Of course, if you have any questions, feel free to drop a line in the comment box below! Edit or create new comparisons in your area of expertise. As we eluded to earlier, khakis often will feature a pleat on the front of the pant (but not always). Here's more fashion advice on wearing chinos and khakis: Both chinos and khakis come in regular brands as well as designer labels. Now on the bottom of the khaki pants you may find (but not always) cuffs: These aren’t always included when it comes to khakis. Khakis date back to British Imperialism in India. Casual, alternative for jeans, casual Fridays, casual dinners, daytime events, manual work, travel. Whether you are a khaki or chino guy, you know a bit more about the two pants and their subtle differences. …and it’s a common question for a lot of men I found! They are made of either 100 percent cotton or cotton blended with a stretchy synthetic fiber. Web. Of the two trousers, chinos tend to be a bit more popular of the two as they seem to be a fair bit trendier while still also evoking a timeless feel. Well I was checking out one of my favorite retailers, Huckberry (read about why they are awesome here), and saw this page: I am willing to bet that I am not the only guy who was left scratching their heads. Everything that I believed to be true was wrong…. Kahakis have more viable, bold stitching for a casual look. Khakis come in a cargo cut, loose with pockets and loops between the waist and knee. Huron Review: A Premium Lineup at an Affordable Price? Light-weight; light weave 100% cotton or cotton blended with stretchy synthetic fiber. leather), the end result were uniforms that were much lighter in color akin to sand or dust: …and this makes sense given the word’s origin. Khaki is borrowed from the Persian word of khâk, which literally means soil or dust. Khakis became standard issue uniform for the region. His work has been mentioned on countless sites including The Wall Street Journal, NBC, AskMen, Vice, WikiHow, and the New York Times. Stitching is usually visible. While one is not necessarily more comfortable than the other, khakis were designed specifically with comfort in mind. Stitching is usually visible. Likewise, the light-weight fabric was meant to keep soldiers cool in hotter climates. The cut also tends to cause a bit of gathering of material between the calf and ankle, which is a preferred style for some, although it does make you look slightly shorter. Design Differences Between Chinos And Khakis. You probably wouldn’t wear your chinos to do yard work, whereas you might your khakis. Chinos are more form-fitting, have a relatively seamless and dressier look, and are worn in semi-formal settings. For the history buffs out here, the first khakis were worn by the Corps of Guides in December of 1848 at Peshawar, Punjab (Northern India). Though they also come in designer options, they generally run $15 to $80 for non-designer brands. Dyed initially from mazari palm (a native plant to the area) and later from mulberry juice (which was used on fabrics that weren’t receptive to dye – i.e. , Clothing Terms | Pants and Trousers in Menswear, Trouser Breaks Explained | How A Man’s Trousers Should Break, Finally! So, all of this about the khaki pant is great, but where to chinos come into play? Whether it’s a single or double pleat, they are a common feature. The front is flat. Chino pants are often made of a lightweight 100% cotton or cotton-blend fabric in a tighter weave, while khakis are often constructed of a heavyweight 100% cotton twill fabric. Looking for a light (both in weight and color), comfortable, and functional fabric based on 100% cotton twill – the chino checked all those boxes. Chinos are lighter weight than khakis. Thanks for subscribing! If you read this far, you should follow us: "Chinos vs Khakis." Chinos rarely require ironing, but if they do, ironing is light. Khakis tend to be heavier weight. When you sign up for our email list, you will receive actionable advice on how make your grooming and style regimen even better. OneBlade Razor Review: Revolutionary or Evolutionary? However, to ensure that you are sweating too much when walking about, be sure to check to see if the menswear company you plan on purchasing your next pair from has a Summer line – chances are that they do. Now, if you are looking for summer time clothes, chinos will often be the better pick of the two. Check out a few of the great colors offered up by Bonobos: But for the guys that want a bit more muted color and a reliable workhorse trouser fret not, most companies make the staple colors as well: As you may have noticed, that beyond just having a tapered or slimmer leg, chinos nearly always have a flat front (as opposed to pleats). Two distinct design characteristics that evoke a more sophisticated feel will be the following: Typically found in dress pants or even tuxedos, chinos will often have vertical front pockets: And the streamlined back pocket (khakis may often feature a single button instead of just a slit): When you take a look at the label (or even product descriptions when shopping) you are going to find that both the khaki and chinos will often always come from 100% cotton twill. When looking at khakis a bit closer (which we will go over in just a minute), you will notice that they are slightly more intricate and will often feature a pleat. Like khakis, chinos root their history in military as well, but just a few years later in 1898. The go-to chinos brand made some major upgrades to their quality khaki pants with Smart Flex 360 technology that allows for comfortable 4-way stretch, without losing the pant's tailored shape. When it comes down to it, though, chinos are lighter, slimmer, and more formal while khakis are thicker, looser, and have pleated fronts. If You Thought This Was Good, Then Join Our Newsletter. Khakis are also normally cuffed at the bottom, which causes the pant leg to taper, while chino pants fall straight. Chinos are lighter weight than khakis. When looking at the history of the two pants – the Khaki was the older of the two…. For the history buffs out here, the first khakis were worn by the Corps of Guides in December of 1848at Peshawar, Punjab (Northern India). Stitching is usually concealed, just like in dress pants. Ralph Lauren, Banana Republic, Bonobos and Brooks Brothers are typical brands for chinos, which run $80 and up. Khakis, or khaki pants, are made with a heavier weight cotton fabric. Khakis are more casual, with their loose fit, rugged look, and more pronounced pockets. They are always 100 percent cotton and always require proper ironing. When looking at the history of the two pants – the Khaki was the older of the two… …which actually was a bit surprising.