This effective combination works as follows: The ATN Thor 4 scope includes a smart Mil Dot reticle. The ballistic calculator takes care of you by calculating adjustment angles for you. We mentioned that you can stream footage onto your device. Best Gen 3 Night Vision Scopes. Thank you Ken Noblitt and Oliver! This scope is weather-resistant and is built to operate at between -20 deg F to +120 deg F. Also included are an eyecup, scope cover, lens tissue, USB-C cable, Standard rings (two pcs. The instructions were clear and easy to follow. To start with, you have a ‘One Shot Zero’ sighting function. It will eat through AA batteries like it's going out of style so there is a battery pack add-on you can get which I highly recommend. This product is a great product for intro to night vision hunting. When not working, Randy likes to hunt and spend time with his two German shepherds. They offer a variety of thermal and night vision scopes, monoculars, binoculars, and clip-on scopes. We were able to test and review two of the ThOR 4 scopes, the 640x480 1.5-15x (this review) and 384x288 2-8x which you can find here. Copyright text 2020 by Thermal Imaging Camera Review. I can clearly identify deer sized game out past 600 yards with ease. Rabbits at 250+ yards. The scope has 16+ hours of continuous operation you don’t have to worry that your scope will die while out there in the fields. However depending on the distances you shoot you may want to chose a different optics option. The most Accurate Pellet Rifles, Blackhawk Headlamp Reviews.3 Best Blackhawk Headlamps, Best Dog Booties for Snow [Protecting Dog’s Paws in the Snow], 10 Best Survival Kits for Hiking.Hiking Survival Kit List, Lobster Tennis Ball Machines Review.7 Best Lobster Tennis Ball Machines, Spinshot Tennis Ball Machines Review. ATN has a good name in the scope world, so let’s see what this Smart Thermal Optic has to offer. Got this and was excited to test it out. October 21, 2020 August 21, 2020 by David. Novice hunters will particularly be impressed by how user-friendly this device is. The 3-14x is exactly the same, but provides a wider FOV for obtaining targets a little quicker. However depending on the distances … Anyone on here that says ATN customer service is not 1000% on here is a liar/scammer or both b/c these guys are top notch, buy with confidence from them. Learn more about our Compared to other thermal scopes, we like that you have more options regarding which color palettes to pick. The majority have found the unit is very easy to mount, sight and use. It happens to be one the best thermal scope under $5000. Granted, it’s not the cheapest model in the ThOR 4 line, but for the features, it comes with, it’s definitely worth considering if you want top-quality images and video. Place the scope on the bottom half of the rings and verify if the eye relief is sufficient, Place the top portion of your ring over the mounted bottom portion, Confirm and make sure that the holes align and the screws are turning easily, Use equal torque on all screws using the Allen wrench, Make sure your rings are tight on your rifles rail to prevent them coming out during recoil. Choose Zero Reticle shortcut from the Shortcut Carousel. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Insert the card and use a thin object to lock the card in place and then return the cover. Other great features are a Ballistic Calculator, RAV (Recoil Activated Video) and dual Stream Video Recording. The one shot zero worked quite well. Eye relief is more than sufficient and range finding, as well as ballistic calculations, are automated. You also get a type c charging cable. ATN thOR 4 640 THERMAL SCOPE REVIEW. A few similar functions include the fact that it has many color palettes. from MO, United States Smart Range Finder and Smart Ballistic Calculator. The Ballistic Calculator makes sure that you hit the target at the first shot. This means more kill shots, and less wasted ammo and frustration. This is to say; when the weather changes, the scope will adjust to meet the difference. Select Save & Exit. I contacted ATN and they immediately sent a shipping label to me for the old scope and almost literally the same day it arrived to them they had my replacement scope on a shipping truck to me! The Box contents include: If any content is missing make sure to call your Seller or return the item. This development offers smarter, more powerful features and improved performance. That is reliving your hunting expedition through quality video recording and/or live streaming. All thermal scopes can be used during the day and night but you will see a thermal image in the screen. With the Ultra Low Power Profile, you don’t have to worry about the battery running low while in the field. ATN offers some useful accessories that have been tailor-made for this scope. We have tons (literally) of wild hogs and coyote on our rural property. Besides, you’ll find that it’s better for this wheel to be a little tight than too loose as this could cause the focus wheel to move after taking your shot. Battery life superb. ThOR 4 has 2 modes of ope­ration: basic and advanced. That being said there are multiple YouTube videos which go through each of the options in detail and spending 20-30 minutes reviewing these ensure you have no issues with the menu or options settings. I would definitely recommend going with the highest zoom you can afford right at the start, even with the 2.5x25 640 I was also able to clearly identify large game well out past ethical shooting range. It works both day and night and gives the freedom to rapidly range your target and adjust the point of impact in seconds. Most hunters want to catch their shots on video for review later but don't want to have to scan through hours of captured footage to find the few seconds where their shot took place.