© 2000-2020 Bach Cantatas Website, Last update: Wednesday, May 31, 2017 10:50, Recordings, Reviews & Discussions - Main Page. ALEXEI UTKIN, HERMITAGE CHAMBER ORCHESTRA, B. Serbin, D. Sinkovsky, Galina Knysh and 6 more. Not at all. The preludes of the other five suites in this series are based on the allegro of a concerto grosso form. C'est tellement riche que ces disques s'écoutent plusieurs fois de suite sans ennui. Thousands of other critical listeners are hooked. These pieces are larger than Bach's French Suites, for in addition to the usual batch of dances that characterizes the suite form, they also contain a large introductory prelude, or "overture." Bach, J.S. Bach, Suites anglaises : idéal pour laisser son esprit errer dans la campagne solognote... La virtuosité de Gould fait mouche dans ce double cd. It beats out releases from Christophe Rousset on Aparte (Bach fantasias) and Pascal Dubreuil on Ramee (Clavier-Ubung 2). Here you listen Bach as it is for someone who has nothing to prove. Fortunately the discs are available from the marketplace (imported from Europe) at a reasonable price. AMAZON peut le recommander à tous..Le son est très bon (clavecin et enregistrement). par l'esprit de Bach.Un régal! P and 17 P. th. Il y en a d'autres (Blandine RANOU par exemple. Continuing this tradition, Bach wrote 6 English suites and 6 French suites, 6 Partitas for Keyboard, 6 Suites for Cello, 6 Sonatas and Partitas for Violin, and 6 Brandenburg Concertos. Always! : English Suitesが古典・バロックストアでいつでもお買い得。当日お急ぎ便対象商品は、当日お届け可能です。アマゾン配送商品は、通常配送無料(一部除く)。 il y ceux qui n'aiment pas Glen Gould (eh oui il y en a...) trouvant son jeu trop libre vis à vis de la partition et de l'oeuvre originelle. Repeated claims that “the English Suites are distinguished from the fanciful and beautiful French Suites by their strong, grave, and masculine character” are debatable. 5th Studio of The Russian Television and Radio, Moscow, Russia. 6, Toccata BWV 911, 4 Duette BWV 802-805 [K-1], Recorded at La Chaux-de-Fonds, Salle de Musique. Englische Suite No. The rules stipulate that you can only nominate five titles, but other Fanfare reviewers mention the also-rans and get away with it, so I feel safe in this minor infraction. Each movement has a different national origin: German, French, Spanish and English/Irish respectively. Sehr zufrieden mit den CD; leider war die Hülle am oberen Rand so beschädigt, dass der Gebrauch (auf- und zuklappen des CD-Halters) eingeschränkt war, die Halterung war abgebrochen. English Suites (Bach) Last updated June 03, 2020. Price New from Used from It could just as easily be the French Suites. 2 BWV 807 [K-2] see (or create) … 3 in G minor, performed by Martha Goldstein, Nicholas Kenyon, "Bach: The Music": 'Bach 333' CD set, 2018. They probably date from around 1713 or 1714. Highly Recommended. One thing is certain, however, Johann Sebastian Bach never called these works English Suites. Bach's English Suites display less affinity with Baroque English keyboard style than do the French Suites to French Baroque keyboard style. Amazonレビュー There's nothing "English" about the English Suites, except for a story circulating after Bach's death that they were composed for an Englishman.These pieces are larger than Bach's French Suites… The French lutenists’ dance-suite tradition is also a strong force here. Surface characteristics of the English Suites strongly resemble those of Bach's French Suites and Partitas, particularly in the sequential dance-movement structural organization and treatment of ornamentation. Look no further! 6 BWV 811 by A. Hewitt. Also, his brittle and nasal audio doesn’t compare to Caro Mitis’ warm, full, and detailed sonics. Et puis les autres dont je fais partie. Bach’s harpsichord music is a class all by itself, and this year’s outstanding release in that category (the envelope, please) comes from Caro Mitis, featuring the superlative playing of Olga Martynova on a rich-sounding Blanchet copy. Sign up now to get started! An exception is Trevor Pinnock’s wonderful recording of the Bach partitas. Dubious titles notwithstanding, the works are marvels of invention that combine intellectually challenging contrapuntal lines to sublime melodies. P. th. I can’t say I’ve ever actually disliked the instrument, but I’ve rarely enjoyed the sound of the instrument. I have lost count of the number of recordings I have listen of this work. J.S. The English title of the suites is thought to be connected to their having been composed for an English nobleman. Why should one get this? The primary meaning (‘set, sequence’) has been preserved in widely diverse contexts – in ceremonial or court vocabulary (a group of attendants accompanying an important personage), and as an architectural term (an enfilade or series of rooms).