जो कोई भी आता है वो १०० या ५०० का नोट थमा देता है।. I can understand . Rohan: No uncle, actually fish is going to be cooked today and if one eats fish with milk then white spots appear on the face. [...]we came across a cool site that you might enjoy. Thanks a million ! Customer : O.k. we always give the best taste and none of the customer has complain against us . Shopkeeper: Okay dear, that’s why your father was going to the fish market by scooter in the morning today. Salesman: Sure sir. no problem I will come by two but how much its cost for. If he goes in the afternoon then stale fish will be available as well as it will lead to delay in lunch timings.रोहन: हाँ, वो पापा सुबह जाते हैं तो उनको ताज़ी मछली मिल जाती हैं। अगर वह दोपहर के समय जायेंगे तो बासी मछली मिलेंगी और खाना बनाने में भी देरी होगी।, Shopkeeper: Okay dear, these are your items- one packet of bread and two dozens eggs.दुकानदार: अच्छा बेटा, ये लो तुम्हारा सामान – एक ब्रेड का पैकेट और दो दर्जन अंडे।, Rohan: Hey uncle, I think you heard me wrong; I told you for one dozen eggs. दुकानदार: और बताओ बेटा, क्या चाहिए? Shopkeeper: Hello dear! Conversation between customer and shopkeeper (दुकानदार और ग्राहक के बीच बातचीत)…. I always buy them. ब्रेड के पैकेट के साथ फ्री है क्या ? Shopkeeper: Do you have change? Very nice sir. Iam improving day by day.. Your email address will not be published. You will have to deposit half of the amount in advance . दुकानदार: माफ़ करना, बेटा। वो बातों-बातों में पता ही नहीं चला कब मैंने दो दर्ज़न अंडे दाल दिए।. Shopkeeper: No dear, let me have a look. Salesman: Sure, sir. Rohan: Yes, papa goes early morning so that he gets fresh fish. Customer: Ok . Shopkeeper: Ladies or gents? Customer: A lady’s watch, please. Shopkeeper: Okay alright, dear. Shopkeeper: How can I help you, sir? 400. ब्रेड, दूध, अंडे या कुछ और? See you again at 2 . [CDATA[

Shopkeeper : Sir this is not the matter of faith .Actually sometimes it happens that the customer changes his programs and we have to bear the loss. Customer : Okay. They are too shiny. रोहन: नहीं अंकल, वो आज घर पे मछली बनेगी और मछली के साथ दूध पीने पे चेहरे पे सफ़ेद धब्बे हो जाते है।. Shopkeeper: That’s good, have fun while eating chocolate and keep one from my side. but I need the best quality . Your email address will not be published. The conversation is about high prices and customers bargaining power. दुकानदार: नहीं, दरअसल मेर पास दो रूपए नहीं है तो मैंने दो रूपए की चॉकलेट दे दी।. Shopkeeper : As you like sir Bye. How are you?दुकानदार: नमस्ते बेटा! Okay, now I have to leave for home as everyone is waiting for breakfast.रोहन: बहुत-बहुत धन्यवाद। चलिए मैं घर निकलता हूँ, सब नाश्ते का इंतज़ार कर रहे हैं।, सभी वार्तालाप (All Conversations) यहाँ पढ़े – CLICK HERE, TENSES | VERBS | TRANSLATIONS | DAILY USE SENTENCES | VOCABULARY | PRONUNCIATION | PHRASAL VERBS | TIPS n TRICKS | INTERVIEW Q&A | PUNCTUATION MARKS | ACTIVE PASSIVE | DIRECT INDIRECT | PARTS OF SPEECH | SPEAKING PRACTICE | LISTENING PRACTICE | WRITING PRACTICE | ESSAYS | SPEECHES, eBooks (10M+) |  YouTube (4.2M+) | Android App (3.2M+) | Books (1.5M+) | Facebook (700K+) | Instagram (85K+) | Likee (3M+) | Tiktok (250K+) | MY BLOGGING COURSE, अगर आपको ये वार्तालाप पसन्द आयी हो, तो इसे अपने दोस्तों के साथ WhatsApp, Facebook आदि पर शेयर जरूर करिएगा। आपके प्यार व सहयोग के लिए बहुत-2 धन्यवाद। Thank you! दुकानदार: ये तो बहुत ही अच्छी बात है, मज़े से खाओ और एक मेरे तरफ से रख लो।. Can I try the next? How can I help you. Please check it.दुकानदार: ये लो बेटा अब सही है न? रोहन: अरे अंकल, लगता है अपने गलत सुन लिया; मैंने एक दर्जन अंडे ही बोले थे। आप एक्स्ट्रा अंडे निकल दें।. But we make eggless on the orders . From home to business users, casual shoppers to dialed-in tech professionals, the memes are the same. You teach very simple method. Rohan: Fine uncle, just going with the flow.रोहन: बढ़िया अंकल, चल रही है ज़िंदगी।. Whoever comes to the shop hands me a 500 or 100 rupee note.दुकानदार: तुम्हारे पास खुल्ले पैसे नहीं हैं? You should give me some concession . दुकानदार: तुम्हारे पास खुल्ले पैसे नहीं हैं? Shopkeeper : I want two confirm the weight of the cake also . Notes On Accounts Goodbye. Conversation between a teacher and a student, Daily Conversation between mother and son for students, Conversation between a mother in law and daughter in law, Conversation between a shopkeeper and a customer, Coversation between Shopkeeper and customer, Important links for G.K. for Civil service and Banking, Current G.K january 2013 , Quiz for Current G.k, Important links for the important conversation in English, Some important links for competitive exams. You don’t want milk today, do You? दुकानदार: नहीं बेटा, मैं देखता हूँ, मेरे पास थोड़े खुल्ले पैसे बचे होंगे।ये लो बेटा तुम्हारे पैसे।. This post contains conversation between a shopkeeper/ salesman and a customer while buying following three items: In the conversations below, the two main characters have been color-coded for ease of browsing, and descriptions outside the conversation have been enclosed in brackets.