♦ It is estimated that by 2030-31, of the 300 million tons of production capacity, this region alone can exceed 200 million tons. It could take years to agree on everything from data and privacy to pharma, fishing, food, and security. ♦ The 1-day meeting will be held through Video conference from New Delhi due to travel restrictions on the pandemic. Testimony presented to the House of Representatives Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence on February 2, 2005. The group comprises 18 member states that adjoin the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, the East coast of Africa, and Island countries in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). In 2021, Chileans will elect a 155-member Assembly with a half delegates of women to draft the new document, which will then be put to a plebiscite in 2022. Now, his personal brand isn’t faring so well: China’s role as an engine of emerging market growth has stalled, Xi faces stiff political resistance in Hong Kong and Taiwan and increasing wariness across Asia, and his human rights record and climate, technology, and infrastructure programs are attracting sharp criticism. Regional free trade continues to expand. Expect Brexit to be a 10-year process that begins once a deal is closed. ♦ The Strength of the farmers will increase India's economy and will be supportive in attaining the mission against malnutrition. And the Business Roundtable shook the business community with a statement that shifts company focus from shareholders to stakeholders. ♦ Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu called for peace with Lebanon which is Israel's neighbour in the north. Deterring Russia without provoking it requires an understanding of what Russia considers to be redlines. Technoskepticism takes hold. All Issues - International Relations. 267-455 Issue 2, June 2020 , pp. There is no cure but the polio vaccine protects children for life. The State of Climate Services 2020 Report was released on the occasion of International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction by the UN- WMO. ♦ BEL announced its plans to open a representative office in Kazakhstan. Israel-UAE peace deal: ♦ During COVID19 pandemic over 25 lakhs hearings have taken place through video conference at various courts of India, out of which nine thousand virtual hearings took place at the Supreme Court alone. Brahmaputra: Interests and Regional Stability, Climate Change and U.S. Security in the Arctic, Implications of U.S.-China Collaborations on Global Health Issues: Addendum, Illicit Supply of Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids: Transitioning Markets and Evolving Challenges: Addendum, Implications of U.S.-China Collaborations on Global Health Issues, Illicit Supply of Fentanyl and Other Synthetic Opioids: Transitioning Markets and Evolving Challenges, Envisioning a "World-Class" PLA: Implications for the United States and the Indo-Pacific, Anticipating Policy Options for Addressing U.S. Arctic Hurdles: Addendum, New and Critical Materials: Identifying Potential Dual-Use Areas, Russia and China in the Middle East: Implications for the United States in an Era of Strategic Competition, Anticipating Policy Options for Addressing U.S. Arctic Hurdles, The Consolidation of Political Power in China Under Xi Jinping: Implications for the PLA and Domestic Security Forces: Addendum, The Demise of the INF: Implications for Russia-China Relations, The United States and Europe Since World War II: A Mutually Beneficial Partnership, The Consolidation of Political Power in China Under Xi Jinping: Implications for the PLA and Domestic Security Forces, Climate, Geopolitics, and Change in the Arctic, The New Geopolitics of the Arctic: Russia's and China's Evolving Role in the Region, Considerations for the Use of Private Security Contractors in Future U.S. Military Deployments, Potential Effects of Chinese Aerospace Capabilities on U.S. Air Force Operations, The Development of China's Air Force Capabilities. Testimony presented to the Senate Foreign Relations Committee on July 18, 2006. India has contributed 1 million dollars to UNRWA for Palestine Refugees in the Near East as support of COVID-19 Pandemic. Its water pressure is severe. Testimony presented before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on May 5, 2009. ♦ The 2020 exercise is hosted by the Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN). It is also home to the most remote human settlement in the world. ♦ CCIT (Comprehensive Convention on International Terrorism) seeks a universal definition of terrorism, prosecution of terrorists under special laws, making cross-border terrorism an extraditable offence worldwide. Pakistan has been re-elected to the UNHRC despite opposition from activist groups over its terrible human rights records. Some actors, though not nearly enough, are also taking action. Indeed, his political identity at home is predicated on the notion of China First. By continuing to browse ♦ Japan, the world’s fifth-biggest emitter of carbon dioxide, has set admirable goals, some are dubious of the country’s ability to achieve its target by 2050, given since the nation’s heavy reliance on coal after the 2011 Fukushima Disaster led to the closure of many nuclear reactors. ♦ Whales could be drawn to land by prey-rich currents. ♦ The Africa Regional Certification Commission confirmed that all 47 countries in the WHO's Africa region have eradicated Polio. Financial and similar services based in London will need to be moved into the EU if they have not been already, whereas professional services were never part of the common market so impacts on them will be minimal. Irani was the former Chairman of the anti-doping Commission of IWF. Like all pandemics, its emergence has been entirely by human activities. We now have a clearer picture of the challenges and opportunities to realize a more sustainable and prosperous world within the next decade. It’s a U.S. Brexit, where the issue isn’t the outcome but political uncertainty about what the people voted for. The Biden team might consider actions to convince Kim Jong-un that provocations will hurt him. 2020 2020 Volume 34 Issue 3: Special Issue: Facing Human Interconnections: Thinking IR into the Future, September 2020 , pp. The Parliament of Israel, approved the historic normalization deal or the peace deal called as the Abraham Accord with the United Arab Emirates (UAE) on October 15, 2020. The 71-year-old would continue his predecessor’s “Abenomics” strategy of hyper-easy monetary policy. ♦ The Osiris-Rex spacecraft sent back confirmation about its contact with asteroid Bennu which is more than 200 million miles away. But the scale of the response still does not match the global need, and greater attention must be given to resolving conflicts and providing peace in 2020. Because of years of delayed action, we face an even more pressing mandate. If you have access to a journal via a society or association membership, please browse to your society journal, select an article to view, and follow the instructions in this box. ♦Myanmar is also an important member of the Bay of Bengal Initiative for Multi-Sectoral Technical and Economic Cooperation (BIMSTEC). Find out about Lean Library here, If you have access to journal via a society or associations, read the instructions below. Compared with the water-stressed areas in the south, China's southern areas are rich in water resources. [Washington, D.C.]. In the United States, younger cohorts are particularly interested in equity and inclusion, as demonstrated by the declining enthusiasm for capitalism, while older generations remain supportive of it (see chart, below). By extension, the big U.S. tech companies appear to be especially at risk of being targeted. Latest; Search. International trade represents the sale and trade of goods, services and capital across international borders.