Terminal leave, now often referred to as transitional leave, is the type of leave servicemembers accrue before they transition out of the military. There is no policy preventing you from getting to work full time while on terminal leave from the military. Before dispensing any advice about terminal leave, let’s define our terms. What I think is ironic is that you're both being thick headed and argumentative when you can only see one scenario. If this seems difficult, you might want to talk with an accountant. That means that if you take a full year’s worth at once the way some troops do, you earn back 2.5 days for the entire month you were off duty. When on leave status of any kind, service members continue to be paid their full military salary, benefits, special pay, etc. This goes back to your personal circumstances, opportunities, cash flow needs, and other considerations. Yes, I get BAH and BAS but I'm wondering about the extra $800 I make a month in language and flight pay. "The department's actions to stem the spread of COVID-19 have significantly limited the ability of service members to take leave during this national emergency, and we know that leave is vital to the health and welfare of our force," Donovan stated in his memorandum. He has deployed to a combat zone, and ½ of his accrued leave is considered combat zone tax exclusion (CZTE) leave. This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged. It’s in your best interests to have your security clearance eligibility transferred to your new agency or company after military service, but you may find some security officers have their own policies and procedures about how you’re read into new programs while on terminal leave from the military. It's been a while since I EAS'd but if I remember correctly, I got the exact same pay, if not a bit more-I may have had some combat leave still on the books. You can leave the military for good without still being on the books for the duration of your leave. In late September, more than 170 North Carolina National Guardsmen were activated to support their state and ease the pressure of responding to the COVID-19 pandemic. My priorities remain protecting our service members, DOD civilians and families; safeguarding our national security capabilities; and supporting the whole-of-nation response.". Do not divide your entire paycheck for the month–you will get the wrong amount. There is a problem with your math in scenario 2: You didn’t take into account that if he sells his leave and stays in the army an extra two months he will continue to receive his O-5 Paycheck plus BAS plus DC BAH. Or, perhaps you already have a job lined up, and would like the additional time to spend with friends and family before you start. I completed my 988s (both signed by my commander) to take 25 days of leave … Travel restrictions made necessary by the COVID-19 pandemic have resulted in the Defense Department providing leave leniency for service members who accrue too much leave and might otherwise lose it., If it’s significant ($10,000 or more), you may also want to see if this puts you into a higher tax bracket (i.e. The Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s Military Youth of the Year competition at the Asia regional level, normally held in person, met virtually this year due to concerns over the spread of the coronavirus. Air Force Staff Sgt. Next, let’s take a look at two terminal leave case studies, where the decision is pretty clear in each situation. However, you decide what really matters. The amount of time that they are on leave is equivalent to the amount of unused leave while in service. Therefore, he continued, the restriction on the leave balance ceiling was relaxed. You can save up to 60 days of leave before entering use-or-lose status. That’s one reason saving up terminal leave can be very helpful–in the absence of terminal leave you can still get your search for a new home started. All Rights Reserved. If so, you may find yourself being forced to sell back leave, even if that’s not what you wanted to do. So what is good for one person is not so good for another person. However, there may be circumstances that require you to stay until the last possible day. Terminal leave . In Commander X’s case, there is a monetary & non-monetary incentive for him to take terminal leave instead of selling it back. If you divide your monthly basic pay by 30 (the number of days averaged per month) you will get the number you should expect to be paid (pre-tax). Normally, you pay taxes on leave that you sell back to the government. If he takes terminal leave for those two months, he will also get his O-5 paycheck plus BAS plus DC BAH for those same two months. I searched the regs and couldn't find any direct answer. Joe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News. Because that would honestly be bullshit. However, there may be circumstances that require you to stay until the last possible day. I need to know about my special pay, flight and language pay which are $800 a month. The article was correct. The COVID-19 pandemic has hit service members particularly hard because many are not allowed to travel to see friends and loved ones who live many miles away — a big incentive for taking leave, Donovan said. While a military member is on terminal leave, there are some restrictions for where they can work. He would have to check with his pay office to see what his tax withholding rate is. If you SELL your leave, you do NOT get BAH, BAS, etc. Terminal leave is granted at the discretion of your command. He has 30 days of leave and is trying to decide whether to sell it back or to use terminal leave. Matthew Donovan, undersecretary of personnel and readiness, signed the authorization for that change April 16. You're getting paid. You must be in the army or a services job, I'm so sorry. On the chance you don’t want to spend the next two months on a beach or at the lake, you may be wondering if you can go ahead and accept a civilian position while still getting a check from Uncle Sam for your military service.. The Defense Department recognizes the service and sacrifice of our military families, and dedicates resources, services, policies and programs to support the more than 2 million uniformed service members and 2.6 million family members across the globe. Terminal Leave is also a type of leave status and not a special kind of military leave. The memo is in effect until June 30, though that could change because reviews are taking place every 15 days based on CDC guidance. Sgt X, an Army E-5, is separating after a little more than 4 years from Fort Hood, so he can go to college, using the post-9/11 GI Bill. The soldiers conducted redeployment operations for the brigade during the COVID-19 outbreak. Also you can take more than 60 days of terminal. How much money do I get if I sell my terminal leave? U.S. government agencies have not reviewed this information. Don’t worry about if you got the most money from your accrued leave. Despite coronavirus, the Joint Staff's Bold Quest event at Camp Atterbury, Indiana, allowed the services and partners to demonstrate and assess U.S. and coalition interoperability. My question is what I get paid on terminal. Using the resources of the federal government and the U.S. private sector, Operation Warp Speed will accelerate the testing, supply, development, and distribution of safe and effective vaccines, therapeutics, and diagnostics to counter COVID-19 by January 2021.