(vs. The Masked Man simply shrugged off the bullets. The Masked Man thought he knew what Captain Falcon was doing, so he simply swerved out of his way. He also has pyrokinetic abilities, as seen in his signature Falcon Punch. He also has a Falcon Kick, which if used on the ground lets him speed forward with a flaming kick, and he has the Falcon Dive, a move where he jumps up, clings to the opponent, and makes them explode. Rider... Takeshi moved his arm around before swinging it into a diagonal pose. Captain Falcon: Winning isn't about being lucky, it's about being bold. (vs. Dante) "Vampire hunting is not a game. By activating a switch inside the Typhoon belt, he can unleash the Rider Power, which greatly increases his strength and power, making him a tough to take down. However, the distance was so large whilst the Blue Falcon moving so fast that by the time Takeshi had landed, he was already hit by the futuristic spacecraft. It took a few moments to gaze and wander around in the greyed wasteland. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Wiz : And it's our job to analyze their weapons, armor, and skills to find out who would win a Death Battle! My fans are counting on me! Wiz : When Captain Falcon races, he uses his all-around racing vehicle: the Blue Falcon. Lady, you do not want to be on the other end of one of my Falcon Punches. Takeshi didn't say anything. When the living projectile came to his feet, the world was spinning, but not for long. Outros to Death Battle Characters: Boomstick: Looks like Captain Falcon couldn't handle the Love. Which one of Nintendo's masked men will prevail in a battle to the death? Like look at him, he doesn't give a shit! Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. Wiz : The winner is Takeshi Hongo, Kamen Rider 1. Wiz: Captain Falcon, full name Douglas Jay Falcon, is a racer in the F-Zero Grand Prix and a bounty hunter. Boomstick : The Falcon Punch is a devastating move that can end off the toughest of foes, but not Takeshi that easily. A pretty climatic finale, so be it! He pilots the machine by using a steering device similar to those on airplanes, and he also has a HUD displaying both front and back views from it plus the ability to scan areas along with the car's current condition and other essentials such as how fast he's going and how much boost power he has. It was time, and they both yelled their final attacks. He set up the basic preliminaries before firing up the boosters, making him rush for Hongo's bike. The lightning had stopped, and both had been pushed back before a fiery blaze erupted from both combatants, making a dual explosion of mass destruction from both sides, one charring the roads and the other destroying most of the abandoned city. Let's end this debate once and for all. This guy's alive. Wiz: Claus, defeated by the Mecha Drago, was abducted by Porky Minch's Pigmask Army and, in his own words, was turned into an "adorable little monster.". His offer was nearly enough to buy every modification he needed to make his already fine vehicle even better! He threw it into the air, and... With one swing, the helmet had cracked into half with the middle emblem of a small golden, yet charred falcon flying away. "YES!" Death... born. Why? It was parked! Hell, one time they stole his DNA so they can make an evil clone of him called Blood Falcon! When the time came, Takeshi delivered an insane flip kick sending Falcon into the air. Intro: Doesn't look like a Falcon Punch is gonna work on you. Thats it. The high-speed racer charged at Takeshi attempting to land a couple of blows. Takeshi: Urgh! This was none other than the electrifying Knee of Justice, which not only shocked Takeshi both figuratively and literally, but it also sent him flying so hard it brought him back to the road ahead of him. The Daily Bugle are going to be happy when they get my picture of you in the paper! He also holds a visor that gives him night vision, man-made muscles and boots that allow him to jump high, and there are capsules on his belt that store away energy. Vs Stryker: Guess I can't talk you out of that speeding ticket huh? Falcon was successful, but had missed a right blow, leaving him vulnerable for some Rider Punches! Boomstick : This guy's not only a scientist, but he's also got an IQ of 600! Look, about your father...I'm really sorry.". You're gonna pay for that! It wasn't until Falcon was in range that he realized his mistake. Not to mention again Takeshi's cybernetic advantages helping him in the lead. The Captain thought. He has fought for more years than Falcon and has fought through all of Shocker's monsters, some STRONGER than him initially, and still prevails. In addition, his armor has a shield that can block 3 physical attacks, causing them to deal half the damage they'd normally do. Wiz: It's hard to say. Boot up the time machine Wiz, I'm going to go racing in space with Captain Falcon! Complete one of the following: 1. Boomstick : Enough about your numbers Wiz, let's talk about this precious baby instead! He also has to fiddle around with other Kamen Riders sometimes, and he usually gets out of that too. If it was a race he wants, it'll be a race he'll get. Still vulnerable, Falcon was again attacked with now a Rider Chop, making him crouch down to catch a break. Privacy PolicyCookie SettingsDo Not Sell My InformationReport Ad. Boomstick: Man, my ex-wife would've killed for that shield that can block physical attacks. But there was no time to admire them, for they might also leave a haunting thought behind them, so the victor regretfully decided to rid of it. The Masked Man then shot lighting at Captain Falcon, hitting him right on and stunning him. Glowing red, the blue suited racer sprang into the air and turned the tides by grabbing a hold of his opponent. "You, Masked Man! Outro: You took my Falcon Punches like they weren't nothing. This time, he whipped out a laser pistol and shot thrice at his opponent, showing he's not playing anymore. He's still got the better vehicle out of the bunch. Captain Falcon was already on the move, catching up on the white and red bike. Remember! Why not go out on another bounty spree? DarkSarcasm, Ada-Holloway and 6 others like this . For Super Smash Bros. Brawl on the Wii, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Captain Falcon always had". Wiz : But for the years of experience Takeshi has taken on as one of the many saviors of the Rider family, he knows the safety of Humanity lies within his grasp. The Masked Man then went over to the Needle and pulled it. All that was known was that one had survived. Guess I can't talk you out of that speeding ticket, huh? Someone smart enough who knows him might be able to dodge and counter an attack. This gave him another reason to fight against Shocker, so men with so much potential like him don't have to face and lose their lives against him or the other Kamen Riders. Captain Falcon quickly rushed at the Masked Man and grabbed him, slammed him into the ground, then jumped and stomped on his chest. Vs Min Min: Actually I'm starved! Captain Falcon tried to rush at Claus again, but he simply fired an energy blast to keep the Captain back. Wiz : Without his bike, Takeshi may seem hopeless in speed, but you'd be wrong there. He mixes Kung Fu and street brawling to give him extremely good close-quarters combat. Maybe every single villain or evil organization should learn from their mistakes for once before trying out some weird experiment that already failed once! Boomstick : Why would you need it if you're fast enough to give 'em a Falcon Punch? Intros to One Minute Melee Characters: He would've been brainwashed too if his professor didn't stand in the way, making him want revenge against Shocker. The time struck, and Falcon attacked. Wiz : By the events of F-Zero GX, Falcon had already become a very famous bounty hunter, becoming said to be one of the top hunters of his galaxy! However, Claus' plan sadly didn't work out. Wiz : Kamen Rider wears a belt called the Typhoon, and by using the wind, it would help him transform into Kamen Rider. Falcon: I was waiting for you. Boomstick : But the holy grail of the movepool is the iconic, the amazing, the one and only-. Play VS. matches, with Captain Falcon being the 11th character to be unlocked. He only thought of possible strategies until Falcon impatiently jumped down, whom was waiting for a response. He becomes especially weak to these attacks if he loses his mask. One time he even kind of took acid to the face and he was fine.