Romans 8:34, Note – The )The important calculationJ. Lyth, D.D. First, in weight; secondly, in number; and thirdly, in duration. There is a great deal said about a cross: much tribulation, the need of purity of heart, and self-denial. Suffering is the royal road, for by it the King passed into His glory. The second is, that it is called the present time, which is to be taken in an exclusive sense, as that which shall not be hereafter. Now St. Paul he had this also, he was used hereunto, and he had done it often again and again. They speak of gravitational force rather than weight because the weight of an object on the earth is only the force that the earth exerts upon that object. Now, to an immortal being, the rule and standard of measurement must be eternity. And so it is a metaphor either taken from logic or from arithmetic. Doubtless they sometimes wish it (Luke 16:27-30), but it is a vain wish. And this it goes before that, Look as it was with Christ Himself, even so it is also with the members of Christ. What are our sufferings in comparison with his? "Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.". It begins in suffering. The carnal or "fleshy" mind is sinful, and a When Columbus set forth to discover the new world he could bear the hardships and dangers in his way because he looked towards the shore; and at last, when he beheld the broken sea-weed floating past his ship, and the birds wheeling round him, he knew that his purpose was gained, and that the land which he sought to win lay before him. Temporal bad things with eternal bad things; so to defeat the terrors of sense. Ferguson.There was an ancient sect who held that the highest virtue was to triumph over pain. We have to "fill up that which is behind of the sufferings of Christ." They must be placed in contrast, as to their —I. Conclusion:1. He entered, bought a beer, held it close to his side, and hurried to his car. With the perfect nature of that glory, the very imperfect nature of our present sufferings, as modified by many alleviating circumstances, renders them not worthy to be compared.IV. We have to "fill up that which is behind of the sufferings of Christ." And therefore accordingly does it concern us to mind this time, and to be sure to be good husbands of it; not to strive or squander it away we care not how, but to have a special regard hereunto. No sufferings are small that have power to affect the mind. If pushed beyond that limit, suffering relieves itself. Everything has in it an eternity of consequence. There will prevail an unbroken continuity of bliss. In just a moment I’m going to ask everyone to come down to the communion table with checkbook in … It will be the mind of the We Christians are passing through the processes which are essential to our final condition; the school-time, which is preparatory to maturity, or, the furnace, melting the material, making it capable of receiving the impression of its influence. Our apostle likewise gives full expression to the truth. And Christians, while they are exposed to various afflictions "common to man," have trials, often pungent and severe, peculiar to themselves. The apostle does not say, "I know," for he had not drained the cup of earthly sorrow, and had but tasted the cup of heavenly joy. There are certain contrasts between the believer and )The important calculationJ. C. Time does not allow me to expound on this portion of the chapter so let me just read if for you. Who would hesitate between a few years of doubtful enjoyment, invaded by sufferings "common to man," and inconceivable happiness prolonged and progressive through infinite duration? So I do not see the cathedral as yet, when I go into the confused quarry-yard and see there the half-wrought stones, the clumsy blocks that are by and by to be decorated capitals. Who can show us a way to glory of any kind that is not paved with suffering? This grace is the root both of the sufferings and the glory. 19). 5. See how he loads the scales. The Old Testament But the glory to be revealed will be pure glory and felicity, unmixed with the least alloy of sorrow.5. Who can show us a way to glory of any kind that is not paved with suffering? Observe, also, the force of "the glory that shall be revealed." Our powers of body and mind are limited. Hope.2. One mindset leads to death, and the other leads to life. Let us now reflect, that in the time of that "glory which shall be revealed in us," this array of sorrow will be for ever passed away! Or again, to be shown the providences which watched over our lives; to recognise the hand of Love in every blow which overtook us, every disappointment which afflicted us; yea, to be restored, and that eternally, to everything we had ever loved and lost — these things and more, told over ten thousand times, convey but a feeble picture, a faint image of the blessedness of Heaven! Okay, here’s the deal. It may be that for the present they may lie under very grievous afflictions. Here are four questions As He was, so are we in this world. The apostle in the text does not describe heaven; but he tells us that something wonderful might be told. 19, "manifestation of the sons of God"). (7) Our sufferings dishonour us in the sight of the world, but this glory maketh us amiable in the sight of God. The storms of adversity do not prevail through the whole period of the most afflicted life; they are relieved by intervals of calm and sunshine (Psalm 125.). Arthur Conan Doyle, the ingenious creator of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, once found great humor in a practical joke he played on 12 famous friends. Especially he is so in this point of religion, as to the preferring of glory to suffering. Conclusion: Should any one standing on the threshold of the Christian life hesitate in view of its sufferings; or having put his hand to the plough, be disposed to look back; let him know that he is not fit for the kingdom of heaven. (4) As they are short, so they are light (2 Corinthians 4:17). Strutt.I. )How the apostle lifts himself above the sufferings of timProf. Every cloud will be dispelled from the mind, every imperfection of its powers removed. God's children, in regard of that state which happens unto them, have their best still at last.