Amazingly-high counts of 11,000 Redheads, 4000 Canvasbacks, and 1000 Sandhill Cranes were reported at Long Point, ON. To see all the details in some of the pictures, right-click them. Terry Anderson encountered a great blue heron fishing in the canal at Mount Trashmore in Virginia Beach. Rich Thiesfeld photographed a banded osprey in its nest while on a boat tour around Assateague Island on the Eastern Shore. “Early birds” can also mark their calendars for the next GBBC: February 12-15, 2021. “Feeding the bees is important too!”. Select Species or Event A rare Eurasian Collared-Dove was reported near Wolfville, Nova Scotia. May 3, 2020. by Pat D. Captured my first Baltimore Oriole of the season in the backyard this morning, right on time as they are expected to return the first part of May. A Virginia Beach man was fatally shot earlier this month in Norfolk. Bob Childers photographed a handsome red-tailed hawk sitting on the rocks at Willoughby Spit in Norfolk. A Baltimore oriole returns to a backyard feeder in the Indian River area of Chesapeake. “I think the warm weather brought them out of the hive and they are here now every day,” wrote White. “When we understand the problem and take action together, conservation works.”, By Kerrie Wilcox, Project FeederWatch Manager, Birds Canada. An Orange-crowned Warbler observed in a thick stand of spruce near Halifax was another notable rarity for Nova Scotia. Report Sightings Login. Sign up for Project FeederWatch and turn your bird-feeding hobby into research for conservation. [2] The male oriole is slightly larger than the female, although the size dimorphism is minimal by icterid standards. Don’t forget your full name and neighborhood. A red-tailed hawk at Hager Pond in Marlborough, photographed by Steve Forman. Locally-set prison romance comes from a true story. To submit items, email no more than two photos and/or nature sightings each week for possible publication in Close Encounters. eBird Canada also allows you to keep up with the latest bird sightings and create your birding profile so you can share your excitement about birds with a like-minded community around the world. Join now to participate in the 2020-2021 season. (Courtesy of Lynne Kuhn), A family of four deer graze at the edge of the woods at Craney Island in Portsmouth. Meriwether Payne got a picture of a common loon silhouetted in the post-sunset glow near Wachapreague Inlet on the Eastern Shore. The body weight averages 33.8 g (1.19 oz), with a range of weights from 22.3 to 42 g (0.79 to 1.5 oz). “It’s the second time we’ve seen him/her,” Kennedy wrote. All photos by Gilbert S. Grant. [3][4][5]Adults always have white bars on the wings. (Courtesy of Jane Hughey), An orb weaver spins a web in the Rollingwood Estates in Chesapeake. A Baltimore oriole at Hager Pond in Marlborough, photographed by Steve Forman. A red-tailed hawk is on alert from its perch at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. Thank you to our sponsor Wild Birds Unlimited for helping to make the Great Backyard Bird Count possible. Karen Harris sent a photo of a red admiral butterfly in Wolfsnare Plantation in Virginia Beach. Numbers may change slightly as the final checklists are added through eBird. We have also sighted a hummingbird, but the camera operator wasn’t on top of her game at that fleeting moment. Email photos as .jpg attachments to If you find injured wildlife in need of rescue, contact Wildlife Response at 757-255-8710. “Just when it looked like all of the butterflies were gone, this lovely flitted onto the camellias,” wrote Harris. Katherine Moriarty photographed a fox in the Western Branch borough of Chesapeake. “He made up for it when he posed for us this week.”, Debbie Kennedy reported seeing a juvenile Cooper’s hawk in her backyard in the Harbour View area of Suffolk. Tom Durst caught a red-tailed hawk on camera at the Alligator River National Wildlife Refuge in North Carolina. Jonathan Snyder photographed a pied-billed grebe attempting to swallow a fish at Stumpy Lake in Virginia Beach. You can also try the eBird Mobile app for iOS or Android to enter observations from the field. Altogether, participants in Canada entered 17,662 bird checklists and observed 250 bird species: a recordbreaking year for our country! “Mr. (Courtesy of Tom Durst), An osprey rests on its nest at Assateague Island on the Eastern Shore. A tree swallow at Hager Pond in Marlborough, photographed by Steve Forman. To see checklist and species numbers for your province or territory, visit the “Explore” section of NIKON D500. It is now being recorded east of Alberta more often. (Courtesy of Mike Chin), EVMS leaders fear Sentara is trying to force the school to merge with ODU, emails show. Joy Lyon photographed an immature bald eagle that has been a daily visitor to the osprey nest in the Forest Hills section of Virginia Beach on the Lynnhaven River. His mother is offering a $10,000 reward for info. In 2020 … Register. Will it survive. Meetings. baltimore oriole sightings 2020 baltimore oriole sightings 2020. “We have a lot of small birds in the bushes behind the hawk. Many Norfolk employees will get hazard pay for working during the pandemic. 9 people were shot in Virginia Beach over the weekend. Please keep observing and reporting birds! The great food crop, along with less snow and mild temperatures throughout much of Canada, resulted in many species of birds staying in the north. ... 2020 . Also report signs of nest-building. If you have injured wildlife, call Tidewater Wildlife Rescue, 255-8710. 2 were children, 3 were teens. (Courtesy of Rich Thiesfeld), A Cooper’s hawk poses on a branch outside a window at Hunt Club Forest in Virginia Beach. Baltimore orioles are just one of dozens of species of neotropical migrants moving through Southwest Michigan in mid-May. This species is native to India, Sri Lanka, and Myanmar. The adult male is oran… A number of impressive high counts of species were also reported including: 50,000 Dunlin, 5000 Snow Geese, 87 Pine Grosbeaks, and 257 Marbled Murrelets. Report Your First Oriole Sighting When your Baltimore oriole returns to its nest this spring, it will have completed a round-trip journey from Central America. They all scattered when it arrived!”.