You can put an apple core in compost along with banana peels, orange peels and any other fruit leftovers. Rachel, I have been growing pineapple plants like that for years, but I actually had one this spring that grew a pineapple….don’t think I wasn’t surprised….I looked online and it takes about 5-6 months before they are ready to pick….and the pineapple plant doesn’t usually grow a pineapple until it’s about 3-5 years old. When I had fresh pineapple I could not believe the taste! Didn’t know what to do with the core, so I chewed on it until there was no more juice. Then come back two or three years later, you could expect to see a small apple tree growing out of the compost heap. I never did know what to do with the leftover cores except tossing them in the compost bin. You can put an apple core in compost along with banana peels, orange peels and any other fruit leftovers. I’m not a big canned fruit fan. An art in itself. I’m not sure what the growing season is for pineapple but the summer is when it calls my name. Good tips. If the pips start to rot, they will eat that as well. Because drainage is essential for pineapple growth, the right container is also important. Or you just want to give that OJ some pizazz at your next breakfast. But you’re not going to be leaving your heap, pile or bin for any significant length of time. Being a first time farmer, about to So, apple trees could grow with impunity along the railways, each having been generated from apple cores. If you swallow the odd apple pip, they are unlikely to affect you at all. This is nature’s way of saying ‘where’s the compost bin?’ It’s actually the oxidising of the iron element that resides in the apple. Learn how your comment data is processed. Plop the core down into the mix and let it hang out. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); If there is one item of fruit-waste that a compost heap, pile or bin is made for, it must surely be the apple core. I found out from my son, Steven, that when you eat the core of a pineapple, you are replinishing the fluid in your spinal column – and it’s the only food that will do that! If you have recently loaded a lot of apples into the compost expect to see a lot of wasps. If you’re spending any time at all tending your compost heap, you will not find an apple tree growing out of your compost. harvest the first crop of pineapples, after eighteen months! I love it when you share! Where does this leave us with the pips in apple cores that go in with the compost? The pineapple core is edible although most people tend to not eat it since it has a harder and more gritty texture. You will get two skinny strips of core, that when you look at each end will be triangle-shaped. Whew! These can all go in the compost. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. Don’t give up. A simple way to core a pineapple with less “waste” is after removing the top, bottom, and sides, slice the whole thing down the middle, right down the center of the core. It will depend on the amount of apples that you need to dispose of in the compost but you may need to add a liberal amount of lime. There is no better place for an apple core than in a compost bin or, if you have one, the Rolypig. And I agree that fresh pineapple is WAY better than canned. I have always tossed the core in my compost pile.This time i thought i would investigate some use of the core and came across your sight.I won’t be throwing the core away again. It’s added at least another cup of fruit! Please keep in mind that all images and text on this site are property of Family Balance Sheet. You may be pleasantly surprised (as I was) some day. I put apple cores in the Rolypig composter. I just cut and sliced a fresh pineapple. The only advantage to this is that if all the wasps are busy around the compost, then they are less likely to be bothering you in the house. I will never buy canned pineapple again because the real deal is so good; oh my goodness! Wow, great tips for using the pineapple core. I’ve always wanted to do something with the cores but never knew what. And I plan to plant the top as well. We’ve talked before about how frozen fruit. I have never thought of that. The first time I ever had fresh pineapple was at the salad bar at Eat ‘N Park. Here are a few ways you can use the core of a pineapple: 1.