Les procedures "indicielles" plutot qu'"iconiques" de la competence imaginative sont mises au jour . color of bright red roses--when she walked alone through the cold and First, Ingarden's concept of identity seems to be inconsistent with the phenomenological method he uses, for it presupposes the presence of the entities not to be found on phenomenological reflection, such as essences, ideal concepts and qualities, which we allegedly inspect in an aesthetic experience of a literary work. All Rights Reserved. I claim not only that literature can expand our scope for thinking about philosophical questions, but more importantly, that it may help us in rethinking them. Reading Interactive Narratives. Dissertation, State University of New York at Binghamton, it needs to construct viable alternatives to violent, hierarchical, and coercive discourses and social practices. The Ontological and Epistemological Quarrel Between Plato and Tragedy. Create an account to enable off-campus access through your institution's proxy server. day the bank had repossessed the family's tiny cottage on the edge of the rat-infested bog This dissertation provides an interdisciplinary argument to show that readers rely not only on their world knowledge to interpret narrative texts, but that there are also text-based cues present in the text itself that are not simply the product of the readers' interpretation. Statut Et Vertu de l'Aveuglement Dans la Lecture: Pour Une Critique Narrative. In this article the outlines are sketched of an empirical science of literature as close as possible to the model of the natural sciences. Generally, there is no. the foundations of our everyday categories and concepts. (. The dissertation analyzes Husserl's phenomenological ideas on motion and the body and how they are further developed in France by Merleau-Ponty. All the compositions of a certain kind or for a specific instrument or ensemble. In the second chapter, I explore the most developed such speculative literary theory, that of Jacques Derrida. All writings in prose or verse, esp. Starting with the question of whether anarchist theory can be regarded as essentially parallel to the poststructuralist "attack on representation," as recent theorists have suggested, I reevaluate the premises of this "antirepresentational" reading of anarchism in the context of its historical development. Furthermore, their view of Mallarme as an honorary transcendental philosopher rests on a fundamental misinterpretation of his work. The two are related in that how we answer the question "What is fiction?" "Oh, please don't die, Mommy," the desolate child called In the final chapter, drawing from the rich resources of Husserl, Ingarden, and Hegel, I develop phenomenologically more adequate concept of identity, short of above inadequacies, and more faithful to the nature of a literary work of art, and the way it is given in our experience, as a persistent irreality, whose identity is possible not despite the changes but due to them. Shakespeare is “everywhere, in every literary form you can imagine,” although sometimes this can be difficult to see, as many versions of Shakespeare depart drastically from the original. She felt so alone, so It has also held Stephane Mallarme to be the essential poet who first unveiled and most fully explored the essence of literature. Their practical problems to be solved are related to linguistically or semiotically coded facts. This "untimely" juxtaposition of classical to contemporary theory aims to initiate a dialogue between the two that would enrich the latter while disclosing neglected aspects of the former. While Shakespeare's plays appear to reveal the hearts and minds of human beings "for all time", I believe this is because they have done so for as long as our current historical epoch has lasted. Surveying the Interior Literary Cartographers and the Sense of Place. Nietzsche had contrasted the poetic pessimism of tragedy with the theoretical optimism of Socrates and Plato. I show how the Hegelian/Bradleyan ontology that is implied in tragedy is analogous to non-realist or coherentist ontologies in early pre-Socratic thought. In his essay “Pragmatism and Humanism,” William James recalls a friend’s disappointment that the “prodigious star-group” known as the Big Dipper “should remind us Americans of nothing but a culinary utensil.”1 Such, presumably, is the fault of generalization, though James himself is less than specific in illustrating the occasional parity of varied perspectives. The Sublime in Kant and Beckett Aesthetic Judgement, Ethics and Literature. (. Literature definition, writings in which expression and form, in connection with ideas of permanent and universal interest, are characteristic or essential features, as poetry, novels, history, biography, and essays. §§ 2–3 synthesize the work of Derek Attridge and Peter Lamarque, advancing narrative thickness as a necessary condition of literary narratives. I argue that Mallarme's poetics of "chance," far from being an ally of speculative literary theory, poses a challenge to it. (. Literature is defined as books and other written works, especially those considered to have creative or artistic merit or lasting value. The study comprises three chapters. Literary Criticism of Samuel Johnson By Nasrullah Mambrol on December 5, 2017 • ( 2). triangles crossing each other, as a hexagon with legs set up on its angles, as six equal triangles hanging together by their tips, etc.”. Poetry as Knowledge: The Kantian Tradition in Modern Literary Theory. This practical relevance is shown in the explanation of valuing acts of readers of The Golden Bowl by Henry James. Definitions of Literary Terms From A to Z. In Proust the visceral is a key to the mnemonic: the body 'recalls' memory to us, where we then find bodily experiences---not just images of memories, but the physical feeling of what has been and what remains physical, I demonstrate how the episodes in which Proust encounters involuntary recollection are places of physical activity; some physical presence has to occur, or some physical activity must be taking place in order for memory to become present. As a consequence the logical priority of scientific explanation over scientific description is considered irrefutable. This raises the question of what the standards of an empirical science in the strictest sense should generally be. Translated, with an Introd. ; In addition to Hamlet, Shakespeare’s Othello is also an example of English tragedy. Second, Ingarden's concept of identity does not include the aspects of a literary work of art which Ingarden describes as essential for any work of art, such as aesthetic qualities and values. unconscious. Philosophy of Gender, Race, and Sexuality, Philosophy, Introductions and Anthologies, Husserl and Continental Philosophers, Misc. (. I then show how the Greek notion of "kosmos" is a unifying principle not only for pre-Socratic cosmologies but also for classical tragedy. Linguistics and Literary Theory: Redefining the Disciplinary Boundaries. One, La these se propose de cerner l'experience de lecture a partir de scenes narratives , tout en mesurant chemin faisant a ces exemples figuratifs quelques notions-cle du metalangage de la critique contemporaine poststructuraliste: le terme linguistique d'"enonciation"; la notion pragmatique "force perlocutoire"; le concept semio-philosophique de "proprioceptivite", etc. I show that Derrida's project of the "deconstruction" of metaphysics and his concomitant view of literature as an important ally in this project, rests on a superstitious conception of the essences it would do away with, as well as a flawed view of syntactical constraint. But, Shakespeare fan as I am, I must disagree. Meter. (. Of his numerous achievements, Samuel Johnson (1709–1784) is perhaps best remembered for his two-volume Dictionary of the English Language, first published in 1755.Of almost equal renown are his Lives of the English Poets (1783) and his eight-volume edition of Shakespeare (1765). The art or occupation of a literary writer. She climbed onto the bed and hugged her mother the way she hugged The collected creative writing of a nation, people, group, or culture. A number of theories have been offered by philosophers as well as literary critics not only to account for what fiction is, but also as to how appreciation of fiction occurs. ;Blanchot originated speculative literary theory in France, through the adaptation of the ideas of Martin Heidegger. ;I intend to show how certain works of literature offer different approaches to, and expressions of, philosophical themes. Inconvenient Fictions: Literature and the Limits of Theory. Shakespeare Study Guides in Kindle Format, With Complete Texts That Explain Difficult Words and Passages. Third, Ingarden's concept of identity is an identity amidst the changes, "a self-sameness despite the differences", which stands against the way works of art are constituted in the history of their reception.