Chu Chu Rocket was originally a Dreamcast game and was well known for the fact that it was one of the first to support online play. Thread Rating: 0 Vote(s) - 0 Average; 1; 2; 3; 4; 5; Thread Modes Like most great puzzle games, Chu Chu Rocket is simple to look at, easy to learn and more addicting than chocolate-chip crack. colliding with their enemies. ChuChu Rocket! In japan, Chu Chu Rocket sold for 2800 yen (about 25 bucks), or with a limited-edition Chu Chu Dreamcast controller for 4800 yen (45 bucks or so). A whole load of discounted PlayStation Hits titles discounted further. It also features new content exclusive to the Atari ST port. When Sega announced three new titles from Sonic Team last August, nobody expected Chu Chu Rocket to be among the hit list. rockets either, or it's game over. In by virtua_ben. Just like in real life, cats will traverse a pattern that's occasionally altered by walls and arrows...oh and they'll kill mice too. scheme - thoughtlessly, your cursor is the same colour as the Chu Equally, the fine detail of the levels will have you cursing the Sega of Europe Confirms Chu Chu Date Chu Chu Rocket will be released for the European Dreamcast soon, and it … I was skeptical about Internet play, until I tried it with Shoe and Crispin online...OK, there's a little lag, but it's quite playable. It was made by the demoscene group Reservoir Gods and featured all the sound effects and levels from the Dreamcast original, remade music, and lots of secrets to unlock. manner as to guide the Chu Chus into their escape rocket without Puzzle - This is the main single player mode, the player must guide the mice through to the ship with a limited number of arrow panels. I know you're looking at the screenshot and dismissing it as kid's stuff. Despite the glaring lack of a Dreamcast NiGHTS or Burning Rangers sequel anytime soon, Sega fans knew that Chu Chu Rocket would be special, just by virtue of hailing from Sonic Team. game into an admirable phone-sized puzzler makes Chu Chu ChuChu Rocket! The 1MB version didn't include any sound effects but was otherwise the same game. particularly hard puzzle. The game is presented with a wide variety of modes. It's kind of like Lemmings, but from a top-down perspective. The objective of the game is to guide a group of space mice, or Chu Chus, into an escape rocket (hence the name of … Buy it with the intention of returning it. Chu Chu Rocket is as charming as it is addictive. Options - Switch sound options, turn Jump Pack on/off, Music Test, Time and Speed settings, Records and preferred Language. This process takes no more than a few hours and we'll On Xbox One, PS4, PC, Switch, and Game Pass. The Catch it now! It was later given away free with the console as a demonstration of its online service. Is player one getting too greedy with the little chu chus? Nevertheless, this solid conversion of a brain-tingling console If you're the kind of person who's happy to experiment, though, and even a Lode Runner-esque level builder. You can set the mice and Overview. Rent it. scenario, because most are only solveable in one specific way. Sonic Team has created something great--Chu Chu Rocket is brilliant in its simplicity. Enter the URL for the tweet you want to embed. last edited by Sonic Team just doesn't quit delivering quality games. annoying. Giant Bomb users. power saving mechanism) will kick in, which is extremely each level, the more likely it is that your phone's screensaver (or which is strange considering that when Chu Chu Rocket first Network - Online aspect of Chu Chu Rocket, where you can battle friends, chat using a Dreamcast Keyboard, take on expert puzzles and upload your own. frobie Thanks for taking part! Released Nov 11, 1999, ChuChu Rocket! 08:08PM this isn't a game to deny your pleasure. of the strongest elements. Or you can place arrows to syphon off your competition's flow of mice and redirect them to your own rocket. is a puzzle game developed by Sonic Team and published by Sega for Sega Dreamcast, Game Boy Advance and iPhone. This is one of those games you can get into right away. © 2020 GIANT BOMB, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Especially when the mouse turns around and whacks the cat in the's still more than playable, and since everyone has the same lag handicap, it's really not a horribly big deal. But to get the best out of Chu Chu Among them are the one- through four-player versus modes, puzzle mode (which can be played co-op!) Rocket, you should take each puzzle seriously and attempt to arrows to complete each level. Game » co-op puzzle modes and Internet competition. brain to use the limited amount of arrows provided to fulfil each Desolate combat-focussed "cinematic platformer" Unto The End is out in December. joystick (or keypad), you have to position the arrows in such a This is especially true in four-player versus mode where everybody's out to screw each other. featured the same gameplay as the original Dreamcast release, with numerous new features and effects and was complete with single-cartridge multiplayer gameplay across multiple GBAs. As some games are found to run better on PS5. The object of Chu Chu Rocket is very simple: Guide as many rodents to your rocket as possible within the given time and watch the mice blast off into the great abyss. Don't let the cats get into the There are some basic rules to help you along. Chus will run along until they hit a wall; if there's nowhere to go, they will either run in an infinite loop, or run along the wall until the next obstacle presents itself.