Like many oils, argan oil is sold by the ounce, typically in bottles between one and 16 ounces. No harsh or artificial ingredients. It’s always so nice to know a company’s philosophy before buying their products, and even better to know their workers are treated fairly. After allowing the nuts to dry, harvesters break apart the flesh and hull of the nut. I hope that helps! If it sounds like something you’d like to explore further, this shopping guide will help you learn more. Wow, I had no idea that the life of an argan nut was so eventful! People with dry skin may not find Argan oil hydrating enough, for them Marula oil would be better. Argan oil takes a lot of work to produce, as it is all done by hand. To make a hair mask, cover your freshly washed hair in argan oil and put on a shower cap or bonnet. Next time I need some Argan oil I’ll stop by your site again. As I mentioned above, oils seal the hair to lock in the needed moisture and to block out the bad moisture (think: humidity that causes frizz and shrinkage). And for those with curly to coily hair types, Hill says argan oil can be applied to damp and wet hair to lock in the moisture molecules to prevent flyaways and shrinkage. However, be aware of known issues with either outdated or rancid product. Culinary argan oil is made with argan nuts that have been roasted and ground by a stone mill or by hand, yielding a deeper, nuttier taste and flavor. paying attention to both your hair type and the order you apply it—argan oil is a great addition to most haircare routines. Argan oil … A. These digested (and um, pooped out) nuts are sold at a discount price to be made into oil. This product is 100% argan oil, meaning its free … You can also massage the oil directly onto your scalp with your fingers. Those who are diabetic or prediabetic may wish to look into argan cooking oil to enhance the diet and help maintain insulin levels. Pure Argan Oil for Hair & Skin - Vegan Certified, Cruelty-Free, Organic & Eco Friendly - Hand Made, Cold Pressed & Finest Grade Argon Oil, 2 oz 4.5 out of 5 stars 1,243 $22.49 $ 22 . I just got a bottle of Kahina’s Argan oil and my hair is soaking it up! Argan oil is best for skin that is on the oilier side. This is because the cold-pressing process filters the product. I would have like to get a better ideas of what are the use of this product compared to another one, as per example aloe vera Good site all together! Lasts, as a little at a time is all you need. Think: shine, hydration, softness, protection, and elasticity. You may wonder if the two oils are interchangeable. So what exactly does that mean for your hair? Hi Andrea I am glad to see that who profits from the product is paying back the workers in spade. Yes, this Argan oil really is the best you can buy. With variations in quality and pricing, argan oil prices can range from $10 to $50. Being a mere male with little knowledge of women’s beauty products Ki would like to see a short page describing what Argan oil is and how it is produced, as I am sure your female readers who are unfamiliar with it will want also. Argan nuts are covered in a fruity pulp encased in a hard shell, this fruity pulp must be intact for high-quality Argan oil. Click Here to Read My Personal Review of Kahina’s Argan Oil, Comfrey Skin Benefits: Nature’s Little Miracle Worker, Perilla Seed Oil Skin Benefits – A Cleansing and Nourishing Facial Oil, Best Organic Face Oils for Aging Skin in 2020, Women who harvest this labor intensive oil are paid a fair wage, Packaged in dark violet glass, to retain its healing properties, Kahina Giving Beauty gives back to the people that extract it. Most Argan oil is harvested and extracted by women’s cooperatives in Morrocco, but not all women are paid a fair wage. Grinding the nuts produces a paste, which is then squeezed to get the oil. Argan oil is loaded with unsaturated fatty acids (oleic and linoleic acid) and antioxidants (vitamin E and polyphenols), which helps this overachieving ingredient to hydrate the hair, prevent water loss, and neutralize free radicals to protect both the hair follicles and the scalp from damage. When you buy from a trusted source, you know that the women who are extracting the oil are being paid fairly, and that you are getting a high quality product. A clear argan oil bottle without sediment is ultra-refined, which may actually strip the oil of some benefits. We love what we do and try to provide the best information for our audience. I will be sure to look for the Kahina argan oil – those women should get the fair wage that they deserve! She is a mother of three with a passion for helping people make the switch to non-toxic skincare. Hill recommends spending up to five minutes massaging to soften skin cells, exfoliate and remove debris, and encourage blood flow. BestReviews wants to be better. By using argan oil in this method, we are ensuring that argan oil is in fact sealing in existing moisture and lubricating the hair fibers for optimal health, shine, and elasticity.". Find out all the benefits of argan oil for hair and how to use it to condition, moisturize, protect, and seal strands. Argan oil is amazing! Your email address will not be published. With any oil, you want purity. Filed Under: Natural Ingredients, Oil, The Best Products Tagged With: Argan, carrier oil, facial oil, kahina, wordpress, Andrea has been blogging about organic and natural skincare for over 5 years and has been practicing her own natural lifestyle for over 20 years. Offers quality similar to some competing brands with an easy-to-use applicator, plus some quality complaints. Argan oil is very labor intensive, it takes one woman up to 8 hours to crack enough nuts for 1 liter of oil. It should work fine for daily skin moisturizing, too, since argan oil won’t clog pores. That said, you can also cocktail it with other hair oils, which you're likely to find in styling products like shampoos, conditioners, hair serums, and heat protectants. Your argan oil should have only one ingredient listed — obviously, argan oil. A. You may be able to find the same content in another format, or you may be able to find more information, at their web site. "This weakens the healing properties and benefits of the oil." Improper storage and prolonged exposure to air and sunlight will spoil argan oil. The mainstream oil has been around for a minute, and just like castor oil, coconut oil, and olive oil, it's kinda a game changer for your hair routine. I like Kahina Giving Beauty because they truly care about the women producing their Argan oil. Fair Wage. Colorwise, argan oils range from pale to dark golden yellow. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Sorry, all you bargain hunters—this isn't one of those times where you want to cheap out. Excellent customer service. Remember: You'll get the most benefits out of an argan oil that's 100 percent pure. NEW YORK BIOLOGY THE ULTIMATE COSMECEUTICALS. Argan oil has a higher amount of omega-3 fatty acids, which makes it more heat resistant for cooking than olive oil, and more vitamin E. Olive oil has a lower smoke point than some oils, which means it’s not suitable for cooking at high temperatures. Poppy Austin has strict sourcing, production, and bottling methods to make sure their argan oil is the best possible quality. Cosmetic argan oils tend to have much less odor than culinary argan oils. If this fruity pulp is not present, it means the nut was eaten and digested by a goat (and now has a foul smell). Argan oil is native to Morocco, derived from the nuts of the argan tree. Distances itself from the pack for the generous portion and quality. Some customers found the scent unpleasant. In the video above, this YouTuber uses a curl cream containing a mix of oils, including argan, for an easy (and hydrated) twist-out.