It’s a great build, along with all the labor to install all that, and sort out what will / will not fit together. It is telling that The Duke I and Duke II sort of ran against bikes in the newly forming adventure market such as the BMW R1100GS, Honda Africa Twin, Yamaha XTZ660 Ténéré, Cagiva Elefant and Triumph Tiger 900, although the KTM’s supermoto influence and smaller-capacity engine meant that it was never a perfect fit. After weighing our options, the Safari Tank’s 3.7 gallon (14L) capacity seemed like the best fit to unlock the full adventure potential of our long-term KTM 690 Enduro R. Safari Tanks is an Australian company that has been manufacturing high-capacity fuel tanks since 2001. Operation With a potential range of only 115 miles, we began searching out an aftermarket fuel tank solution for this otherwise adventure-worthy machine. Like mentioned in the review: kgs wet, which is much more in the neighborhood what these 250 should weigh. is the clearly at the bottom of the pack. adventure crowd for a lighter, cheaper less complicated machines. Now I’m no Steven Hawking, but the title says “double your fuel range” to me would mean you’d also have to double your fuel reserves, not increase it by just 14%. We use cookies to improve your experience on this website and so that ads you see online can be tailored to your online browsing interests. A simple forum search reveals several accounts of rear sub frame failures on KTM 690 Enduros. Rally. in some EU countries) , so the 250S is no longer an option for those looking best quality suspension too. Although the Suzuki is a V-twin naked sportsbike, the power output is similar and it ticks a lot of the same boxes as the Duke. you are asking more than BMW is, you know you have overdone it. That last point about more reliable engine. Their EVO2 kit offers a solution to both the wind protection and fuel range problem with a rally style ABS plastic fairing kit that incorporates Rally Raid fuel tanks. bikes in the 450-500 range. Our primary reason for choosing that color, worked like a charm! I’m planning to buy a KTM690 Enduro R from quite sometime now, but my height is 170cms, is it possible to lower the seat height.? head. The Safari Tank more than doubles the stock range of the KTM 690 Enduro R for a combined capacity of 6.9 gallons (26L). Honda almost did with CB500X, but as it is heavily Would be interesting to compare it to the Rally Raid tanks or some of the other aftermarkets out there. I’m currently kitting up a 2017 model year 690 Enduro R. I was surprised to discover that the uber expensive MST EVO2 Adventure Rally part, does NOT include the RR fuel tanks. Tuesday, January 3, 2017 ... [UPDATE March 2017] The 690 is gone and a brand new Honda CRF 250 Rally is waiting for me at the bike shop. just a guess based on how the bike is priced overseas. Kawasaki blows the competition away in this It used the same 625cc engine as the last edition Duke I but added a new, constant pressure carb and dual exhaust. All of this added up to a package that was raw and exciting to ride, especially given the Duke’s low, 145kg weight. Looking at the Kawasaki and Suzuki, it is very come up with new small capacity offerings for 2017. Kawasaki has also stopped importing the KLX250S (at least If I thought that the Impact pegs would not work at first glance also but they ended up fitting just fine. Performance and off-road capability are the cornerstones of this 690 but it’s sure to turn some heads on the trail too. financial consequences being manageable. * As far as highway improvement, does it help any of the annoying 55mph-ish vibration that the 690’s are known for? The worst of the bunch is Suzuki though. crowd wants. "The tweaks to the new Super Duke R move it a big leap forward. supposedly that should suffice. Below is the information on the 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R. If you would like to get a quote on a new 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R use our Build Your Own tool, or Compare this bike to other On-Off Road motorcycles. Imagine it’s early spring 2021. So, what do you think after all this, Spencer? category. A wide beam clear filter was used on the lower light to make it a suitable on road light that doesn’t blind oncoming traffic. This system uses two wireless sensors that mount externally as valve caps to transmit pressure and temperature in real time to a compact remote display. Pics below. Anyone looking to transform their KTM 690 Enduro R into a true long-range adventure bike. Any potential obstructions which would prevent a successful install when combined with the Rottweiler Intake System? lot. In 2010, the KTM 690 Duke R was introduced with an extra 5bhp and half a kilo of weight saving. These are some of the issues that were addressed during the Ultimate 690 build: The stock fuel filler neck on the 690 is a magnet for dirt, dust and grime. We’ve got no DR 650, no KLR 650 and no KTM 690. This transformative upgrade relocates the instruments to a more visible location on the rally-style navigation tower, while increasing fuel capacity from 3.2 gallons to 5.5 gallons and adding an effective windscreen for highway travel. It appears the attachment bolts are in the wrong location to keep this from happening. there seems to be a good selection of low mileage bikes available even here in I had Race Tech lower the forks and rear shock with spacers, custom springs 1 inch. ; Page 4 Reproduction, even in part, as well as copying of all kinds, is permitted only with the express written permission of the copyright owner. translates to not added agility, lightness and simplicity, but obese, sluggish It stands tall, proud and beautiful, like the metaphorical David. These high tech bars utilize polyurethane bushings (elastomers) and hinge points to flex and absorb impacts and vibration while you ride. 1. Deal done. Our formula for success was filling both tanks with the fuel tap just forward of the main tank closed, then opening it after approximately 100 miles (or when the fuel light came on) letting the fuel in both tanks equalize. Just what I was looking for. king of the group. unscrew spark plug. but that's not necessarily a disaster in itself. The various iterations of Duke throughout its evolution have faced competition from various manufacturers. How did you like the way they meshed with the Steering damper? solved with fuel bladders, Rotopax containers etc. They now produce tanks for a wide range of makes and models, and are constantly developing new designs to stay current in the rapidly changing adventure motorcycle landscape. KIT690 From € 4,990 ... Fuel & range specs. Perun Moto offers a simple kit featuring beefier hardware that helps 690 owners sleep better at night. when it comes to producing power or torque. still wishing and hoping that the big companies would come out with similar far as Honda's suspension travel, there is conflicting info floating on the It does have the advantage of being able to attach a fairing and some might say it is more ascetically pleasing but it doesn’t have the same capacity and might not be as robust. The 390 adventure is a bit of a mystery still. The Safari Tank more than doubles the range of the stock tank for a combined capacity of 6.9 gallons (26L), giving it the legs to explore roads truly less traveled. “The Safari tank outperformed our expectations in several aspects but the main thing that stuck with us was its toughness. Could you please take the time to let me know how you got them to fit? Suzuki and Kawasaki are priced identically, but The only niggle with these new offerings is that many if not all of them are more I like simple, much more than I like horsepower, bells The V-Strom looks like the least appealing bike from my perspective. BMW is only slightly better than Kawasaki, but sporting those alloy wheels, so For some reason several manufacturers have suddenly all While it's essentially a CRF250L with minor mods, it looks good and the mods Their seats are As well as all this power, you also get traction control, cornering ABS and WP semi-active suspension, heated grips, cruise control, quickshifter (up only) and tyre pressure sensors – all as standard. Looked a bit plasticky, but otherwise nice. wise the bike seems a bit overdone. 60 KTM 690 Enduro Rs have provided 186 thousand miles of real world fuel economy & MPG data. The Ultimate KTM 690 Enduro is part of a brand revitalization campaign that began when came under new ownership in late 2016. 2017 KTM 690 Enduro R With more than 900 miles on the 690, we’ve averaged 42.3 mpg from the 3.2-gallon, underseat gas tank, yielding 134 miles of range. 1290 Super Duke GT 2020 ; Supermoto ... KTM's 2021 EXC range includes the most potent and capable 2-stroke enduro weapons available on the market. -It does change the width of the bike compared to the stock shrouds, still skinnier than the bars by quite a bit. The 310 is the torque WR gives you the most suspension travel and assumably the The 300x is one of the two twin powered bikes in the group, but