The unique identifier of the academic period that is associated with completion of the enrollment record. Burnaby, B.C. Certificate of Participation. string(date-time), StatusMeaning(optional): A student who has a minor (or equivalent) in a particular subject may enroll in a further degree with a major or honours program in that subject. Degree requirements must be met at an acceptable performance standard. The British Columbia School Completion Certificate or “Evergreen” is awarded to a student with special needs who has an Individual Education Plan and who meets the goals of their educational program other than graduation. If the paper title or course subject is not listed on the marksheet, the required information may be included in a supplement. Graduate diploma programs provide specialized combinations of courses for students who wish to upgrade their knowledge and skills at an advanced level. Completion of lower division prerequisites, if required. Respond to written, spoken or visual messages in a manner that ensures effective communication. Please don’t enter any personal information. The only thing that matters is finding your ideal pathway. Programs of study in an individual subject are generally structured as one of three program types, depending on the intensity of upper division study. string, StudentPartyId(optional): 15th century, in the meaning defined above. Individual yearly marksheets are required (not a consolidated marksheet). CompletionAcademicPeriodName(optional): This policy provides guidelines for entitlement to the British Columbia Certificate of Graduation, the British Columbia Adult Graduation Diploma, and the British Columbia School Completion Certificate. A dual degree program is a program leading to bachelor's degrees at two different institutions. Awareness of the Limits of Knowledge: An understanding of the limits of their own knowledge and skill level and an appreciation of the methods and techniques that they are not qualified to employ. The qualities and transferable skills necessary for further study, employment, community involvement and other activities requiring: the exercise of personal responsibility and decision-making. † students graduating with a first undergraduate degree who have achieved 4.00 or greater on both the cumulative grade point average and the upper division grade point average will receive the designation first class with distinction. Respond to written, spoken, or visual messages in a manner that ensures effective communication. Prepares for: employment in a more specialized role and for further postsecondary studies, typical duration two semesters or 600-700 equivalent instructional hours. The name of the relation to the resource instance. The overall degree requirements of at least one faculty must be met. If a student has elected to take one or more equivalent courses, the course with the highest final grade will be used to determine Honours Standing. CredentialId(optional): integer(int64) Title: Program Credential ID. The program consists of 30 upper division units and may be completed on a full- or part-time basis. Students are responsible for satisfying the prerequisites of all courses in their programs. If both are provided, only fields will be considered. 8888 University Drive GPA and Honours Standing will be based on the highest grades of all credits contributing to completion of the provincial graduation requirements. Professional school degree (for example, for law, medicine, teaching) A few organizations evaluate international academic credentials to compare them to credentials you can get in Canada. These requirements are expressed in terms of the number of units in lower and upper division courses to be completed in and outside the subject(s) of study. Credential mongering as it is used above implies a system of organizations who are actively promoting awards of dubious value implying the students who "earn" them will gain favor in the admittance process, rather than the awards being the product of a student following his or her passion and being rewarded for having done so. International Admissions at the University of North Texas uses a variety of sources to determine equivalencies. The Adult Dogwood signifies that an adult student (at least 18 years of age and enrolled in the Adult Graduation Diploma program) has met the requirements for graduation as set out in the British Columbia Adult Graduation Requirements Order (PDF). When calculating GPA and Honours Standing, course credit value will be taken into account and letter grades will be weighted accordingly.