I suppose we made it easy on you tonight, didn't we? 141 votes, 134 comments. u/Do_Not_Go_In_There. This subbreddit is for discussions and fan art of the web serial "A Practical Guide to Evil" by Erraticerrata (David Verburg) 4.5k. I think some people might find this interesting. On reread I'm also pretty sure Cat only intends to send the band of Named AFTER she ambushes the ambushers, so the dashed line should not be going from her current position but from the white cross. I'm pretty certain that one of the recent chapters mentioned ratlings fighting alongside the Dead King's hordes, so it would seem that The Chain Of Hunger is aligned with The Alliance Of Evil. Size doesnt really stop somewhere being a backwater. do i expect it no, but it would be funny. English. EN. A drop of poison spoils the brew. Picking up from the popular web serial A Practical Guide to Evil Where the bad girl has gone pragmatic, and the good guy isnt always dumb. Flair. She’d chosen to stand at the edge of the lamplight and the shadows. Maybe no more than the slightest drop, but that was all it took. Initially a mortal Human born in Callow, she later became an immortal after obtaining power and titles from the Winter Court of Arcadia. There have been tons of hints, from Cat's fear of falling to this very quote. It also seems to have a trivially small population compared to Procer which has absorbed losses that would probably cripple Callow. And going by overwhelming general support, we now need to quickly gather excuses for why the spontaneous ignition of the last thread wasnt our fault. As everyone can tell you, all casters need their meat shields. 3. Destiny Image Publishers. I also re-made a map of the political landscape (as of Book 5) that shows individual countries/polities. Close. LENGTH. Neat. That's basically a story guaranteed save from death right? And in this world that is a tangible, measurable help. Same. 2016. Just a matter of timing, of sensing what people would want and how they went about getting it. GENRE. It’d sunk into her, the act. I took some liberties with the names, since besides the Grand Alliance there was no official names for the other factions (AFAIK). But of course Procerans like to forget that part. User account menu. Don't worry, Cat. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, Continent of Calernia (political borders). Understandable how a Procerian would see them as a backwater imo. "Stab pointy end into foe" is probably the simplest instruction you can have for a magical item. log in sign up. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, More posts from the PracticalGuideToEvil community, Continue browsing in r/PracticalGuideToEvil, This subbreddit is for discussions and fan art of the web serial "A Practical Guide to Evil" by Erraticerrata (David Verburg), Press J to jump to the feed. If you have any comments or suggestions, feel free to let me know. What does a drop of heroism spoil? Making the grey line go through the city after the battle is a good point, and after rereading the chapter I also realized Cat's projected route and battle should be closer to the road, but the former is just a question of how far into the future we're projecting and the latter is a nitpick when the drawing is already this approximate, In other words, I need more than this to make a THIRD fucking edition of the same topic. Maps are super nice for stuff like this. Catherine Foundling is the protagonist of the series. Named. Its more about the development and infrastructure. Sincerity is a pretty good hard counter to compulsive lying. “So I shall borrow his words, spoken once to another: it is all objects in motion, Catherine. Man, I think cat is making a mistake. I remember the Dead King had some sort of super-evolved ratling that could "cut" time (I assume that it was dead as it was living in Keter). Falling. I don't have any better ideas, so I'd probably just die in this situation and hope the dead king didn't get ahold of my soul. Neither of the maps have geographic features like mountains, deserts, forests (except of "unclaimed" territory like the waning woods), and in the factions map I don't include cities or lakes/rivers, which is pretty important, but I wanted to keep this as simple as possible so it could be be understood at a glance. Pages PUBLISHER. This is the one with best expected utility, so that's what Catherine takes. Is this a hint towards what Cat's Name will be? “Your teacher, in truth, is a finer hand at this than any might suspect,” the Wandering Bard said. Addendum: Yes, even if a Choir is involved.”. The House of Light was basically just an offshoot of the Procerian church and Callow has had to struggle to maintain its independence from Procer a few times. (e: Just realized it was missing Tartessos, fixed now). They can't play it safe because they need a major victory in order to destroy the bridge. Man, I think cat is making a mistake. If she read this wrong then all her forces end up spread out and out of position. PDF/Ebooks. When you had that, as I’d once been told it was all just… objects in motion. Formerly the Squire under Black Knight Amadeus, she is currently Nameless, though her titles are many. By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. EE gave us one of the more interesting iterations of elves and told us "you can have one", the fandom can have half an elf, as a treat. Cookies help us deliver our Services. I'm inclined to agree, but I do think that Cat is still going to make a habit of stabbing things repeatedly. None of the options available are "playing it safe". Formal. Callow seems to be pretty low on cities compared to most of its neighbors. Civility/Harrasment.