First up, we have the DreamSpec Emulator. Reicast was the developer’s next project, which focuses on creating a Sega Dreamcast emulator for the Android mobile operating system. Fortunately, this emulator is also available for Windows 10. NullDC is an open-source emulator for the Windows platform. The last release for this project was in 2010, though the source code is available for anyone to continue it. The emulator also requires a BIOS file from a Sega Dreamcast to run correctly. However, it is commonly known as Android’s best Dreamcast emulator. However, it has a rather short lifespan. Emulator Image: Emulator Name: Version: Total Downloads: Action: Chankast: 0.25 It is probably the best Dreamcast emulator for Windows PC.. It made big difference to the gaming field at that time. Best Dreamcast Emulators For Windows, Android, MacOS:. About Dreamcast Emulator. Download Sega Dreamcast Emulators For Windows. Now that I don’t have the console here are the best Dreamcast emulators to play Sega games. Fortunately, you can play Dreamcast on the Windows PC under the help of Sega Dreamcast emulator. DEmul has been labelled as one of the best emulators out there. There are over two hundred games available on the DreamSpec Emulator, allowing you to access all your favourite Dreamcast games. These were one of the best games ever made to be played on SEGA Dreamcast. DEmul:. This design was best made for your cross-platform gaming experience. The Emulator runs on the CDI image. Some of the Windows CE encoded games don’t load on this emulator, and some glitches are there depending upon the game. Whenever I talk about Dreamcast I remember my immense amount of childhood spent playing Quake 3 & Crazy Taxi. One of the best Dreamcast emulator that works well on Android and Windows platforms. And this game console becomes a kind of nostalgia. Dreamcast, released in 1998, was the last home console of Sega. Reicast is another best emulator which provides primary as well as business games access. Get ready to go on a tour of Nostalgia.Here I bring you a list of best Dreamcast Emulators to play SEGA Games that you can download for free.. 1. This emulator is capable of running a commercial game that gives it advantages over others as only a few are capable of running commercial games.. DEmul is considered as one of the best emulators for SEGA Dreamcast predominantly due to its compatibility.Another key factor of this emulator is the exactness of the details it provides. You can count on Reicast to enjoy unique gaming experience playing Sega games on your handset, tablet, or phablet. Required Specs: For this, you’ll require a CPU with AMD Athlon XP/64/Turion at 2 GHz or Intel Pentium D at 2.1 GHz.