, Forbes. While you might consider Facebook to be used for personal social networking, most people are also using it professionally. Similar to the B2C market, the value of what your company has to offer no longer lies solely on the quality of your products and services but on how well you can deliver customer experiences. With a projected $6.7 trillion global income by 2020, the B2B ecommerce market will outgrow B2C ecommerce sales. Many marketers choose to use the free versions of Hootsuite, Buffer, Bitly, and Klout. Digital and physical events are among the most helpful tactics in generating leads. Consider your local marketing strategy and how you can attract those in your community. Many design, architecture, and engineering companies use the platform to showcase their visual work. More than five members in a team is rare even for large companies. This model works well for businesses that see frequent purchases from the same customers. Overall, global retail ecommerce sales are expected to reach $4.9 trillion in 2021, which is a 265% increase from 2014. If you combine top quality content with intelligent SEO and a distribution strategy, traffic will come. About 15% of B2B retailers reported having and using an existing app for their customers. Video isn’t going anywhere. Ultimately, this survey is a good wake-up call for every marketing team to rethink their approach to personalization across every stage of the customer journey,” he concluded. Emerging B2B eCommerce Trends Frost & Sullivan projects that B2B … Along with everything else you need to do to increase the success rate of your email marketing campaign, you also have to make sure that your emails are mobile-friendly. Can we possibly get a glimpse of that time ahead by looking at relevant B2B statistics? Payment options and site UX remain the two most important factors for conversion on a B2B site, and reputation in the market remains important both in the awareness and the consideration phase. As more and more B2B companies cross the digital threshold, the need for fast and efficient fulfillment processes has become increasingly urgent. The implication is that all your marketing strategies across multiple channels could prove useless if you have not ensured that your B2B digital marketing strategies are in place. Knowing what trends will be a good fit for you will often come down to knowing your own customers, vertical, and competitors backwards and forwards. B2B buyers expect vendor websites to provide them with personalized portal content (45%), an easy-to-use ROI calculator (44%), augmented reality options (38%), video chat options (33%), and real-time IM options (22%). It also cuts down the time they spend on contacting prospective clients. 77% of B2B sales and marketing professionals believed that personalization builds better customer relationships, as the survey sated. Check out the image below to see how FlexFire LEDs does this on their learning pages. The second highest response was “simplifying products and processes” (58%). Companies are guessing what customers need based on search activity and past actions with the company. We've listed the top B2B ecommerce trends to master in order to see business success. Email newsletters are by far the most useful for nurturing leads. You might also want to consider leveraging newer channels for marketing and sales so you can provide better and more personalized customer experience. If you don’t have a sense of what’s working & what isn’t, your entire marketing strategy is just going to be a handful of guesses. You never know, a customer might even suggest an idea you hadn't thought of yet. 73% of US millennials are involved in purchase decision-making at their companies. Content marketing skills have become extremely valuable because consumers are becoming better than ever at evading advertisements. By 2020, mobile B2B use will have climbed to three hours a day, marking a 50% increase from 2017. The other top entries in the B2B marketing spend list are tradeshows and events (36%), content marketing (27%), email marketing (27%), marketing automation and CRM software (25%), and social media (19%). The importance of mobile in B2B commerce isn’t limited to information gathering. Many B2B retailers have used the internet for at least two years to carry out their operations. Invest In Your B2B Social Media Strategy Nearly 223 million Americans are on social media in 2019. Marketplaces are more efficient in time and cost, as they serve as a one-stop-shop for B2B buyers. Share this post on Twitter with the one (or more than one) that you think is going to help you make 2020 the best year yet! This means that B2B ecommerce will account for 17% of all B2B sales in the US in 2023. But, it’s really no surprise in 2020 the number of B2B companies focusing on predictive analytics has jumped to 83%. If it was, more people would be in the game. Stay on topic. For the brand to successfully integrate these demands, the need of the customer has to stay the focal point of the company. “These survey results paint an accurate picture of B2B marketers understanding the connection between growth and their personalized marketing competencies,” said Mr. Brasche. 77% of B2B marketers also use Twitter to distribute content, while many rate it consistently among the top three most effective social media platforms. Don't be afraid to ask current customers what they need. Third-party fulfillment, commonly referred to as 3PL, is using software like ShipStation or ShipBob to manage fulfillment. The direction of your audience research can save your brand time and money. The B2B ecommerce market size reached $1.134 trillion in 2018—well above the $954 billion mark that it was projected to achieve. 41% of B2B marketers meanwhile expect an increase. According to the content marketing statistics for 2020, other popular types of content include blog posts and short articles (89%), email newsletters (81%), in-person events (73%), videos (71%), case studies (69%), and infographics and charts (67%).