The top, back, and sides are maple, the fingerboard and bridge are rosewood, and the bridge is walnut. An arched back lends even more fullness to this ukulele’s beautiful, rich tone. Music stores must protect their reputations and won’t normally carry low-quality ukuleles. The instrument, which measures 21 inches and 12 to 15 frets, happily produces tunes that are bright and vibrant. This tenor ukulele is made with Trembesi (monkey pod) wood that has been treated to a high-gloss finish. Many mass-produced ukuleles are “pretty good” and they can be improved by adding better strings or adjusting the setup. You can get a perfectly playable uke for a tenth of the price, but if you’re looking for an instrument you’ll appreciate for a lifetime, this ukulele won’t disappoint. Fortunately, the tuner comes with a battery and the ukulele comes with a padded sturdy bag. The good news is that you have plenty of amazing instruments to choose from. A glossy finish completes the look. A good uke will be smooth to play, have no rough spots, and the frets should be nicely dressed (for instance, have no sharp edges). It looks the part, too, with a tasteful white binding around the top edge of the mahogany body. This incredible uke will make you look twice, not just because it’s so pretty, but because of its solid koa top, koa wood back, and koa sides. With its 43cm tenor scale the DUT-4E isn’t quite as dinky as a regular soprano model – but it’s a little sweeter, which is probably good for amplified performances. As stated before, ukuleles have a broad range in price, which means huge differences in quality. The fretboard is the point of reference for players. This ukulele offers a rich, deep tone with plenty of volume and all the sweetness you’ve come to expect from a quality concert uke. If you’re thinking about playing for an audience at some point, then you’re probably going to want an acoustic/electric ukulele. Made with solid mahogany for a gorgeous, rich sound, this uke features a cutaway body that gives you complete access to the entire fretboard, which is equipped with a total of 19 frets. This uke is stage ready! Nevertheless, it’s still a decent instrument with a pleasant tone, and once the plastic strings get through their initial settling down period it holds its tuning very nicely. Even average ukuleles can be rendered playable with some careful attention; better ones feel amazing in the hands and let you relax into the music. This is a really pretty instrument, particularly if you’re someone who loves the look of different woods! Soprano, Concert, Tenor, and Baritone. Even experienced musicians will get along fine with this very playable ukulele, but it’s particularly attractive as a first ukulele because the price also includes a handy carry case and a simple clip-on tuner. But, how do you choose the right one? It features a real bone nut and saddle, along with pearloid side markers on frets 5, 7, 10 and 12. This ukulele is a great buy for players of all skill levels. Even though the price on this instrument is ridiculously low, it sounds fantastic and it looks incredible. The best waterproof, weatherproof winter gloves to buy, Get fit with the best cross trainers left in stock, Black Friday deals on the best walking shoes to buy, Black Friday deals on the best walking socks to buy, Pure Air Pro review: The SUV of electric scooters, Pure Air review: Our new favourite budget e-scooter, Amazon Echo Auto: Price slashed in the Black Friday sales, Reid E4 Plus review: Ticks all the right boxes, Fender American Performer Strat: A refined update, Early Black Friday savings on walking poles, Fender Play review: Learn the guitar, bass or ukulele, Black Friday deals on our favourite Wi-Fi extenders.