And Happy Birthday to you Rebecca . Just their way to make more money off us Americans. They’re made from mica pigment, thin transparent particles coated with highly reflective metal oxides. thank you so much! WP Designer. The Dot Cards are such an amazing way to try paints! I did spend 24 euro and I didn’t want to test more DS pigments. Thank you Sharron for your comment and the encouragement! Thanks for the information. My favourites: Quinacridone Fuchsia and Quinacridone Purple. Some of these Primatek colours are from Series 4 and 5. Happy swimming ❣. Follow me on Instagram! But it’s so true Ellie, sometimes that’s what it seems like…the paint shark lurking in deeper wasters just waiting to surface and start circling the artist with its glorious color temptations . NOVEMBER 2020 ART CHALLENGE: Beautiful Things! Just fill out the form below! I hadn’t thought about masking fluid, but it’s a great idea! Thank you so much! If space allows I also add Sedona, Minnesota Pipestone and Piemontite. “Water frees this amazing three-pigment blend to perform miracles. Sometimes comparisons are nice. I found this Secondary Set of three on Amazon featuring Quinacridone Burnt Orange, Undersea Green, and Carbazole Violet. I also adore Daniel Smith paints, they have their own attitude, especially the granulating ones, it gives paintings a certain […], […] use Winsor & Newton tubes to paint, but I intend to buy some Daniel Smith tubes as I have just read an article about them having 13 Quinacridone colours which are […], […] pressed paper. The Interference colours look white or almost white when they come out of the tube, but their beauty lies in their application over other colours; once they are put over a dark under-layer, their alternate colour shines through (putting a bit of Interference Green on some ocean waves is a lovely and slightly fantastical way to finish off a seascape painting). Answered my email already, truly love stamps and flowers what more could I ask. Finally we come to the Luminescent range. Below there are closeups of some of the swatches to show shimmering, and then some larger swatches of a few of the colors. Moonglow– (PG18 PB29 PR177 ) beautiful use of this paint, in a more traditional and an abstract painting here. They are expensive but they are worth it. Thank you for such an informative post Jessica! They don’t have interesting color mixes and the numerous granulating paints like Daniel Smith. You can Draw & Paint! As the name suggests, these are paints contain mica for a beautiful sparkly look, but even within this range, there are different categories. My daughter recently gifted me 4 tubes of 15ml for saying thank you for a painting. I don’t know if you have contacted them or not directly, but I have seen other youtubers who use their products state that they were sent the paint by Daniel Smith for free and were allowed to give their own opinions about the paints. These swatches are on Strathmore 400 Series Watercolor paper. Quinacridone Rose (Cool Red) Your comments are appreciated. Interference colors refract and scatter light; they take on different hues depending on where the light is striking and the viewer’s point of view. Jessica’s reviews are an amazing gift!! I’m not sure this brand needs much of an introduction. I have also grown a liking for the exquisite shades from Daniel Smith. You should visit Newfoundland. For brushes, I use Princeton Neptune, Escoda Reserva (especially when using 100% cotton paper), […], […] Lamy Safari and De Atramentis document ink. Hi Carol! there are a number that start off as one colour and then turn silver), but others completely change, such as Desert Bronze, which can look like either a shimmering reddish brown or a glittering emerald green. After that, you may have to search for the one your looking for. tubes, and 51 colors come in sticks. The resulting green is a bright yellow green. You Can Read Part 1 Of My Daniel Smith Watercolors Review by Clicking Here! But if you want a specific look that no other paints can give you, you can certainly consider Primatek. Sounds like fun trying all those colors. Then again, for looser landscapes, I like Fabriano 300lb paper and the same color brands with a […], […] watercolors, I enjoy using Daniel Smith, Grumbacher, Winsor & Newton, and Da Vinci paints. Also interested in mejello white class?? I absolutely love the Primatek line and that (and Buff Titanium) were the primary reasons I chose Daniel Smith as my primary paints. Just scroll down the page a bit until you get past the pencils. Now I want to fill my whole palette with them. The content of this field is kept private and will not be shown publicly. This made me very excited and used up an entire paycheck. I have tried most of the PrimaTek colours from either my Daniel Smith dot sheet or from the samples I received in a swap from another artist on the WetCanvas forum, and I was very unimpressed with Lapis Lazuli Genuine; the swatch below took many layers to build up to that blue, as even used at full concentration, it is a pale and watery disappointment, similar to Smalt Genuine. So, sad to say, I brought a nifty travel kit after reading your blog posts and I never got to use it. But, if you break it down, Art – Tangle – ology. I bought my first tube two years ago, Smalt blue Genuine color, I could not paint with it, it powdered after drying from the paper. 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