CREME BRULEE FRENCH TOAST with CREAMY MAPLE SYRUP Cheesecake Factory Copycat Recipe Serves 4 1 pound loaf Brioche sliced thick (about 8 one inch slices) day old is best5 large eggs 1 egg yolk Thank you for sharing the recipe. There are lots of them out there, it shouldn’t be too hard :). Hands down one of the best cheesecakes ever. Look out! Guys. (True friends are hard to come by. Love it . Clearly I need more pavlova in my life! Thank you so much for sharing this. Subscribe my Newsletter for new blog posts, tips & new photos. Thank you! I have been making so much pavlova lately and have so much egg yolk in the fridge. Cook for one minute. Curious if anyone has ever tried a chocolate wafer crust with chocolate chips and chocolate ganache topping? I will go change it now. Also I love this cheesecake put the crust sticks a little should I spray the pan Made this 4 times  Wouldn’t it be nice to have an instant pot recipe for this?? This recipe is adapted from A Bountiful Kitchen. … I wasn’t there in the kitchen with you so I can’t say if it was too jiggly, but it does sound like it might have been a tad overbaked. Good to know you can use gf cookies for the crust, that’s a great idea. OMG!!! Also, whenever I removed all the foil from the springform pan, after baking, it was filled with water anyway. I’m telling you. Let sit for a minute for the sugar to harden. I’m so glad you like it! Texture is everything right?? 115% Cholesterol 345 mg milligrams. I’m so glad it was a hit for you guys! Thanks for the review :). Lower the oven temperature to 325 degrees F. In a large bowl or stand mixer, beat the cream cheese for 4 minutes, making sure to scrape the sides. I have AMAZING vanilla extract from the Dominican Republic that smells fantastic, nothing like what you buy in the store. I’ll make it for you next time I see you though! Thank you for catching that! And good tip with the cast iron! I sprinkled about 1/2 tsp of superfine sugar over each slice. I had never used a torch before it was something new to learn…. Mine were ugly but delicious. We love cheesecake, but this is by far the cheesecake of all cheesecakes! I think it will stay hard at least an hour. One of our most unique cheesecake gifts, this gourmet Crème Brulee Cheesecake is a delicacy! Also if I would want to make the cake in Ramekins what would the timings be for baking and cooling. Creme Brulee French Toast {Cheesecake Factory Copycat} Author: Laura; Print Recipe. So it’s not going to be quite as soft as a creme brulee, but it is creamier than a cheesecake, if that makes sense! I can’t think of anything more romantic. Blessings for a great week. Bake for 18 minutes and then allow to cool. Next, the bread used is a richer bread. I topped mine with a bit of the crumb mixture from the crust as well as a small handful of raw sugar. My husband often experiments with making custard and new flavors, he’s already dreaming of adapting this technique to his recipes. The moment I taste the cake “spoon drop” damn this cake is amazing and even my family loves the cake. Delicious! Love this stuff. After I made this cheesecake for the second time, I asked my cousin Lani to come over and try it. Thanks for this great recipe! Thanks for sharing your version! Thank you for sharing!! Calories 1070 % Daily Value * 106% Total Fat 69 g grams. EXCELLENT!!! I did an experimental piece early in the day, and by dinner time, it had softened. If this recipe is able to translate into an INSTANT POT recipe I would love to try it! I know 3 layers may seem excessive, but talk to me when you spend half a day making your precious cheesecake and you end up with a soggy crust. I usually have the opposite problem, too many egg whites in the fridge from making cheesecake and custard. Two favorite desserts in one! Do you think I could use your recipe as is and add maybe 1 or 2 mashed ripe bananas? This recipe is the perfect marriage between the two. You HAVE to get yourself a kitchen torch!! It’s really hard to beat that topping, right. Enlist help if you can. Have you tried to make this in the instant pot? That is awesome Pamela, I’m so glad it’s become a birthday tradition! Thanks , carla. Throw the remaining bean in with the cream when you cook it, so that you soak up all the flavor. Thanks so much for the note! Your directions were perfect. What would work best? I’m not as good a baker as my sister in law but I can get by. Embracing the tween boy in all of us. You want the water to go at least halfway up the pan of the cheesecake. I used digestive biscuits as the base. What a decadent combination! Let me tell you, I am so glad I made this. so I was a tad disappointed. There are  a-lot of steps and I have a new appreciation for my sisters talent for baking. Scrape down sides of bowl, add sugar, and beat … I was seraching for a cake receipe to combine my wife’s favourite cake (cheesecake) with her favourite dessert (Crème brûlée). I got this helpful email from Jay, who said I could publish here: A neighbor sent me your creme brulee cheesecake recipe and I had to try it. Covering the pan with the layers tin foil is essential as my first attempt got a bit soggy. Heat over medium low heat until it is warm. You’re the best Lani. I make creme brulee fairly frequently, and to ensure an even coating of sugar on top, I pour an excessive amount of sugar into each dish, tilt and rotate until I get an even coating then pour off the excess. Hey Cindy! #thefoodcharlatan #cheesecake #castiron. I’m so glad the recipe was a win! He asked me to make it for him for our anniversary, so I decided to make this myself. I think I’m going to try your recipe as is first because it looks so delicious! The extra yolks in this recipe as I used organic brown eggs, added a deep moist richness to this cheesecake. The idea for this cheesecake has been floating around in my head for a few years now. Cal/Serv: 430 . OMG. This cheesecake. That is exactly how I always feel after eating this cheesecake: if I weren’t so stuffed I would be eating more. I have a couple of comments that you might consider. You must be a pro then if you did it all the time! That’s a great idea Frances! Finally, when you flip it over, the sugar side gets all caramelized while it cooks. I’ll have to check more of your recipes out. Hey Darren! I’m pretty stingy when I make this cheesecake, haha! I’ve never heard the sugar in the eggs trick before, I totally need to try that out. I follow you on Pinterest and love your site. Bring to a boil. Allow topping to set and cool slightly, about 5 minutes. Thanks for reviewing! That sounds amazing! To make the syrup: Place cream, butter and brown sugar in a pan over medium heat. Use a food processor to pulse the gingersnaps into fine crumbs. Tear off an 18-inch square of heavy duty aluminum foil. the first one was so popular that I had to make another two days later. Yay! It’s my favorite too! ;) The point of the foil is to keep the water out. Doing the whole thing beforehand looked awesome but cutting slices- it was hard to get an even amount of that delicious caramelized sugar. Enjoy! I make a lot of cheesecakes and was intrigued by the unique combo. Overall, great recipe! I think it sounds amazing! This recipe is OFF THE HOOK! Came out perfect! If you are stumped for what to get your special someone for Valentine’s Day this year, I say just make them this. No one is going to argue with this cheesecake. Learn how your comment data is processed. I’ve never tried using a thermometer to know if a cheesecake is done, that is brilliant! The pictures were great, the directions were alright. It seems to work about the same as the water and looks great when serving it. This uses half and half along with an extra egg yolk. Fun part: once it was cool, I moved the pan to a plate after removing the foil. I think we are making this again today! No Bake Dulce de Leche Cheesecake with Caramelized Peaches: this one’s for you guys in Australia. Tear off an 18-inch square of heavy duty aluminum foil. :) Thanks for the review I’m happy you loved it! Cheesecake Christmas Dessert Easter Fall Favorites Father's Day Mother's Day New Year's Eve Thanksgiving Valentine's Day, posted February 2, 2016 by The Food Charlatan, Your email address will not be published. put then put it in a roasting bag no water . My hubby and I tried a banana creme brulee cheesecake last night and it was wonderful! I’m not sure how much it will mess with the recipe. It IS fun Ashley!! I made this and brought it work on Easter. I made this for Christmas Eve this year and it is the BEST! All Rights Reserved. Should the cream be increased to accomodate 10 yolks? This recipe combined all of my favorite desserts: cheesecake, crème brûlée, ginger snap cookies and raspberries. I mean probably not like a full on blow torch… but any size kitchen torch should do.