When the roses have faded and the night temperatures drop, you need to cover their root system for the winter. We're committed to helping you through every stage of growing roses - from selecting the right variety, to helping you give your rose the right care it needs to thrive. The place for the rose on the site must be chosen carefully: protect the bush from the scorching sun, but also do not plant it in a corner that is constantly in the shade. Damask roses are another very old group, said to have originally been brought from the Middle East by the Crusaders. Many varieties have a wonderful fragrance and they are all full of character, as well as generally being extremely tough and easy to look after. The bush of this rose is erect, with strong shoots. Modern garden roses tend to bloom continuously and produce larger flowers than those in the old garden rose categories. All rights reserved. More notably, this rose’s unique petals have been used for … For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Tall bush with one flowering. Damascus belongs to the class of old garden roses, which originated from a hybrid species that appeared as a result of crossing the Gallic and musk roses (Rosa gallica and Rosa moschata). Watering the plant is regulated by the temperature regime: on hot days it should be increased up to 2 times a week, and gradually reduced as autumn approaches. Our roses are grown in England, in our rose fields. They usually have pleasing elegant growth, with nicely cut foliage and flowers held in open airy bunches. We only sell and guarantee own-root, virus-free roses, We're a family-owned business that treats our customers like family. For more than five thousand years, mankind has been cultivating this representative of the wild rose genus. Read less Enter your email address to receive special offers, rose care advice and marketing emails from David Austin. Damask roses are another very old group, said to have originally been brought from the Middle East by the Crusaders. The classification divides the rose family into groups of modern and antique roses. The favorable climate of the region contributed to the cultivation of a valuable aromatic species, and today the Valley of Roses in the vicinity of Kazanlak is a famous tourist destination, where an annual festival is even held. Read less This variety was brought to the ancient Bulgarian town of the same name in the 17th century by the Ottoman Turks. Some varieties even date back to the 12th century. It can reach up to 7 feet in height. It is a low, spreading bush, reaching 1.2 m in height. Ideal for growing damask roses in the south of Russia, but gardeners of the Middle Belt, Siberia and the Far East region also successfully use them on their personal plots and in the design of city parks as a decorative type. ‘Blaze’ A Modern Climbing Rose. World renowned for its fine fragrance and perfume production, Damask roses make a beautiful and fragrant showing. Continue browsing the United Kingdom store, %redirect_store_name% %redirect_store_code_string% (%redirect_store_currency%), Yes, take me to the %redirect_store_name% store, Online Form - Newsletter Signup Footer - GB, David Austin Roses 2020. Double flowers are pink with golden stamens. All Rights Reserved. The image of the damask rose can be seen in the surviving frescoes of ancient Pompeii, the flower was very popular in the Roman Empire. Unpretentious to the composition of the soil, grows well even in the shade. The original Damask probably originated in Syria or thereabouts and was introduced to Europe in the 16th century. Like the Damask rose, gallica roses are quite ancient. Nearly all of these varieties are fragrant.