Now this does limit the "infinite" part of Bioshock infinite, but you can let them get away with a little exaggeration for story effect can't you? Afterwards, the guilt of the atrocities he committed caused him to eventually question a lot of things he believed about his own culture. All the universes in the game are branches of the one tree we see here. Got a news tip or want to contact us directly? Privacy Policy. He might have enjoyed what he did at the time, he might have only been doing it to survive (being bullied and mistrusted by everyone you know is tough anywhere; for a soldier it's a death warrant.) Comstock is the religious man, the born again, supposedly righteous man. Bioshock Infinite video game theme, this is a re-work of my original and theme should fit most resolutions up to 1920x1080, if not let me know in the comments and if there is something i can do about it i will. I played the game a day or so ago, I remember zero instances where he said that the Vox populi were in the right and Comstock was in the wrong. Booker will always sell his baby. It's a common trope that when someone who opposed a way of life rather harshly previously gets converted, they become that much more zealous, as if they have something to prove for their years in opposition. So the tear machine might have amplified some of his ideals, it's almost like going crazy, I assume that Comstock believes he was truly visited by an Archangel, but that might be a hallucination for all we know, if not an outright lie. the Scroll, the Key and the sword. There would always be a man, a city and a lighthouse. Infinite is one gorgeous game to look at. BioShock does have some amazing characters. The Comstock and Booker from universe to universe may very slightly but some variables will never change. Even to this day, "would you kindly" remains a popular piece of pop culture lore, and the scene with Andrew Ryan is fondly remembered as one of the greatest in gaming history. We know everyone loves BioShock for its story, but really, they don't love it for its story. The Booker we know rejects the salvation because "a dunk in the river won't change the things I've done." Being constantly wracked with guilt doesn't do any good for anyone. It still bears that Comstock, while a raging racist, wasn't exactly leaps and bounds worse than the rest of america at the time. They will always come out to be similar people because for whatever reason those people aren't variables that change. Another major dock typically fired against Infinite is that it was essentially a linear shooting gallery. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. I don't see how it's such a stretch. That was the key to his character. Even in an Infinite number of universes there are some things that never change! Additional Information . Being constantly wracked with guilt doesn't do any good for anyone. Even in an Infinite number of universes there are some things that never change! You simply traveled from one dark, dreary room to another dark, dreary room, rinse and repeat for ten hours. Booker will always draw #77(even when warned not to) and be caught. That is to say, a massive racist. I'm just saying that yes, Comstock was a racist, but he wasn't crazy racist. Booker becomes Comstock, turns to his new found christian brethren who told him that black people are poor souls who aren't as good as white people. It's not really obvious what Booker's views on race were in his youth. Booker is also forced to deal with another sin he buried in the ending sequence. His discussion with this "extremely religious guy" helped Levine better understand how to write the game's Comstock character, something he had struggled with for a long time. Yeah, that's a bit of a cop-out, but hey, not everything is in black and white! "Dancers on a String" 1:28: 8. This was a breakthrough for Levine. "Cohen's Masterpiece" 2:53: 9. You have to remember "Comstock" is at least as old as Elizabeth. If you remember the coin flip at the fair grounds this is an explanation of that. Tweet me if there is something I can do to make the theme better, or if you want to say thanks or call me a jerk, @Matrixmr5. The core difference between Booker and Comstock is how they choose to deal with their past - accepting or rejecting the baptism is just a reflection of that. It's far more intricate—and, yes, better—than BioShock's. The only times to determine if he thought less of a race was in your control. Booker will always sell his baby. But, much like the script, the character writing only got better for Infinite, resulting in a more memorable and dimensional cast of characters. "Lutece" was an interesting venture into the "quirky and enigmatic personalities" of the characters. Gameplay cues included string stings when scoring a headshot or the finishing lick when the last enemy is killed. Version … He explained that writing Comstock, the religious, ultranationalist antagonist of BioShock Infinite, had been a long and difficult struggle due to his lack of personal religious knowledge. Nothing. You never saw any religious Zeal for Washington. BioShock remains one of the most atmospheric video games ever made, and, even though it's over ten years old at this point, it still has the capability to wow us and scare us all at once. One man who accepts that he was a horrible person, and tries to live with that weight. The point of forgiveness, in both a religious and secular sense, it to allow someone to accept that they have done wrong, and move on, attempting to live better in the future. However, Garry Schyman also included a string player playing very intensely while adding percussion using small distinct taps as opposed booming rhythms. Incidentally, Bioshock Infinite is indeed fun. Set variables don't really tie in well with the infinite universes theory. "And I ended up having a conversation with him; my first impulse was I don't want this guy to go because he was a good guy and a talented guy," Levine said. All so he can live with himself. Basically, in his mind, because something "bad" caused something "good", the "bad" thing therefore becomes "good". 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