Reading online I saw the Balder Side Sword mentioned as a very good weapon. So I spent several hours farming for it, and now have it raised to +10. the balder side sword's stabbing r2 deals a large amount of damage, and the regular swings deal enough that buffing is not necessary (on a side note buffing is never necessary for pve). PlayStation 3 Nintendo Switch PC PlayStation 4 Xbox One. I invested in a dexterity build this time round, rather that a strength build, for the first time in any souls game, mostly because it seems that dexterity has a few more benefits that strength. Lifehunt Scythe. The Balder Side Sword is dropped by Balder Knights (sword) found in the Undead Parish and Sen's Fortress. "Balder was the home of Knight King Rendal, but the kingdom was … Why is the balder side sword considered really good? ... BSS/Uchi/Chaos Blade/Lifehunt are all weapons that I love for my Dex build both PvE and PvP. Right now I have a SL 40 lightning claymore build with +5 for invading anor londo, but the balder sword … While most people might consider the Great Scythe to be superior, it must be said … Characteristics [ edit | edit source ] The Balder Side Sword improves on the already good straight sword moveset by making the second strong attack another thrust rather than the usual upward swing (which has shorter range). you can always keep resins just in case you don't want to invest levels for magic buffs the leo ring can make the side sword's thrusting attack even more powerful Balder Side Sword is a Weaponin Dark Soulsand Dark Souls Remastered. Balder Side Sword build What are the best stats for a balder side sword build in the remaster? Yes I use CB PvE lol its not bad when you dont get hit. Dark Souls Xbox 360 . The knights of the ancient kingdom of Balder wielded these rock-solid, long swords which are excellent for thrust attacks."