Bog-standard torch. This is a popular and best-selling cutting torch system that you can check out yourself. If you’re looking for a medium duty cutting torch kit for a shop, school, farm or a hobby metal working shop, the Performer series comes in at a great price point, costing around $275. It’s light and comfortable on your head, and great for illuminating a reasonably wide area while still stretching far enough to see details clearly. and then check out our guide to choosing the right cutting torch kit for your workshop or workplace: The Victor Journeyman Cutting Torch Series, Victor Journeyman II AF Edge 2.0 540/510LP (Propane), Like the Journeyman, the Contender has flashback arrestors and uses the in-demand Edge 2.0 regulators for improved safety and accuracy. Below is a review of some of the best types of cutting torches… Even professional welders use this. Learn more about the Performer Series: Victor Performer 540/300 Edge 2.0 MD (Acetylene) Victor Performer 540/510 Edge 2.0 MD (Acetylene). Low beam gives pretty much the same amount of light as a traditional bulb torch. This is an acetylene based cutting torch. We liked this feature as it enabled us to scan the field and then focus in on a ewe to see it more clearly. The big change in torch technology since Farmers Weekly last did a torch test (way back in 2000) is the arrival of LEDs. When you consider all of the features, options, and warranties available, you’ll quickly see why Victor is our most popular selling cutting outfit. However, if you don’t want to spend extra then we have another great option for you is Victor Type CA2460 Cutting Attachment 315FC Torch Handle Oxygen/Acetylene Cutting Welding Torch Tool Set. The Victor cutting torch series has a wide range of cutting outfit options that are ideal for metal workers and welders at both the professional and hobby levels. This equipment is the perfect tool for any metalworking industry such as fabricating, metal art, automotive restoration, farm and ranch, HVAC and much more. Taking into account the safety issues … The button was a bit awkward to press. This unit is an all-purpose torch that comes with cutting … It’s a fair bet that most of the torches in use on UK farms came from local agricultural dealers. It even comes with safety goggles that can protect your eyes while you do some work. There’s no surprise that this has been the most popular on-farm torch for years. Both the Journeyman and the Journeyman II are ideal torches for cutting and welding, slicing up to 8 inches of metal and welding up to 3 inches of metal if you use the optional nozzles in the set. You can view our comparison video here and then check out our guide to choosing the right cutting torch kit for your workshop or workplace: The Journeyman series was designed according to the needs of professional metal workers. It can be found at most dealers and its price makes it a reasonably good buy. Made of tough-feeling plastic, this LED torch is small enough to go in a coat pocket and bright enough even on dim to look around the yard or complete an emergency plumbing job. So, let’s know more about this product- We separated the torches into four categories: With lambing time fast approaching, we decided to use the torches to check sheep, both in the shed and out in the fields. However, the Contender cutting kit costs a little less than the Journeyman because it goes a little lighter on accessories (click to “. It’s a traditional lambing torch, good on the low setting for lambing a sheep. Victor Technologies Cutting-Torch Kit; 3. With attachments the Performer can slice through metal up to 6 inches and it can weld up to a ¼” thick metal. However, it is comfortable to wear and probably is enough to navigate round the house should there be a powercut and a bonus is that it’s water resistant. On first impressions, this LED torch looks a lot like a speed gun. It’s made to be tough and looks like it could be dropped and trodden on a few times. If you were carrying it for a long period you would need the strap. Oxygen and 4 lbs. Brightness-wise, it’s equivalent to the LED Lenser on low, which is enough for navigation rather than specific tasks. This machine runs on 4 lbs. It’s reasonably well made but does feel a little plasticky. The lamp is detachable from the battery pack, which can be held separately or carried on a strap. It’s impact- and water-resistant, though all those batteries do make it heavy. Brightness is OK, enough to reach the lambing pen but not really enough to see the details of the ewe – for instance, if a lamb’s head was out but not its legs. The light comfortably reached our 250m hedgeline. Toolsempire Gas Welding Torch & Cutting Kits You can slide the lens in and out to get either a tight beam or circular spotlight. This is a popular and best-selling cutting torch system that you can check out yourself. The Victor Technologies 0384-2540 is a medium duty cutting torch kit. Here are some of the best ones in the market. The Edge series offers a nob that is easier to adjust, displays that are more intuitive, and a single point of contact that is far more rugged and safe than previous models. A lot of people recommend this cutting torch. The Victor Contender cutting outfit is the ideal option for heavy duty welding and metalworking projects in a professional or hobby setting. Unlike the Night Searcher, this torch stores its three AAA batteries in a neat box at the back of your head.