Earlier in the thread I read someone saying that you have to triple the value of the control points to get the wanted resulted. I believe this is not true. Blu-rays/UHD’s are mixed for the home environment now so for me personally I don’t see the benefit of rolling off the highs and the dip in the Midrange. A slight roll-off is introduced that restores the balance between direct and reflected sound. But they can minimized though not always in a domestically acceptable manner. If you switch out of THX mode then Audyssey Ref (Integra calls it Movie) is enabled and the Audyssey high frequency roll off is engaged. Screenshots from the Audyssey MultEQ Editor app. I would imagine if you have cinema eq turned on it would roll off the higher frequency sounds so they sound less harsh. One value that is occasionally incorrect is the distance setting for the left- or right-front speaker or for the center channel speaker - they are set in 1/2 foot increments and I found that one front speaker setting might be off by 1/2 foot every 5th or 6th time through. The Audyssey Flat setting (also called Music in some products) uses the MultEQ filters in the same way as the Audyssey curve, but it does not apply a high frequency roll-off. Not being able to turn off MRC in non pro-kit Audyssey setups is a serious problem. If you love your shiny tile floors you might object to covering them with a thick carpet. 05-28-2013, 08:27 PM. Comment actions Permalink. 0. High frequency issues, such as excess reverberation or even more serious problems such as sound bouncing off tile floors or one or more walls of windows, can be hard to treat. This new functionality will be available on select 2017 Denon and Marantz AVRs and pre/pros. Right, I think a high frequency roll off or even midrange compensation found in the Reference curve was ideal for older home releases that weren’t mastered for the home. Reference is meant to have a high frequency roll off. Hi I wasn't sure where to post this but as it relates to Audyssey xt32 I thoughy this might be the right place. davef. Home cinema:- Panasonic Plasma - TX-P50V10 (given to family member), Pioneer Kuro 5090 Plasma , Denon 1910 AVR, Quad Lite 5.1 … Adding Re-EQ on top of that would apply too much roll off. Darryl March 27, 2012 15:42. Obviously it depends on the room and speakers as well. Case in point: I'm still not sure if for music I prefer the high frequency roll-off of the standard Audyssey target curve or no HF roll-off of Audyssey Flat. Plus, the following existing AV Receivers will support the MultEQ Editor: Denon AVR-X6300H, AVR-X4300H, AVR-X3300W, AVR-X2300W, AVR-X1300W, AVR-S930H, AVR-S730H, AVR-S920W, and AVR-S720W.Also, Marantz AV7703, SR7011, SR6011, … Xt32 has two preset curves, reference and flat. Only way to know is to try listening with it in, then play the same scene with it off and see which you prefer. Might do it on mine tonight! As a loudspeaker designer I take serious issue with this. Hi, I've read most of this thread, and think I have found the way to get the target curve you want.