Authors: NAHB Research Center Inc. Release Date: April 1993 (74 pages) Posted Date: April 1, 1993 As lumber prices have risen, builders and other providers of affordable housing have sought lower-cost alternatives to conventional wood framing for residential construction. alternative materials in the construction of homes. So wood isn't an obvious choice for eco-friendly construction. Let’s have a look at the 10 innovative construction materials that could revolutionize the building sector: 1. Whether you call them substitute materials, alternative materials, or simply stand-ins, man-made products crafted to imitate natural substances have a long and complex history among traditional buildings—and one that is changing swiftly. Be sure to use sharp, carbide-tipped blades and bits. Just like with wood, metal materials can be reclaimed from a house that’s set for demolition. Ipe's hardness is rough on cutters. Alternative Framing Materials in Residential Construction: Three Case Studies. It is created by first, removing the lining in the wood veneer and then through nanoscale tailoring. When a sturdier material is necessary to create the outer walls of a building, concrete is often still a preferred option. Plumbing or electrical wiring that hasn't sustained damage or excessive wear and tear over the years can be used again. But with man-made materials leaving a huge carbon footprint, wooden architecture is enjoying a resurgence. To avoid surface checking, immediately treat the ends of ipe with a wax-based end-grain sealer after cutting it. Recommended Videos. CONTINUE READING BELOW . Specifically, it includes an evaluation of the alternatives’ practical feasibility and in-place labor and material requirements as compared to wood framing in comparable homes. Wood. ADVERTISEMENT - CONTINUE READING BELOW . Precast Concrete. We now have translucent wood that can be used to develop windows and solar panels. Here are six materials you can choose from: Laminate. Plain old wood still retains many advantages over more industrial building materials like concrete or steel. WATCH OUT FOR: Construction considerations. 7. Luckily, there are alternative materials to natural wood, but with the same look and texture of the real thing! Translucent wood as construction material.