However, you can always expect variations of this food. Does anyone know where one can buy andouilette or andouille sausage in one of the supermarkets here? This easy to make andouille sausage recipe can be hot smoked or cooked fresh, but is best when cold smoked, which gives the sausage a deep, smoky flavor. There are two types of andouille sausages. When I was in the USA in the summer, the host made me jambalaya with andouilette sausage. The Andouille is a sausage variant that undergoes heavy smoking. They were everywhere in the supermarkets in the USA I went in. The closest who are likely to get to Andouille sausage is the merguez sausage, a chili lamb sausage from Morocco, which is increasingly available in the larger supermarkets, such as Sainsbury's and Waitrose. The sausages are traditionally stuffed into natural casing… It is greyish in colour and has a very unique and distinct odor. For example, we can use the cookie to recognise you and complete your username or email address and securely retrieve your shopping details if you move to different parts of the Sainsbury's website. The meat used in it is typically derived from pork. If you're making something like gumbo or jambalaya and you can't get your hands on true andouille sausage , you can substitute any smoked pork sausage, but your best option will be Spanish chorizo due to its similar spice. The first being the French andouille. The andouille sausage comes in many varieties. Sliced andouille sausage is one of the key ingredients in traditional Cajun dishes such as gumbo and jambalaya (as well as the Creole versions). It is made from different cuts of pork meat, pig intestines, tripe and fat. Andouille Cajun. Still, an andouille sausage is simply a heavily smoked pork sausage. The American cousin in the French Andouille and a staple of Louisiana cooking. Can I find it locally? Extended cold smoking also removes some moisture from the sausages, concentrating flavor and giving the andouille a firmer texture. Some manufacturers include unique combinations of fat, tripe, and meat to create a brand new sausage. Available in … £7.00 – £14.00. Large – 100g per sausage. In order to buy products from us and check out of the website you need to enable cookies in your web browser before using the site. If this isn't to your taste, try the smoked toulouse sausage, which you can order from or No! (Contains Pork, Gluten Free) Description. This spicy and flavoursome sausage will give the edge to your Gumbo! Andouille is a pork sausage, with the meat being coarsely ground and heavily seasoned.