In a BBC Food video, host Hersha Patel demonstrates how to cook egg-fried rice; which would surely have been a clincher for any self-respecting individual in the kitchen. As an Asian, that video killed us all with the sad way of cooking rice. Pages Other Brand Website Home & Garden Website BBC Food Videos Hersha's egg-fried rice. Remember the viral BBC egg fried rice video? Over the past few days, the award-winning presenter and filmmaker, BBC Food host Hersha Patel becomes one of the most controversial topics online after cooking fried rice during her show. Malaysian comedian, Uncle Roger even make a reaction video. Fried rice fans from across the world united on Sunday when a YouTube comedian who teased a BBC presenter for her cooking skills made peace by teaming up with her for a new video. Many have since criticized her procedure, pointing out her “numerous mistakes.” YouTube Uncle Roger posted a reaction video and it has also gone viral online. The result ends up him clowning BBC host's cooking method for making egg fried rice. The meet-up of YouTuber Nigel Ng and Hersha Patel settles the BBC Food fried rice debacle that went viral, and shows that a little humor and a lot of respect is … Malaysian Comedian Uncle Roger Finally Meets BBC Host Hersha Patel The Malaysian comedian Uncle Roger finally meets the BBC Food host Hersha Patel who cooked rice in an unusual manner. And though there were some ‘red flags’ here and there, the process was still considerably smooth… Up until the actual rice … You can read the story down below!Ma BBC Food host Hersha Patel showed how to egg fried rice and Asians couldn’t help but be enraged.