He tasks you with freeing the rebel that is being held captive in the Hestiatorion. You can then decide to kill the rebel or, on the contrary, to save him. Available if you've decided to kill rebel leaders. Free the Prisoner from his binds. Talk to Sokrates in Delos Island. The Prisoner will Kill Thaletas if You Let Him Go. When guards attempted to apprehend the man, he killed one of them. Sokrates tells you about a rebel who apparently killed someone on the island of Delos. How to start: Speak with Sokrates. Knock out the guard on the right before freeing the rebel ( pictures3-4 ). Sokrates: Soldiers captured a rebel. You’ll next bump into Sokrates after the Silver Islands rebellion quests are done in the island of Delos. He stole from the sanctuary to help finance the rebellion. He is in the western part of the Birthplace of Apollo. Reward: XP and Drachmae. 3. AC Odyssey: Silver Islands, Side Quests Walkthrough Assassin's Creed Odyssey Guide and Walkthrough. Quest Completed. The Sokratic Method. Choose whether to kill him or not. Escort the rebel to safety. Let him free. When you take the rebel to a safe place, you will be able to talk to him and even kill him. Kassandra: Murder on Delos. Description: ... You have to visit 3 places and kill 2 enemies. "The Sokratic Method"-Sidequest is excellent and somewhat broke the 4th wall for me. Lead him to safety then talk to him. How to start: Speak with Sokrates. 4. Group: The Dikastes of Atlantis (The Fate of Atlantis) Category: Support Quest. They're probably going to kill him. He's being held captive in the Hestiatorion. The Sokratic Method. From then on, go to the left of the building and approach the prisoner discreetly. Return to Sokrates. Once it is done, leave quickly and go to the safe area near the Sacred Lake ( picture5 ). Then, you must go back to Thaletas. 0. Sokrates: Indeed, though it's illegal to end his life here. (Optional) Burn the supply crates to stop the human resistance 0/5. 2. The Sokratic Method. So he awaits his fate, to be transported to Mykonos. If you let the Prisoner go, he will return in A Night to Remember to kill Thaletas. Rebel Scum Assassin's Creed Odyssey Quest. The last of them - the one that waits on the farm - isn't your enemy. 3. This is a support quest for the Burden of Leadership quest.