assembly Part on the press that contains the defective bearing. Do not modify plug provided—if it will not fit the outlet, have the proper outlet installed by a qualified electrician. When using and extension cord, be sure to use one heavy enough to carry the current your product will draw. Simply pull the Lower Front Rocker Assembly away. Part number 111 and 112. Am I right? Convenient placement on the liftable arm of the dust blower, power switch, and saw adjustments on the … :-) Mine has been running like a champ for 15 yrs, but if it ever fails, I will search for this instructable and youtubes! There appear to be some differences with the outer case... so, I'm sure the screw placement may be different, but there seem to be many identical parts. Make sure your extension cord is in good condition. Using a Torx 27 bit, remove 5 screws in the Left Housing. This website or its third-party tools use cookies, which are necessary to its functioning and required to achieve the purposes illustrated in the cookie policy. I see there are three different size bearings. I tricked out my DeWalt scrollsaw w/ several things:1.) Tip ADVERTENCIA: LÉASE ESTE INSTRUCTIVO ANTES DE USAR EL PRODUCTO. What size belt does my craftsman 10 inch cast iron table saw take, I have a craftsman 12 radial arm saw model 113.197901 can I convert it from 220 to 110 volt. The sixth doesn't have a nut on the other side, but it still has to be removed.