I do not know which part of the table is the width and which part is the depth, the height i have figured out. Read more tips to help narrow your search in our Coffee Table Buying Guide. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. A nice combo with existing furniture is the target. Allow 24″ to 30″ between the coffee table and TV stand. Coffee table length dimensions are very important when choosing a coffee table. The coffee table should be the same as or 1-2 inches lower than the sofa’s seat height. If you have recently purchased a coffee table, we’d love to hear about your experience. Hello! I am trying to find a coffee table to fit my small area. Tip: For a household with kids, an oval or round coffee table made of wood is a smart choice because it doesn’t have dangerous sharp corners that kids can fall on. This distance may be greater in a larger living room where you have more space to work with. A coffee table you love that is one or two inches shorter or taller than this recommended height should still work well with your sofa. If you have to strain to reach items on the table, it’s too large. This guide provides detailed instructions for measuring your furniture and space to determine the ideal height, length, and depth of your new coffee table. Prior to embarking on your search, pull out your tape measure. The average size of a coffee table come in even more sizes, length and shapes than dining area tables: you will get hexagonal, rectangular, oval, round, and square coffee dining tables at Bassett Furniture. Consider the width as well. Under 40'' Width Coffee Tables to Fit Your Home Decor | Living Spaces. The shape and style of your coffee table will also determine its bulk. For example: A low height comes in handy for creating a modern feel, offsetting items in your room or providing an unobstructed view of another piece of furniture. The depth of your coffee table should be narrow enough to leave at least 30 inches between the outer edge of the table and the next barrier, such as your TV stand or fireplace. Your email address will not be published. To consent, please continue shopping. Your coffee table size will depend on the amount of available room space. Having all the necessary measurements will make finding the right coffee table a breeze. Use these dimensions to find and place a coffee table that's perfect for your living room. 19" x 39" contemporary stainless steel and wood coffee table, features a round coffee table made from stainless steel and Masson's pine wood materials, features a distressed tabletop with carved linings in brown finish, designed with stainless steel legs crossed ... Quick View. Furniture Living Room Coffee Tables. Keep reading to find out what measurements you need to take and what coffee table dimensions you need to know in order to create a comfortable space for you and your guests. Glass Top. We consider the width to be the horizontal measurement (west to east measurement) and the depth to be the vertical measurement (north to south). Learn how your comment data is processed. Glass tables should be avoided as well. Following this tip will help keep your coffee table in proper proportion to your sofa, resulting in a comfortable feel. Allow 24″ to 30″ between the coffee table and TV stand. That choice depends on the layout and size of both your space and the sectional. And the set is beige should the table be a lite color or dark? The extra inches make it easier to reach snacks and other items on the table top. I like the VELDAR coffee table. Slender rectangular and oval tables are ideal for narrow rooms. With regards to height, your cocktail table should be a couple of ins shorter than the seat cushions on your sofa. We offer three key measurements you will want to keep in mind in your seek out your perfect coffee table. To find the perfect table depth for a small living room, measure the distance between the edge of your couch and your TV stand, fireplace, or extra seating. You can also find more adorable ways to decorate your space by browsing our Pinterest boards. Or even prop their feet! Since most sofas have a seat height of about 17 to 19 inches, standard coffee tables are about 16 to 18 inches tall. The guide for choosing a coffee table duration is to choose a table about one-half to two-thirds the space of the couch. Once you know the proper length and height of your coffee table, you can decipher the table’s depth, shape and style. The remaining measurement is the ideal depth for your new coffee table. Lift-Top. Coffee tables should measure about two-thirds the length of the sofa. Then subtract the space you want to leave between the couch and the inner edge of the table (refer to the next section for perfect coffee table placement). The main facet of the average coffee table size is to ensure it works together with your furniture and lifestyle. For example, if your couch is 6 feet long, you will want to purchase a coffee table that is 4 feet long. In narrower rooms, this space can be sized down to 24 inches. I want it in a dark finish and shorter{ not as long] for a smaller room. The perfect length for a coffee table is about two-thirds the length of the sofa it complements. For an average three-seat sofa measuring 84 inches wide, look for a coffee table length of about 56 inches. Wood. Jot down your sofa’s height from floor to top cushion. Keep an open space of 12″ to 18″ between a coffee table and the sofa. There is flexibility with a range of 12 to 18 inches of space between table and sofa. If you are having a hard time finding a coffee table that is exactly two-thirds the length of your couch, just find one that will leave enough room on either side. If you have a lot of open space in front of your sofa, you may want to choose a table with added depth. Similarly important as the style you select, the condition and percentage of your coffee table can make sure it’s an operating team player in your living or seated room. This height is ideal because it allows you to easily place books, food, drinks, and remotes on the table for convenient use while sitting. The dimensions of any coffee table are practically as important as the condition and style. This typically varies from 15″ to 20″ high. FREE Shipping 1. If the coffee table is too big or too small, the area will feel off because the furniture has gone out of percentage. Messy fingerprints aside, if they get broken, kids can be severely injured by the shards of glass. The industry standard for coffee furniture is between 15 and 17 inches wide high, approximately the height of the sofa seat. Storage. Make sure it feels like a good amount of leg room while seated on the couch. Keep an open space of 12″ to 18″ between a coffee table and the sofa. It’s The Black Friday Blowout! When you’re thinking of buying a coffee table, the tape solution will be your brand-new closest friend.